Marketing In Recession


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Marketing In Recession

  1. 1. Marketing in a gRecession Mike Volpe Ellie MirmanVP Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Manager HubSpot HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe Twitter: @ellieeille
  2. 2. How to Participate on Twitter Step One 1. Login to your Twitter account g y 2. Comment and ask questions  including the hashtag “#hubspot”
  3. 3. How to Participate on Twitter Step Two 1. Go to 2. Search for “#hubspot”
  4. 4. Stock Market
  5. 5. Recession
  6. 6. Recession
  7. 7. Layoffs
  8. 8. Tough Times
  9. 9. Challenges & Opportunities Budget  Use Brain,  Cuts Not Budget Longer  Cheap Lead Sales CyclesS l C l Nurturing N t iLower Lead  Generate Close RatesClose Rates More Leads More Leads
  10. 10. Outbound Marketing 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson
  11. 11. Inbound MarketingBlog g SEO Social Media
  12. 12. Rethinking MarketingOutbound Marketing Inbound Marketing• Telemarketing • SEO / SEM• Trade shows • Blogging• Direct mail • Social Media• Email blasts • RSS• Print ads • Free tools/trials• TV/radio ads • Public Relations Interruption Permission
  13. 13. Budget vs. BrainsFlickr:Flickr: Refracted Moments Flickr: Flickr: Gaetoan Lee
  14. 14. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing1. Find a “targeted” list 1. Do inbound marketing2. Call, email2 Call email, mail the list 2. 2 Attract people to your3. Most of them (97%) business have no interest 3. 3 Qualify out those that4. Those that have are interested, but not interest need to be a fit for you (50%) qualified, and sold on 4. Engage with those that your company are interested and a fit Lots of time, effort Don’t waste time, and money wasted effort, money on on uninterested uninterested prospects prospects
  15. 15. Outbound Marketing1. Find a “targeted” list • 10,000 people on list2. Call, email2 Call email, mail the list • Mail email call at cost Mail, email,3. Most of them (97%) of ~$5+ each have no interest • $50 000 investment $50,0004. Those that have • 300 respond to this interest need to be outbound marketing qualified, and sold on • 200 are qualified leads your company • Cost per lead = $250
  16. 16. Inbound Marketing1. Do inbound marketing • Software + tools ~$4K2.2 Attract people to your • Invest 25% of your time business for 3 months3.3 Qualify out those that • 400 people download are interested, but not your ebook a fit for you (50%) • 200 are qualified leads4. Engage with those that are interested and a fit • Cost per lead = $20 • Cost including time @ $75K per year = $45 per lead
  17. 17. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Outbound  Inbound  Marketing MarketingCash Cost $50,000 $4,000Cash Cost per  $250 $ $20 $LeadTime  25 Hours 10‐15 Hours / Investment WeekTotal Cost per $255 $45Lead
  18. 18. Budget (Outbound) vs. Brains (Inbound)Flickr:Flickr: Refracted Moments Flickr: Flickr: Gaetoan LeeOutbound Marketing Inbound MarketingRich, Lazy, Boring, Cheap, Creative, ExcitingInefficient Efficient & Effective
  19. 19. Examples of Cost-EffectiveInbound Marketing
  20. 20. Be Your Own Media “Think like a p blisher” publisher”-- David Meerman Scott
  21. 21. What to Publish?• Blog g• Podcast• Videos• Photos• Presentations• eBooks• News Releases
  22. 22. Where to Publish?
  23. 23. Start a TV Show Flickr: Flickr: Matti Mattila
  24. 24. We don’t need no stinkin’ TV network. 2,000 do ,000 downloads to date o ds o d e
  25. 25. Promote Your Content Flickr: Flickr: ClintJCL
  26. 26. Promote Your Content
  27. 27. Promote Flattering Content
  28. 28. Rethink Content
  29. 29. What Content Do You Have?• Content to match b er phase and concerns buyer• Do you have content targeted to buyers in today’s economy?
