Book Teaser: Visions of Destiny


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Teaser for Visions of Destiny by Kallysten

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Book Teaser: Visions of Destiny

  1. 1. Daisy’s first mistake was to tell her friends that the famous seer Sam Woods is a family friend; her second one, to let them convince her to organize a soiree so that they may meet him. They are excited and can’t wait to be given a vision of theirromantic future. Daisy, on the other hand, still doesn’t see thepoint in being told what Cupid is preparing for her. One by one, Daisy’s nine friends will get a glimpse of thecrucial choice, the passionate night, or the unexpected encounterthat will shape the rest of their love lives. Will Daisy join themand ask Sam to reveal her future to her before the night is over?
  2. 2. Alicia is the first to volunteer to be shown what her future holds, maybe because she hasn’thad much luck with men so far in her life. Craving a relationship in which she would beneeded, she has been visiting blood bars and allowing vampires to bite her. Those samevampires, Sam Woods shows her, could cause her to lose the man she loves more thananything… She took a deep breath, forced herself to look straight at Ben, and plunged in. “I’ve been visiting a blood bar again.” Whatever Ben had been expecting, this clearly was not it. His eyes, wide and round, snapped up to her face. His mouth opened and closed again without a sound. She waited for him to find his voice again. “You…what?” Very slowly, she turned her left hand over, exposing the inside of her wrist and the marks there. She kept her eyes on Ben, and could not miss the way his gaze dropped to her hand on the countertop. His eyes narrowed. For just a second, she thought she could see the doctor in him, examining a wound, evaluating its severity. In the past weeks, she had often expected him to notice. She had been surprised he hadn’t. It had only added to her overall depression. “I’ve been going for three months,” she said, and wondered if he would hear the pain in her words that he had never noticed.
  3. 3. When Lydia volunteers to get a glimpse of her future, her boyfriend Jack is not too pleased.As Lydia’s vision unfolds, it appears that he was right to worry. Time has passed and broken Jack and Lydia apart, leaving Lydia in the arms of anartist, Owen. On a special Halloween night, he reminds her of their journey together througheight paintings before transforming her life by making her what he is – a vampire. She hadn’t dared ask, unsure whether his answer might influence herdecision. Now that she had made up her mind, however, and as heseemed to be in a sharing mood, she thought she could try to ask. “Have you…have you ever turned anyone before?” She had caught hints, a couple of times, that he had lived withsomeone for a long time, but she didn’t know if the woman had beenhuman or vampire. “No,” he said quietly, his eyes finding hers again. “I can’t say I’ve bittenmany people over the years, and none I would have wanted next to mefor more than a few hours.” His free hand found hers, and he brought it to his lips. The soft kiss tothe inside of her wrist made her shiver. “You…” The words were low, but full of strength. “I want you next tome for a few centuries at least.”
  4. 4. In her vision, Joan is married to Brad, and they have two beautiful children. Everything seemsperfect – except for the porn videos Joan discovers on the computer, that is. After her initialfeelings of betrayal and talking about it with Brad, she realizes that, maybe, she could try togive Brad a very special Christmas gift by acting out his fantasy… “You wanted to see me, Ma’am?” The look of pure hunger on his face was getting to her, and she had to clear her throat before she could answer. “You’re late,” she said in a sharp tone, looking at him above the rim of her glasses. “You’ve been late too often this month. I think you’re not taking this job all too seriously.” “I do,” he said very fast. “I really do. I work hard.” “That’s for me to judge. And so far, I’m not impressed.” Crossing her arms, she leaned back in her chair, and considered Brad with her hardestlook. She had thought, when she had started planning all this, that she would have troublegetting through it, but it was slowly becoming easier, more so than she had expected—andactually, rather fun. “You’ve been late three times this week. And the quality of your work is less thanadequate. Maybe I made a mistake when I hired you.” Brad’s eyes widened as though in fear, but she knew him well enough to guess the smilehe was trying to suppress. “Please don’t fire me. I’ll do anything.”
