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Mobile Social Ventures Kalibrio
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Mobile Social Ventures Kalibrio


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Tour of Mobile Social Ventures | Seed Social Ventures in China | Inspire Social Entrepreneur

Tour of Mobile Social Ventures | Seed Social Ventures in China | Inspire Social Entrepreneur

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Harnessing the Power of Mobile Towards Social Good (and Change the World) Ludovic BODIN – Founder of Kalibrio / Social Venture Forum Cover picture:
  • 2. About the speaker
    • Ludovic Bodin ( 邓德伟 )
      • First venture: 20 y.o.
    • 4 years in Latin America
      • Modernization of operators
      • UN Telecom projects
    • 4 years in China / Asia
      • Starting Internet startups
      • Beijing, Macau, Seoul
  • 3. Social Venture Forum
    • Seed Social Ventures in China
  • 4. Social Ventures
    • Today is not to
    • Raise funds
    • Enroll for NGOs
    • Sell anything
    • But share an idea:
    • Business driven by profit and social good
    Social Venture
  • 5. Social Venture? Business Social Good NGO CSR ‘ Old’ Capitalist Business Venture Philanthropy Social Venture Source:
  • 6. A few figures
    • 2.5 billion mobile users worldwide
    • The majority (59%) lives in developing countries
    • Grew by 500 million in the past 12 months
    • 25% coming from China and India
  • 7. Historical change! This is the first time in history that a telecom technology has more users in developing countries than in the developed world So there is a clear advantage in learning from other developing markets (even if they do not have 3G…)
  • 8. Question Nelson Mandela 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Can any of this whiz-bang technology be used for alleviating poverty ?
  • 9. Case 1: the fish (India) (1) Fish (2) Go to the nearest market (3) Sell the fish Business process : Problem : No clue about the market (demand & offer) What to fish? Where to fish? Where to sell?
  • 10. Problems Result 2 : Unpredictable income Result 1 : Waste of fish (5 to 8%)
  • 11. Solution Solution : Fishermen network Call each other to determine market demand, offer and best price
  • 12. Results Result 1 : Fisherman profit growth: 8% Result 2 : Consumer price decline: 4% Source: Harvard Kennedy School - 1997 Result 3 : Waste decline: from 8% to 0+%
  • 13. Some words of wisdom Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. Our job is not to give people fish, it's not to teach them how to fish, it's to build new and better fishing industries . Bill Drayton Ashoka founder
  • 14. Effect of mobile phones Mobile phones can support more efficient markets and encourage economic activity +10% mobile penetration rate = +0.5% GDP growth Source: Leonard Waverman, London Business School - 2005
  • 15. Case 2: the jackfruit (Bangladesh) Problem : Less developed areas have less information on market prices of goods Consequence : They often are (and feel) abused
  • 16. Solution: CellBazaar Mobile classified ads Puts buyers & sellers in contact (‘mobile Craigslist’ for all kinds of goods: commodities, bicycles, etc and jobs) Source:
  • 17. Business Model
    • Service is free (regular call charges)
    • Revenues from calls are shared with operator Grameen Telecom
  • 18. Some words of wisdom The service is not just mobile classified ads but a social development service . Kamal Quadir CellBazaar creator It cuts out the middlemen for buyers and sellers, which means more profits and savings for them.
  • 19. Case 3: the small business (Bangladesh) We saw : Mobile can be a source of productivity Problem : Still some people can’t afford a handset Opportunity : Is there a way to turn mobile phones into a business for its owner?
  • 20. Some words of wisdom For a rural entrepreneur, a cell phone could be a cow Iqbal Quadir Co-founder of Grameen Phone
  • 21. Grameen Phone’s ‘Phone Ladies’ “ Phone Ladies” let non-owners use their phone for a small fee
  • 22. Creating new revenue sources Over 200,000 phone ladies in Bangladesh Average income of a Phone Lady = $1000/year Average income in Bangladesh = US$300/year Source: Canadian International Development Agency
  • 23. About Grameen Phone Today: leading mobile operator in Bangladesh >10 million subscribers 95% of population coverage Top 10 mobile market growth in Asia-Pacific +130% users growth in 2005 +80% users growth in 2006 Source: Grameen Phone - 2006
  • 24. Case 4: Banking without bank (Philippines) Problem : Accessibility of capital Micro-entrepreneurs have skills but lack access to capital to start their business No rural banking infrastructure
  • 25. Case 4: Banking without bank (Philippines) Retailers partners G-cash (Telco: Globe) Shop, Bank, micro-credit, Retailers, etc $$$ Airtime $ P
  • 26. Results Result 1 : 1.3 million G-cash registered users US$100M transaction per day Result 2 : 700,000 ‘airtime loading’ retailers (Larger than Coca-Cola’s network) Other initiatives in: Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, Etc. Source: G-cash – March 2006
  • 27. Openings: many other opportunities Poverty Reduction Health Environment Cultural Diversity Education
  • 28. A few quick ideas
    • Mobile consultation
      • Health Line Service
    • Mobile reminders
      • Aids treatment
    • Targeted service notification
      • Flu vaccination season
    Source: African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), Tomi Ahonen, 2006
    • Allergy management
      • Alert pollution via sms
    • Green mobile marketing
      • Plant a tree via sms
    • Help communication between culture
      • SMS services for expats
  • 29. What about China? Mobile rural bank system Project by Bank of China If bank infrastructure: >$2 billion (for 130 terminals & ATMs per 1M people) Cost of mobile rural bank system: $40 million to $60 million Source: South China Morning Post - March 2007
  • 30. Next : what are you waiting for? Contact us: ludovic [at] “ Interested by starting up a new Social Venture? A new idea to develop in China ? ”
  • 31. Wish list for 2008: - Participatory platform - Collective intelligence - Re-engineering of games technology for social applications - Poverty reduction platform - Participatory community of informed buyers - Participatory community of doctors - Participatory community of real estate agents
  • 32. Greetings and Contact
    • My heartfelt thanks to all the individuals who contributed to this document, and in particular:
      • Benjamin Joffe, CEO, +8* Ltd & Mobile Monday Beijing Organizer
      • Mike Kaiser, CEO, Agelos
      • Kate Druschel, Regional Coordinator – Grameen Foundation
      • Gabrielle Harris, Executive Director, PlanetFinance China
      • Florent Obesse, Sales Director, Cellicium
    • And to all of you who attended the presentation at Mobile Monday Beijing or will take interest in Social Ventures!
    • Feel free to update | share this presentation, other cases, comment, ideas, entrepreneurs are welcome to ludovic [at] !