  30. 30. Blog Flickr: Flickr: Annie Mole
  31. 31. Blog
  32. 32. Tips You Might Not Know• Start before you ha e a prod ct o have product• Start before you have a website• Start before you have anything• All you need: a rough market and some ideas• A blog can launch a company
  33. 33. Biggest Blogging MistakeDon’t use a “free” URL from a blog service• – NO!• HubSpot typepad com – NO!• – NO!• – Yes• – Yes• – Yes
  34. 34. Blog as Lead Nurturing• No spam filters on RSS• RSS follo s to ne jobs email doesn’t follows new jobs,• People can comment• Build a relationship with your company• Easily shared content• Side benefits • Social media performance • S O performance SEO f
  35. 35. Q&A / Discussion ForumsFlickr:Flickr: chelmsfordpubliclibrary
  36. 36. Participate in Q&A• Facebook Discussions• Yahoo! Answers• LinkedIn Q&A and Discussions
  37. 37. Q&A / Discussion Forums• Short tho ghtf l ans ers Short, thoughtful answers• Links to (your) blog and tools• First answers are better• Long term, long tail strategy
  38. 38. Use SEO Flickr: Flickr: ClintJCL
  39. 39. 25% of SEO = On Page (Visible)• Page Title• URL• H1,H2,H3 tags• Page Text • Bold
  40. 40. 25% of SEO = On Page (Invisible)• Description• Keywords• Alt text on images
  41. 41. 75% of SEO = Off Page• Recommendations from friends 1. 1 “I know Mike Volpe” 2. “Mike Volpe is a marketing expert” 3. 3 You trust the person saying this• Links are online recommendations 1. A link: 2. 2 Anchor text: Internet Marketing 3. Link is from a trusted website
  42. 42. GroupsFlickr:Flickr: Vidiot
  43. 43. Start Groups 14,000 M 14 000 Membersb 2,100 Members#6 in search for “marketing”
  44. 44. Build a Group• Generic Title (“Pro Marketers”)• Invite employees, customers and friends• Post on your blog, website, etc.• Then it spreads virally (or repeat the steps) (or,
  45. 45. Manage a Group• LinkedIn • Start discussions • Download email list, send newsletter• Facebook • Start discussions • Upload photos, videos • Send updates• Quality Content
  46. 46. Traffic, Leads and Customers Visitors from ZDNet Visitors Leads CustomersTechCrunch 5,289 754 12ZDNet 834 72 3Twitter 511 28 1
  47. 47. Internet Marketing Scorecard
  48. 48. Budget (Outbound) vs. Brains (Inbound)Flickr:Flickr: Refracted Moments Flickr: Flickr: Gaetoan LeeOutbound Marketing Inbound MarketingRich, Lazy, Boring, Cheap, Creative, ExcitingInefficient Efficient & Effective
  49. 49. Priorities• Cut cost per lead• Cut low C t lo ROI programs• Cut non-lead gen activities• Improve lead quality• Increase lead generation• Focus on ROI measurement• Use inbound marketing…
  50. 50. Recession Marketing Plan• Buy HubSpot B H bSpot• Buy “New Rules of Marketing & PR”• Buy video camera• Dedicate time to inbound marketing• Cost: $20/day for 2009
  51. 51. Thank You! Learn more about HubSpot:  Learn more about HubSpot: Become a Fan: Become a Fan: Mike Volpe Ellie MirmanVP Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Manager Twitter: @mvolpe Twitter: @ellieeille
  52. 52. HubSpotInbound Marketing System
  53. 53. Inbound Marketing System Content SEO Management Blogs Landing Social Pages Media Lead Intelligence CRM
  54. 54. Getting Found: On-Page SEO Keyword Grader • Determine what k D i h keywords tod optimize your pages around based on relevance, search volume, and how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google • Identify critical long tail words (high conversion rates, low competition) • Monitor your rank against competitors for each keyword/phrase • Determine the specific page on y your site that is ranking for each g keyword(phrase) and how to make further improvements
  55. 55. Getting Found: Off-Page SEO Link Grader • Identify opportunities to generate more return from your existing links • Monitor your live inbound links and which inbound links are producing the most value for you • Aggregate your competitors inbound links to discover new link building opportunities that you have not taken advantage of
  56. 56. Getting Found: SEO for Your Whole Site Page Grader • Analyze each page of your site to see which produce the most value for you (traffic, leads, ranked k k d keywords, li k ) d links) • Automatically recommend improvements to optimize each page of your site f it
  57. 57. Getting Found: Blogosphere Blogging • Enable E bl easy, natural process to l consistently update content on your site, achieve more frequent search engine crawls, and improve authority i th it • Develop an audience of email and RSS subscribers • Attract more inbound links (“link ( link bait”) • Write keyword rich content to attract more high conversion rate traffic
  58. 58. Track Your Competitors
  59. 59. Lead Intelligence • Track the full path of all of your leads through your web site • Automatically develop more intelligence around each lead (number of visits, time on site, pages visited, comments written on blog, documents downloaded, g information submitted via web forms created) • Increase close rate through improved l d quality i d lead lit
  60. 60. Making Better Marketing Decisions Analytics • Integrated reports in HubSpot software allow you to understand the effects of all your marketing activities so you can optimize ti iti ti i your efforts and allocate your time and money towards the programs that generate the most leads and sales for your business
  61. 61. Actionable Marketing Insights HubFeed • HubFeed “watches” your Internet marketing efforts and delivers highlights and actionable insights based on your d t b d data
  62. 62. HubSpot Methodology and Consulting • Our Internet Marketing Consultants are experienced in all aspects of online marketing and specifically trained on HubSpots products and HubSpot s methodologies • Consulting sessions focus on these topics based on the specific needs of the client
  63. 63. HubSpot Training Materials and Resources
  64. 64. Thank You! Learn more about HubSpot:  Learn more about HubSpot: Become a Fan: Become a Fan: Mike Volpe Ellie MirmanVP Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Manager Twitter: @mvolpe Twitter: @ellieeille