  5. 5. Mike has had little luck in finding Mr. Right, despite his friends’ attempts at introducinghim to potential relationship interests. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, his loneliness and onedrink too many cause him to flirt with a handsome stranger and ask for a one-night stand. Inthe morning, though, that questionable decision might turn out to be the one that will changeMike’s life for the better. He finally reached the bar and, sitting next to Green Eyes, he propped hischeek on his closed fist. His elbow slipped on the counter before he couldcatch himself again. “I want to sleep with you,” he said, slurring the words a little. Green Eyes raised an eyebrow at him and considered him for a fewseconds. “Does that pick up line usually work for you?” he asked, a wrychuckle hiding in his words. “First time I used it,” Mike said truthfully. “Ask me again in half an hour.” “Half an hour?” Green Eyes laughed. “You think that’s all I’m worth? Noteven a full hour?” Mike frowned, trying to figure out if he was being mocked or encouraged.He licked his lips and pushed a little more. “Would you give me a full hour?”he asked with a forced grin. “Two? A full night?” Another laugh, this time accompanied by a small shake of the head. Thingsweren’t looking too good. But still, Green Eyes wasn’t turning away or tellingMike to fuck off. Instead, he pointed out, “I don’t even know your name.”
  6. 6. For all his fears of not finding the person he is destined to love, Brett discovers in hisvision that he will fall in love with not one lover, but two. Two vampires, in fact, a man and awoman, both of them so precious to him that he wants to show his love by offering themwedding rings. But when one of them refuses to wear the ring, the perfect relationship hethought he had starts to crumble around him… or does it? “There’s something I want to give each of you,” he said as he pulled out the boxes. They seemed so small suddenly in his hand. “I’ve been thinking for a long time about how I could ever show you how grateful I am for having you two in my life. How much I love you.” He looked up at Lisa at that, met her eyes and gave her an apologetic grin. “I know you don’t like that word, and I don’t expect you to say it back.” She never had said it, not in close to ten years, but Brett didn’t need to hear it; he knew she loved him, they both did, and that was enough. He turned to Leo now, and his grin softened a little. “But I do. I really do. And… these are for you. I hope you’ll like them.” He held out the square box to Leo, the round one to Lisa, and held his breath as he waited for their reactions. Leo picked up the jewelry box first and opened it at once. His face split up on a wide smile and before Brett could even blink he had tugged the ring free and slipped it on the ring finger of his left hand. “Not only is it gorgeous, but it fits just right!”
  7. 7. Loneliness pushes Cathleen to ask for her turn, and the vision Woods offers her shows herthe man who will give her the companionship and love she craves — a man half her age. Tornby the fear of how others, including her own son, will see this age difference, Cathleen haskept her relationship with Alex a secret. It is now time for her to decide if she should end italtogether, or if she can allow herself to enjoy the love she had nearly given up on finding. “Still clothed,” he pointed out, grinning much too widely. “Are you going to stay coveredall night?” She tossed the square packet and it landed on his chest. “Are you?” she asked back,tongue in cheek. He watched her shimmy out of her panties just as intently as she watched his fingersguide the condom over his cock. When she joined him on the bed and knee-walked towardhim, he licked his lips and held his hands out to her. Lying hard and thick on his stomach, hiscock twitched hopefully. “A present all wrapped up for me,” she said, taking his hands and letting himguide her until she was kneeling over his lap. “Do I get to give it a try too?” “As much as you want. You know it’s—” His voice broke on agroan when she took hold of his cock and gave it a few slowstrokes. “Yours,” he finished, and his hands came to rest at herwaist, as light as air. She pushed herself higher on her knees and guided his cock to heropening.
  8. 8. The core of Rachel’s identity comes to light in the vision Woods gives her. She has beenliving a ‘normal’ life by day, and the life of a BDSM submissive by night, being very carefulnot to let her two worlds meet. But when, after a night of hard play, her Master offers to pushtheir relationship into the light, making the most important decision of her life is strangely notas difficult as Rachel would have expected. “Good girl,” he said again, now caressing her mouth with his thumb before he pressed a quick kiss to her lips and turned away. “You wanted the suede one first,” he said, picking up the toy again. “I will grant you that much.” She watched his hand run over the falls, very much like she had done earlier, and her own hands closed over the cold chains as she remembered the softness of the suede. In a moment, after he was done warming her up and started flogging her, the suede would feel entirely different. “But after that, it’s my choice,” he continued. He walked around her and ran a hand down her spine. “I’m not following anyone’s script. Do you understand, Sheila?” Rachel had to stop herself from pushing back against his hand to increase the contact. “Yes, Sir.”
