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  • Walt Disney always had a passion for wild animals and teaching others the importance of conserving nature through such films: The Living Desert, The Vanishing Prairie, The African Lion, and The White Wilderness.In 2007, Disney started a new nature documentary series called Disney Nature.
  • Nature films such as Oceans, African Cats and Earth are all representations of Disney’s belief in the necessity of conservation.
  • The relationship between nature and humans is shown through Disney films where animals and nature are given human characteristics.Take Snow White into consideration, after Snow White is banished from the castle, and she lives in the forest and her animal friends help her build a house as if this is an everyday occurrence.Walt Disney believed in humans and animals working together to conserve nature.
  • Nature conservation has always been a part of Disney’s history and it’s separate from environment because its an important part of the company’s current work.
  • Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums meaning they have met or exceeded standards in education, conservation and research.Animal Care teams works with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, other zoological facilities and conservation groups.
  • In early 2010, Disney animal care teams had already been working with sea turtles effected by pneumonia from record cold temperatures.Later that year in April, the BP Oil Spill was on it’s way to destroying habitats in the Gulf.The Disney Animal Care team helped rescue 8 sea turtles.
  • Initially took in 8 sea turtles: 6 Kemp Ridley seat turtles (which are the smallest of the species) and 2 Green Sea Turtles. All sea turtles that live in the Gulf of Mexico are endangered or threatened species.Donated through the Disney Worldwide conservation Fund: for environmental and animal rescue and grassroots organizations assisting with the cleanup.
  • The team gave initial exams to the sea turtles including x-rays, blood tests and a complete physical assessment.By August of 2010 Disney Animal Care teams had taken in 32 sea turtles effected by the oil spillThe Seas with Nemo & Friends at Epcot is a designated rehabilitation site for rescued manatees and sea turtles until they are well enough to be returned to their habitats. 
  • Walt Disney’s vision is maintained through the efforts of Disney’s Animal Programs and such theme parks as Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Revenues from ticket prices from the theme park help Disney’s bottom line while maintaining what the company was founded on.
  • Disney Presentation

    1. 1. From Walt Disney’s vision to theme park reality
    2. 2. True-Life Adventures • Nature films debuted in the 1950s. • Documentary short films. • Four films in the series. • The Living Desert • The Vanishing Prairie • The African Lion • The White Wilderness
    3. 3. Disney Nature
    4. 4. Disney films feature animals and nature which are givenhuman characteristics.Snow White First full-length feature film
    5. 5. Nature ConservationDisney animal careteams created in1986.Consists ofscientists, researchers, and veterinarians.Goal is therehabilitate & releaseanimals back ontothe wild.
    6. 6. Animal Kingdom themepark focused on animal& nature conservation.Licensed wildliferehabilitation facility.Rescues & rehabilitates1,000 injured ororphaned animals eachyear.
    7. 7. B.P. Oil Spill
    8. 8. Set up salt waterpools to hold up to35 sea turtles.Turned backstageareas at AnimalKingdom & Epcotinto temporaryrehab facilities.Donated $200K togroups &organizations.
    9. 9. Rehabilitation Sea turtles were provided with top notch care from Disney’s animal care team. Taken to rehab site at The Seas with Nemo & Friends at Epcot.
    10. 10. Bottom LineAnimal Kingdom & Epcotis two of four themeparks that make upDisney World.Attracts 9.6 millionvisitors annually.Parks & Resorts broughtin $10.7 billion in revenuein 2010.
    11. 11. “I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It’s just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess. -Walt Disney