KOMPOZER 4 NEWBIESIt seems pretty obvious, with all the talk of "The Moneys In The List" and how you need tobuild your own...
create your webform, you will be given html code of the form that you need to copy and pasteinto your lead capture page or...
or                      CLIKC HERE  If You Want to KnowHow to Create Your Own Landing Pages, CapturePages, or Even a Compl...
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kompozer4Newbies-What You Will Get In The Course


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Kompozer Nvu a Free wysiwyg Open Source Html Editor

Yes! using Kompozer Nvu, and the easy to follow Kompozer nvu tutorial video course will be able to create fully functional fabulous looking web pages quickly and easily
I know that the information found in kompozer tutorial video series will save you so much time. That it will cost you more in time than the few dollars I am giving the course away for.

Would you like to build professional looking websites using Kompozer Nvu?
Would you be interested if I told you it is so easy to do?
Are you able to follow simple easy to follow instructions?
Do you think that it would be even easier with step by step video instructions?
Do you want to stop paying others and learn how to master website creation for yourself?
Are excited that this free software can do all you will ever need and more?
Do realize that the kompozer tutorial video demonstrations are the easiest way to develop new skills

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above then you need the Konquer Kompozer Tutorials video course todayThen don't waste anymore time and grab all of the videos in kompozer tutorial video course.

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Transcript of "kompozer4Newbies-What You Will Get In The Course"

  1. 1. KOMPOZER 4 NEWBIESIt seems pretty obvious, with all the talk of "The Moneys In The List" and how you need tobuild your own list of opt-in subscribers to survive online, but it is amazing to me how manynetwork marketers do not do this? Ill admit that I did not when I first started out. I was just soexcited and desperate to recruit people into my business that I just pitched my companyreplicated website. And, I didnt know how to do it. I see too many people doing this. I thinkthey do it partly because they do not know how to do it any other way and partly because theydo not want to spend the necessary couple of bucks that are required to minimally set up yourbusiness the right way. If you are one of those people who is not building their own list butknow that you should, this article will outline the necessary tools.AUTO-RESPONDER: It is absolutely essential that you subscribe to an auto-responderservice. I use Aweber which is considered by most to be the premier service, but there areothers. It is not recommended that you use a free service. You need an auto-responder to captureyour leads "name" and "email address" (and "phone number" if you choose). Once a lead issubscribed to your auto-responder, you will be able to automatically email market to thosepeople until they buy, join your business, or unsubscribe.SETTING UP YOUR AUTO-RESPONDER: It can seem confusing at first but setting upyour auto-responder is pretty simple. These are the steps to get you up and running:Create Your List: You will first need to create your list. If you are marketing Pyxism likeme,you can create a list called "JorgePyxism" (all list names must be unique within all ofAweber). The site takes you through the necessary steps to create your list.Follow-Up Messages: This is not required but a good idea. You can create a series of follow-upemails that will go to everyone who signs up to your list. Once you write these and set them up,the emails will be sent automatically to your list at the intervals you select (i.e. daily, every 2days, weekly, etc.).Create Your Webform: The "webform" is the opt-in box where your prospects will enter theircontact information and become your lead. There are many designs to choose from. After you
  2. 2. create your webform, you will be given html code of the form that you need to copy and pasteinto your lead capture page or blog.LEAD CAPTURE PAGE: Another essential tool. Whenever you join a business or affiliateprogram, you are given a company replicated website and an affiliate ID. You can just marketyour affiliate url and get sign-ups. The problem with this approach is that you will be marketingthe same site as everyone else AND you will not be capturing the information of the people whosee your site but do not sign up. With a lead capture page, which is tied to your auto-responder, you can design a unique page that is not being marketed all over the internet PLUSyour prospects will need to enter their information first to see your replicated site and decide ifthey want to sign up. You can either buy lead capture pages and have them hosted for you ORyou can create your own (like I do...I use AcademyTeamSolutions lead capture pages since Ima member) and host them yourself (you can also host with ATS) which is the less expensiveway to go if you want to create multiple lead capture pages.Creating Your Own Lead Capture Page: To create your own lead capture page, you willneed an html editor. I am self-taught so dont get scared off by html...besides the editors arehave WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so you can just design the page how youwould like it to look and the editor takes care of the html for you for the most part. There areplenty of free html editors online. I use Kompozer. After you create your capture page, youwill need to save it and upload it (as "Index.html) to your server (I use both Viral Hosts andATS, but you can also host with your domain company). Any images that you have on yourcapture page should be contained in your "images" folder on your sites server. Thats it!YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN DOMAIN: Buying your own domains is required. Ipurchase mine from GoDaddy, which I have found to have the best customer service of thedifferent domain companies that I have purchased from. You can purchase ".info" domains for$1.07 for a year. ".Com" domains will run you about $10 a year. After you purchase yourdomain, you will need to point the "nameservers" to your hosting company (unless you useGoDaddy for hosting). That process takes a few minutes.NOW...all you have to do is market your lead capture page or blog to start building yourvery own list (thats the more difficult but fun part of our business!). If You Want to Know How to Create Your Own Landing Pages, Capture Pages, or Even a Complete Site, Just Visit The Next Link: http://mistrabajosporinternetdesdecasa.com/Kompozer4Newbies/ CLICK THE IMAGE
  3. 3. or CLIKC HERE If You Want to KnowHow to Create Your Own Landing Pages, CapturePages, or Even a Complete Site, Just Visit The Next Link:http://mistrabajosporinternetdesdecasa.com/Kompozer4Newbies/