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6th Grade Indicator 6th Grade Indicator Presentation Transcript

  • Standard
    • 6.1.4 Give examples of employers who hire scientists, such as colleges and universities, businesses and industries, hospitals and many government agencies.
  • What do you know about Scientists?
    • Write down on a separate piece of paper what you think scientists do.
    • Ask yourself: “Are scientists found only in laboratories? Where else do they work?”
    • Think about places that are in your community and ask yourself if there are any scientists that work there.
  • Choose 2 of the following and investigate
    • Hospital Factory
    • Department
    • of Natural
    • Resources
    • Power Plant
    • Mayor’s
    • or County
    • Commissioner’s
    • Office
    • College/University
    • School Museum
    • Observatory
    • State Forest or
    • Nature Preserve
    • Farm
    • Zoo or Aquarium
    • Military Base
    • Morgue
    • Fish Hatchery
    • Pest Control
    • Companies
    • Construction
    • Company
    • Water
    • Treatment/Sewage Plant
    • Airport
    • Blood Bank
  • What do we do know?
    • Now, write a formal letter to the human resources department of the place of employment.
    • Start your letter off like:
    • ~Explain that you are a student who attends [ insert school
    • name] and you are working on an assignment for science
    • class.
  • What do we do know con’t
    • Ask for information about the types of scientists the operation hires and what kinds of scientists work there.
    • Ask for information about where scientists they hire might
    • work (e.g., in a laboratory, in an office, in the field, etc.).
    • Thank them for their time and help.
  • Conclusion of Investigation
    • Using one of the letters that was returned to you create a 3-5 slide Power Point presentation over employers who hire scientists, such as colleges and universities, businesses and industries, hospitals and many government agencies.
  • Connecting across the curriculum
        • 6.6.1 :Sentence Structure: Use simple, compound, and complex sentences; use effective coordination and subordination of ideas, including both main ideas and supporting ideas in single sentences, to express complete thoughts.
        • 6.5.3 Research Application: Write or deliver a research report that has been developed using a systematic research process (defines the topic, gathers information, determines credibility, reports findings) and that: • uses information from a variety of sources (books, technology, multimedia) and documents sources independently by using a consistent format for citations. • demonstrates that information that has been gathered has been summarized. • demonstrates that sources have been evaluated for accuracy, bias, and credibility. • organizes information by categorizing and sequencing, and demonstrates the distinction between one's own ideas from the ideas of others, and includes a bibliography (Works Cited).