ALPE Taxcom SAP Component. Legally Significant E-Documents from SAP ERP through Taxcom


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ALPE consulting designed a solution of integration with EDO “Taxcom – DocLines”. Using this solution you will be able to prepare documents in your SAP ERP system, to sign them with digital signature, to send documents to your contractor, to get an answer from contractor and to update the status of document.

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ALPE Taxcom SAP Component. Legally Significant E-Documents from SAP ERP through Taxcom

  1. 1.© ALPE consulting E-Invoicing Legally Significant E-Documents ALPE Taxcom SAP Component
  2. 2.© ALPE consulting 2 E-Invoicing is Here!  Continuing trend of digitalizing information and documents for many years already  Growing volume for legally significant e-documents  Paper based and electronic documents work simultaneously  Going forward e-documents will overtake paper based volumes (similar to fax -> email and land line phones -> cell phones and VOIP.
  3. 3.© ALPE consulting 3 E-Invoicing in Russia: local trends Positive • Key Stakeholders pushing E-Invoicing Market • Common Legislation and Regulations Area (Russia 1 vs. Europe (EU) 28 different ones!!) • 75% < Companies use Electronic Tax Returns and E-Signature (from 2014 onwards 100% will have to use electronic VAT Tax Returns) Negative • Lack of Experience and Knowledge • Fear of Transparency • Distrust of electronic-based documents (mostly a psychological issue)
  4. 4.© ALPE consulting 4 Key Stakeholders push E-Invoicing Industries with high invoice volume  Invoice Issuers: FMCG, Utility, Telco, Logistics  Invoice Recipients: Retail Regulators and Tax Authorities  Federal Tax Service  Ministry of Finance
  5. 5.© ALPE consulting 5 Business Environment is ready for E-Invoicing Legislation  Paper-based and electronic documents with the e-signature are treated equally under the law.  Standards of e-documents and interchange and submission procedures are approved by Authorities Infrastructure, Solutions and Services  Authorized Providers of electronic interchange (i.e. TaxCom,..)  Low-cost web-services for SMBs  Free extensions to Russia’s largest accounting software 1C  ERP integration components for SAP, Axapta, etc.
  6. 6.© ALPE consulting 6 E-Invoicing – 4 Scenarios A Vendor and Distributors Suppliers and a Buyer Chain or Net of Partners Group of Companies Initiator
  7. 7.© ALPE consulting 7 E-Invoicing is constantly expanding  Processing costs for E-Invoice are reduced as the volume of documents increase  Key Stakeholders are demanding E-Invoicing  Market Forces:  Network Effect: value rising with the number of participants  Snow Ball: one company starts and partners will follow  Improve Competitiveness: promote / capitalize on benefits  Continuously increasing types of E-Docs
  8. 8.© ALPE consulting 8 Immediate Benefits  Additional service as a competitive advantage  Digitalization is an attribute of a modern enterprise  Increase labor efficiency and automate inbound processing  Make business processes and cash flow fast and prompt  Reduce costs for transport, processing, storage & reporting  Risk mitigation: step by step implementation of E-Invoicing with initially low volume of operations and selected partners Electronic and automated invoice processing can result in a 60- 80% cost reduction compared to traditional paper-based processing. Due to electronic and automated invoice processing savings of between 1 and 2% of turnover are realistic objectives. Sources: Taxcom; E-Invoicing/E-Billing Report 2013, Billentis
  9. 9.© ALPE consulting 9 Every step is important One Invoice needs at an average 3 pieces of paper. Therefore: Sending 1000 E-Invoices per month helps to save 5 trees per year. Sources: Taxcom Paper-Based Invoicing spends Resources irrevocably:  Paper and Ink  Fuel for Documents Transportation  Construction Materials and Energy for Storage
  10. 10.© ALPE consulting 10 Electronic & Paper-Based Processing in Parallel Documents are generated by an ERP-system and proceed in electronic or paper-based form depending on partner ERP Invoicing Storage User
  11. 11.© ALPE consulting 11 Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency Paper-Based Processing few days few minutes E-Invoicing Electronic Archive SAP Content Server Archives VS.
  12. 12.© ALPE consulting ERPERP 12 Architecture Solution ERP WEB- Service ERP Partner or ALPE Taxcom SAP Component ABAP .NET Content Server Provider
  13. 13.© ALPE consulting 13 Integration Model ABAP .NET Content Server Documents and records archive SAP GUI User Workstation Prepare, sign and dispatch outbound documents check/confirm/reject inbound documents Access policy management Download Server Receive inbound documents Dispatch and receive notifications and confirmations SAP ERP Documents generating Transaction Processing Outbound Inbound Confirmations and Notifications ALPE Taxcom SAP Component