  9. 9. Earlier in the evening, Brad’s girlfriend, Joan, was shown their married life andchildren, and Brad can’t wait to see what he expects will be the same idyllic future.However, he discovers something else entirely, something that leaves him – and Daisy –shocked and asking questions for which Woods has no good answers. “My turn?” he asked quietly, but the nod he expected didn’t come. Instead, with a smallsmile and a twinkle in her eyes, Melissa pushed him back and down until he was sitting on theedge of the bed. His cock wavered in front of him as though seeking that warm touchagain, to no avail. She took her bracelets off first, sliding them off her wrist and putting them down on thenight table. Then she held her hand up to him, palm out. When he gave her his hand she led itto the end of the bow that tied her wraparound dress. Under her guidance, his fingers closedover the silky fabric and when she took a step back, the knot came loose. Her dress slidopen, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of flesh. A roll of her shoulders caused the dress to slip off and slide to the floorwith a whisper. Melissa stood in front of him, wearing nothing but a powderblue bra and matching panties, and a slight blush high on her cheeks. Bradlet his gaze run over her, caressing her full curves and silky skin with his eyes.His fingers twitched on the mattress on either side of him, impatient to touch. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured, all but choking on the words. Melissa flashed him a coy little smile.
  10. 10. It was heartache that caused Jack to leave the soiree earlier when he guessed that hisgirlfriend’s vision showed her a future without him. Now, he returns and asks to see forhimself. What he discovers in the vision Woods offers him is the very thing all SpecialEnforcers fear: his awakening as a vampire. When the opportunity arises to kill Angela, hisSire, will he seize it and avenge his own death, or try to move on toward a future with her? “And I’m curious about why you didn’t kill me,” he finished. Angela blinked then laughed, throwing back her head and exposing the long, elegant curve of her throat. Jack’s fangs, which had receded, extended again and he jumped in surprise at the odd feeling. “But I did kill you,” Angela said, her eyes gleaming as much as the teeth she exposed in a wide grin. “Ask the proper question, Childe.” She pushed herself higher up on the bed, then laid down on her side, propping her temple against her open hand. Her other hand still played with the stake, rolling it back and forth on the bed sheet. Was it a threat? A reminder that she held the power? What about the way she displayed her body, the robe still revealing glimpses of her flesh: was that an invitation? She was certainly close enough for Jack to touch her—close enough to touch him, too. Under the pillow he still clutched in his lap, his cock twitched almost hopefully. With too many thoughts, too many questions swirling through his mind, Jack didn’t answer right away and Angela clucked her tongue reprovingly. “What you mean to ask is, why didn’t I leave you dead?” she said, almost chastising,
  11. 11. Despite her reluctance, Sam still hasn’t given up on offering Daisy a vision of herfuture, haunted by the thought that maybe, just maybe, she is the person whose life will belinked to his – the person he has been looking for in each vision. As they take a stroll on themoonlit beach, he asks her one last time to let him show her future to her. In theend, though, it might be Daisy who offers Sam a vision of his own… Daisy tried to cling to her resolve, telling him—and reminding herself—why she’d madeher decision. “Sam… I don’t want to know. I want surprises in my life.” Without even thinking all that hard, she could come up with ten, twenty examples ofthings she would rather not have known before they had happened to her.Maybe if she told him, if she explained… No. She had long ago decided that she wouldn’t tell a soul. She didn’twant anyone to treat her differently because of something she couldn’tcontrol. But Woods wasn’t giving up. “I’ll make you talk about it,” he offered.“You’ll forget right away, like Brett and Jack did.” Daisy forced a laugh to her lips, but it rang false. “You want me to have avision and forget it right away? Why would I want to do that?” “So that I’ll know,” he said, and there was a thread of fear in his voice thathadn’t been there before, a fear that Daisy did not understand until he continued.“So that I can leave tonight and not wonder for the rest of my life if I let the womanI could have made happy get away without trying to hold on to her. Please.”
  12. 12. If you would like to read more, First Vision of Destiny – Alicia is available now as a free download on the author’s website as well as some ebook stores. The entire series is available as individual installments, or as one complete ebook.Enjoyed this teaser? Drop by my website for more!