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This portfolio represents several aspects of the social media work I have done in the last three years.

This portfolio represents several aspects of the social media work I have done in the last three years.

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  • 1. Kalyn
    Social Media Portfolio
  • 2. Career Experience
    Social Media Experience: 3 years
    created and maintained social networks for personal brands, companies and organizations
    created in-depth social media strategies for small and large businesses
    created and implemented internal and external crisis communication plans through social media
    created and executed corporate blogs and blog campaigns
    recommended short-term and long-term goals in moving forward with the company’s social media strategy
    led bi-monthly meetings with the account service team highlighting the status of all current social networking efforts, statistics and comments
    distributed a monthly blog calendar for employees to participate regularly in the agency blog
    organized all-agency meetings to teach and involve staff members on the benefits of engaging in social media
  • 3. Internal Social Media Experience
    Progress of Social Media Networks at GCG Marketing
    May of 2009:
    1 Facebook Page
    1 Twitter Page
    1 YouTube Channel
    1 LinkedIn Group
    March of 2011:
    3 Facebook Pages
    3 Twitter Pages
    1 YouTube Channel
    2 LinkedIn Groups
    2 LinkedIn Companies
  • 4. Internal WorkSocial Media Platforms
  • 5. Internal WorkSocial Media Platforms
  • 6. Internal WorkWriting Samples
    Please see full-length examples attached.
  • 7. Client Work
    GCG Clientele:
    Pharmaceutical companies, dermatology, sun-screen and skincare, electronictransportation, microbrewery, local restaurants, etc.
    Type of Work:
    Corporate social media positioning and strategy including tactics, marketing campaigns and monitoring
    Example Below: strategy development of a potential client social media campaign
    These six categories were tailored to individual clients based on their needs and business goals
  • 8. Client WorkSocial Media Strategy
  • 9. Client WorkSocial Media Strategy
  • 10. Client WorkSocial Media Strategy
  • 11. Client WorkFacebook page customization
  • 12. Client WorkFacebook company page & advertising campaign
  • 13. Thank You
    This portfolio is also available on SlideShare:
    Kalyn Baldwin