Sleeping problem


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Sleeping problem

  1. 1. Sleeping Problem Shift workers
  2. 2. IDEAS1. People working in shifts in odd hours of day i.e., not normal working hours should be given some break time in between shifts to sleep.2. People can keep turns if 2-3 people are working together in a shift3. Shift rotations should be a normal transition i.e., if a person have night shift in this he/she should not have a morning shift next week they can have afternoon shift
  3. 3. 4. People who are not willing to take shifts should not be given shifts5. People with good health should only be given night shifts6. It is very difficult for girls to come for night shifts especially if they are married and have kids, so avoid giving night shifts to girls
  4. 4. 7. Provide some extra incentives to night shift people8. People in shifts should be given some indoor kind of games like chess, table tennis etc. to keep them fresh and health9. Put more people in night shift as it is very difficult for a single person to stay awake all night
  5. 5. 10.Provide them with some health drinks like milk etc.11.People who have habit of keeping awake late nights can be a good for night shifts12.Cab service should be provided to people who do not have there own transport facilities13.Shift transition should happen at right time so that people who have worked late at night can go home and sleep
  6. 6. 14.People working in shifts should be awards of appreciations time-to-time15.People working in night shifts should be allowed to wear comfortable clothes so that should not feel restless at night16.After the shift is over they should directly go home and sleep
  7. 7. 17.If they do not feel sleepy then they should do some exercise after which they will be tired and fall asleep18.They should have breakfast or whatever meal of day it is, before taking rest19.They should exercise regularly to stay fit and can also sleep well
  8. 8. 20.They should avail cab service which is provided by companies rather than going by there own vehicle which can be risky if person is feeling very sleepy21.They should spend time of weekends with family members as during shifts usually people are not able to give time to family22.Eat health rather than eating outside food so that body will stay fit23.Good working place environment should be the responsibility of company
  9. 9. 21.People doing night shifts should be given some kind of compensations22.They should go for health check-ups on monthly basics23.They should have a balanced proper diet24.They should not over eat
  10. 10. 28. If some one working in shifts is not able to adjust he/she should switch the shift with person who is comfortable with working at night29. Have night shift once a month30. Provide them blankets in case of winters31. Place should be hygienically clean and properly take care of pest control32. For shift work people have to sit and work in front of computer for very long durations so they should use some herbal eye drops for eye cleansing sometime this is also the reason due to which they are not able to sleep
  11. 11. 33. Provide them extra bonus and gifts.34. They should be given leaves after some duration of time, so that they can spend sometime with family and friends.35. They should have the re three meals at appropriate time and regularly.36. Exercise daily37. Meditation or some kind of yoga will help them for any kind of concentration problem.
  12. 12. 38. Try to avoid using computers or laptops at home if you are continually working on computers at workplace.39. Give rest to your eye. Take 5 minutes break after every 1 hour and close your eyes and relax.40. Make some good friends at work place.41. Listen to some nice soothing music.
  13. 13. 42. There must be some extra-circular activities in offices.43. Some them days according to which people should be dressed up.
  14. 14. 44. Office authorities can tale responsibility of regular check-ups of there employees.45. For security of employees can have mock fire drill.
  15. 15. 46. In case employee is suffering from serious illness. They should be provided with adequate amount of leaves.47. Company should stand full to the interest of employee.
  16. 16. 48. Office parties are best way to get over the regular hectic schedule.49. Reaching out to higher authorities should be easier by a normal employee working in an organization.50. Stay happy.