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  1. 1. Cardboard Sleeve Fold 1 Discs Cardboard Sleeve/main image: A mid-shot of Katy Perry is used in the main image on the cardboard sleeve where she is dressed in a pink dress, resting her arms on cakes. The colour scheme of the cardboard sleeve consists of various pastel colours including; pink, green and blue on a black background to attract the audience’s attention to Katy Perry and the cakes. Here she is looking at the camera from an angle almost like she is trying to seduce the male audience into buying her album for their partners by glancing at the camera seductively. The props of cakes connote that her music is innocent because sweet foods are usually consumed by children who are stereotypically viewed as innocent. Fold 1: This close-up Ariel shot objectifies women because the camera is looking down on her conforming to the typical representation of women as the less dominant sex in society. She appears to be naked so the camera is emphasizing this through the use of a close-up and therefore the audience’s attention is immediately drawn to this, so the artist is being made to look like a sex object as she lays on a bed of candyfloss. This connotes that she is a sweet, delicious, treat as candy floss is eaten as a treat. This also connotes that the music is probably within the genre of pop because candy floss is playful and pop music is upbeat and makes the audience want to dance as it can lift their mood. The colour scheme in the first fold also connotes that Katy Perry’s album is of the pop genre as the colours are all very light, connoting the lyrics will not be about anything too deep or meaningful but instead more jolly, fun and playful. Discs: The discs are designed to look like sweet foods. The disc on the left is designed to look like a delicious doughnut and the disc on the right is designed to look like a candy stick. This connotes that the music is going to be very addictive as these sweet things are very tasty and can be eaten a lot. Connoting that all of her songs have playability and that it is unlikely that you will get bored of them.
  2. 2. Fold 2 Back cover/Track listing/Barcode Back cover/Track listing/Barcode: The back cover is designed so that candy floss looks like clouds in the blue sky connoting that these songs are going to have a sense of purity and innocence. The songs in the track list have a basic typography but the songs that include the letter ‘o’ have used a circular candy stick styled ‘o’ instead of a basic ‘o’. This is to continue the theme of confectionary products. The barcode is on the back cover, this is conventional of a digipak because it looks better when it is out of the way rather than on the main image to take attention away from the focal point. Fold 2: The second fold is also designed to have candy floss styled as clouds in the blue sky. However, the artist is included in this image as we see her laying on the candyfloss clouds. This connotes that her album is heavenly and it this context meaning enjoyable. Therefore the artists target audience may want to listen to this album for entertainment rather than for personal identification/relation as the songs will most likely include the artist singing about her luxurious life. The average person in the target audience will struggle to relate to this as they will not have experienced these luxuries.