  14. 14.© ALPE consulting 14 The Solution is Certified by Taxcom Integration solution «ALPE Taxcom SAP Component» conforms fully to legal and regulatory requirements in the area of electronic document interchange using qualified electronic signature with regard to interfacing with «Taxcom Doclines» System. 19.07.2013
  15. 15.© ALPE consulting 15 Provider guarantees Legal Significance for E-Invoices Functions of E-Invoicing Provider:  Ensuring Communication between Contracting Parties (includes tracking, mediating between the courts, etc..)  Participant Management  Infrastructure Management  Storage of Notification and Confirmation Records  Electronic Signature Certificate Management
  16. 16.© ALPE consulting  Founded in 2006  Offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan  SAP Gold Channel & Service Partner  Certified SAP Gold Partner Center of Expertise  70+ employees, consultants & project managers  60+ successful projects  Numerous SAP Quality Awards: 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2013  2013 – SAP implementation project AKFA (Uzbekistan) was awarded by SAP CIS during Central Asia Summit as the best SAP implementation delivered within agreed timeline  Strategic Partner of, the largest SAP-Portal in CIS  Member of AmCham, AEB, & AHK ALPE consulting Overview
  17. 17.© ALPE consulting Sample of ALPE consulting Clients International Russian 17
  18. 18.© ALPE consulting 18 Appendix: Legislation  Civil Code of the Russian Federation art. 160, 434, 847  Tax Code of the Russian Federation, part 2, art. 169  Federal Law dated 06.12.2011 № 402-FZ «On accounting»  Federal Law dated 19.07.2011 № 245-FZ «On amendments to parts one and two of the tax code of the Russian Federation and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on taxes and fees»  Federal Law dated 06.04.2011 № 63-FZ «On electronic signature»  Federal Law dated 27.07.2010 № 229-FZ «On amendments to part one and part two of the Tax code of the Russian Federation and some other legislative acts of the Russian Federation»  Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 № 149-FZ «On information, information technologies and protection of information»  Federal Law dated 10.01.2002 № 1-FZ «On the electronic digital signature»  Federal Law dated 21.11.1996 № 129-FZ «On accounting»  Orders and letters of the Federal tax service and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
  19. 19.© ALPE consulting 19 Appendix: Orders of the Federal Tax Service In 2012 Federal Tax Service approved:  Submission to FTS of 14 types of documents via telecommunication channels.  Order FNS dated 29.06.2012 № ММВ-7-6/465@  Electronic formats for documents delivery note TORG-12 and Works (services) acceptance certificate  Order FNS dated 21.03.2012 № ММВ-7-6/172@  Formats for invoice, customer and vendor invoice journal, purchase ledger, sales ledger, additional sheets for purchase and sales ledger in electronic form  Order FNS dated 05.03.2012 N ММВ-7-6/138@  Procedure of request for submission of documents and procedure of submission of documents to FTS via telecommunication channels  Order FNS dated 17.02.2011 N ММВ-7-2/168@
  20. 20.© ALPE consulting 20 Appendix: E-Form Submission № Type XML Image 1 invoice, correction invoice and corrections to them; + + 2 purchase ledger; + 3 sales ledger; + 4 customer and vendor invoice journal; + 5 act of acceptance of works (services); + + 6 additional page of purchase ledger; + 7 additional sheet sales ledger; + 8 delivery note (TORG-12); + + 9 waybill; + 10 cargo customs Declaration/transit Declaration; + 11 additional page to cargo customs Declaration/transit Declaration; + 12 specification (calculation) of the price (cost); + 13 contract (agreement); + 14 amendment to the contract + According to the Order FNS dated 29.06.2012 № ММВ-7-6/465@ , the following 14 types of documents can be submitted to tax authorities in e- form via telecommunication channels.
  21. 21.© ALPE consulting 21 Appendix: Dispatching Logical Diagram E-Invoice E-Invoice E-Invoice Dispatch date confirmation Dispatch date confirmation Dispatch date confirmation Dispatch notificationDispatch notification Dispatch notification Dispatch notification Receiving receiptReceiving receiptReceiving receipt Dispatch notification Dispatch notification Dispatch date confirmation Dispatch date confirmation Correction notification Correction notification Correction notification Dispatch notification Dispatch notification Dispatch notification Supplier Provider Customer
  22. 22.© ALPE consulting ALPE consulting CENTRAL OFFICE Krasnoproletarskaya St., 16, Bldg. 1, Entrance 3, Floor 4 127473, Moscow P/F: +7 (495) 660-20-19 BRANCH OFFICE ST.PETERSBURG Krasnogo Kursanta St., 25, lit. «В», «IT Park» BC, Office № 7 197110, St. Petersburg P: +7 (812) 680-22-34 BRANCH OFFICE POVOLZHIE M.Salimjanova St., 2V, «Sakura» BC 420107, Kazan, Tatarstan P: +7 (967) 365-3941 Stanislav Malyshev Director of North-West Subdivision Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 680-22-34 Mob.: +7 906 244 8723