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    1. 1. Basic Information Ethnicity: All ethnicities but appeals more to black because the artist is of that race. Gender: The music video appeals to both genders but mostly females because the artist is female and also the themes highlighted (like love/romance) are topics the females can relate to. Age: 16-28 because the artist is quite young and mature, this persona is established through her music which consist of subject matters the audience may have experienced. Location: My target audience lives in the city of London – specifically East London The girl shown in the picture is who my products are targeted to. She is very artistic and creative as she is studying subjects such as media, art, graphics etc. Moreover she is very unique and describes herself as a ‘hipsters’ - this term is used in our modern day society for individuals that dress differently by not following the social trends like wearing expensive stuff such as Super Dry and Hollister. She wears clothing that is colourful but the key thing is that she love to customize their clothes by adding studs etc. She has a part time job at a music store and also enjoys shopping at thrift shops or low key unknown vintage shops e.g. like the ones you find near Brick Lane. She is very sociable and loves to explore the world and so enjoys activities such as skateboarding, drawing, travelling, photography, parties and meet ups. She enjoys RnB, Rap and Soul by both mainstream and niche artists, her favourites being ASAP Rocky, Aaliyah, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Keyshia Cole etc. She likes to go to music festivals like Hackney Weekend and also attend concerts with her friends. She buys merchandise of her favourite artists, for example she recently purchased drakes YOLO jumper.She enjoys watching soaps such as Hollyoaks, as she finds them realistic and very interesting. She also likes watching shows online, especially American shows such as Love and Hip Hop. She religiously watches music related shows like American Idol and X-Factor. She also has social interests such as YouTube as she likes to vlog and also post music covers. Furthermore, she blogs regularly on sites such as Tumblr and posts a lot of original content e.g. pictures. She loves fast food like pizza’s and McDonalds. Moreover she cant live without her daily Starbucks.
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