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  1. 1. Ruby James
  2. 2. Target Audience Fold 1 Cardboard Sleeve Age: 25-40 Gender: Both Ethnicity: White Interests: Culture, history, politics, art, religion Location: America & Mexico Cardboard sleeve/main image/album title: A long shot of the artist in the main image is included where she is holding a traditional Mexican hat whilst looking to her left as she is standing in the middle of a deserted road just past the desert. In the background there appears to be multiple explosions. All of these elements together in the mise-en-scene connote that the artist has just passed the Mexican border into America. This is because she is almost looking over her shoulder at the explosions in the desert as she is now walking on solid American ground. Connoting she is leaving her past life behind in Mexico in hope of achieving more in America, whilst sticking to her cultural routes as we see her still dressed traditionally as a Mexican female. The album title typography is very fierce, sharp and bold, this connotes a sense of destruction as it is eyecatching and you cant miss it. This also connotes that the music will have an edge to it and that the genre is perhaps rock/indie. Fold 1: The colour scheme throughout the whole digipak consists of red, orange, yellow, black and white. In fold 1 a religious image is created through the colour scheme, framing of the shot and the costume. The yellow, orange, red and black colour scheme connotes the imagery of hell, therefore this signifies that the artist believes in an after life of either heaven or hell. The framing of the shot puts the artist in the centre of the screen to make the focal point the artist to draw the audience’s attention to her body language. The artist is holding her hands together in a prayer-like position connoting that she is praying to God for the forgiveness of her sins to prevent the likelihood of spending eternity in hell after death. Her costume also adds to this religious image as she has covered her head with some material, connoting a sense of cleansing and purity. This signifies that the artists music will be very clean in terms of the language used and the lyrics will be positive, inspirational and maybe Godly.
  3. 3. CD : Target Audience Age: 25-40 Gender: Both Ethnicity: White Interests: Culture, history, politics, art, religion Location: America & Mexico There is only one CD in the digipak but this is due to the artist being independent. The CD itself is very dark and has a red outline of a heart. The combination of these two elements connotes how the music may be about the tragic events of being in love for instance cheating and heartbreak. This appeals to the audience as they may have gone through similar issues highlighted in the music therefore they can personally relate to the content on the album as they understand how it feels to go through those difficult situations. So, they connect with the artist. Moreover, the album name "Desert Rose" is on the CD. The rose is a symbol of love while the desert represents loneliness, therefore taking this into account the album title connotes how when you lose love it's like being stranded in the desert, lost and alone. On the other hand, the desert rose is a rare follower found in the desert and symbolizes strength, clarity of the mind and peace. This connotes the artists brand and what her personality is like, therefore her music could be a spiritually and physically soothing remedy - a medicine to all your problems.
  4. 4. Fold 3 : Target Audience Age: 25-40 Gender: Both Ethnicity: White Interests: Culture, history, politics, art, religion Location: America & Mexico This image is located on the third panel within the digipak. The main artist sits on a bench in a slouched position looking to her left, while the man next to her sits back comfortably looking to his right. The two shot used connotes that they are not on good terms as there is no physical contact between the pair and they are not giving each other any attention - possibly they are not talking to each other due to a disagreement. The artist wears the same costume as in the main image - a traditional Mexican costume. The costume is dark and dull which maybe connotes the music style and the content being sad. Her red hair is fiery signifying she has a dangerous and romantic side to her character. Furthermore, her hair colour fits in with the warm natural tones of the setting , the colour palette is earthy and rustic which are conventional colors of indie/rock music. This invites the audience in as it is such a humble and welcoming colour that makes you feel at home. Furthermore, the man sits with one leg over the other as if he doesn't care. His arm is propped up on the bench in a casual and manly manner connoting how cool and collected he is. His clothing is not traditional like the main artist but instead a suite but not a sharp snazzy suite. It's quite scruffy, the tie has been loosened up which connotes how he is care free. This could suggest that the music is mellow and peaceful to listen to. This is further connoted through his facial expression, he looks far away into the distant, day dreaming and lost in his own world. This would appeal to the target audience as they too would want to get lost within the music and just sit back and relax.