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Kallos Solutions specializes in providing world class enterprise software products and custom solutions for your business. With Kallos, you get innovative and proven enterprise applications at superior value – in terms of price, speed, depth of functionality, scalability and quality.
With its own range of products, a powerful solution delivery platform, and an innovative ‘see what you get early’ methodology, you virtually eliminate risk in implementing such solutions.

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Kallos solutions corporate overview - ver 0711

  1. 1. Kallos Solutions – Corporate Overview<br />Making world class enterprise applications affordable and risk free<br />
  2. 2. Our Core Offering <br />Generic core cloud products for ERP, HR & Payroll, CRM<br />KPRAD - Automated <br />Enterprise Workflow <br />Platform<br />Adapted operational<br />processes for sub vertical, geography, company<br />
  3. 3. Divisions<br />Platform based solutions<br />www.KServe.net<br />SaaS products<br />www.KServeOnline.com<br />Enterprise<br />Resource<br />Planning<br />(ERP)<br />Human<br />Resources & Payroll<br />(HRMS)<br />Cloud ready Enterprise<br />Software products<br />Integrated<br />Outlet<br />(Outlets)<br />Customer Relationship<br />Mgmt.<br />(CRM)<br />Kallos Platform for Rapid Application Development<br />
  4. 4. Track Record<br />www.KServe.net<br />CSS Corp.<br />Becker Underwood, USA<br />TVS Net & TVS Electronics<br />MafoiRandstad<br />Standard Chartered Bank.<br />Alden Prepress/ OKS SpanTech<br />Dodla Engineering<br />Thinksynq<br />SriCity<br />Harsha Toyota<br />Faber Sindhoori<br />Naturals Salons & Spas<br />
  5. 5. Customer Testimonials<br />"We had evaluated multiple solutions and the one that was cost effective and could be customized in aggressive time frames was that of Kallos, we had a good involved team working for us from Kallos and they delivered our solutions without any hiccups to match our go live dates. The platform is robust and delivers us a scalable and value for money product."<br />D Raghu Raman VP & Head CSS Corp. <br />The Technology Management Team of the bank is very impressed with the work you are doing<br />Akshay Gaur, CIO, Standard Chartered Bank <br />They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone” <br />Subba Reddy, MD, Dodla Engineering <br />We have been using KServeRetail products for the past 5 years in all our outlets and are happy with the functionality, user friendly interface and support provided <br />C K Kumarvel, MD Naturals Salons and Spas Chain. <br />
  6. 6. Recognition<br />Nasscom 2011 – Top 8 SaaS Applications<br />NasscomEmergeout Conclave<br />Popular Winner – Techsparks 2010<br />Conducted by Yourstory.in, CNBC, Microsoft, Canaan Partners <br />Selected Top 10 – Techexpo 2010<br />Conducted by Nasscom, CAI Forum, Standard Chartered Bank<br />Selected Top 15 – Nasscom Co-Creator Platform<br />Conducted by Nasscom Product Conclave 2010<br />
  7. 7. Why KServe<br />Powerful/<br />Complete<br />Leading<br />Multi-national<br /> products<br />KServe<br />Products &<br />Services<br />Completeness -<br />(Scalability/ <br />Features/<br /> Flexibility/ Speed/ <br />Support)<br />Custom<br />building<br />Local <br />Indian products<br />International <br />Low end products<br />Partial<br />Very High<br />Value for investment<br />Price for Enterprise Software<br />
  8. 8. Platform based solutions: Core Value Proposition <br />SRS<br />/Prototyping<br />Requirements<br />Development<br />Deploy/<br /> Live<br />Acceptance<br />Testing<br />Design<br />Conventional<br />Mainstream PaaS<br />Major Speed, Quality, Price benefits<br /><ul><li> Above diagram is an approximation of time to go live
  9. 9. Proportionate overall effort is expected to be even better</li></li></ul><li>KServeOnline.com:Core Value Proposition to SME’s<br />