Health Impact Asssessment of Port Sohar-Yale University
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Health Impact Asssessment of Port Sohar-Yale University

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This is a presentation I gave in Yale University during my elective period there. It is a very simple HIA of Port Sohar in Oman. The objective of the presentation was to apply what I learned in the......

This is a presentation I gave in Yale University during my elective period there. It is a very simple HIA of Port Sohar in Oman. The objective of the presentation was to apply what I learned in the rotation to a real issue, and I chose something from Oman to be very related to what i learned,

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  • An HIA can provide recommendations to increase positive health outcomes and minimize adverse health outcomes
  • Point 1 & 2: There are some varaiations from different places but the basic steps are the same and are not differet.
  • The committee concludes that the following factors are the most important to consider in determining whether toconduct an HIA: 1-the potential for substantial adverse or beneficial health effects2-irreversible or catastrophic effects, even if the effects have a low likelihood;3-the ability of information from the HIA to alter a decision or help a decision maker to discriminate among options4- the possibility that a disproportionate burden of the health effects is placed on vulnerable populations5-the existence of public concern or controversy regarding health effects of a proposal6-the opportunity to incorporate health information into a decision-making process that may not otherwise include such information7- and the ability of the HIA team to complete the assessment within the time and with the resources available
  • The credibility of an HIA and its relevance to the decision-making process rest on a systematic evaluationof the full array of potential effects—risks, benefits, and tradeoffs—rather thanon a narrow consideration of a subset of issues predetermined by a team’s researchinterests or regulatory requirements
  • It is the process that involves describing the baseline health statusof the affected populations and then characterizing the expected effects onhealth (and its determinants) of the proposal and each alternative under considerationrelative to the baseline and each other
  • In order to have effective actionable recommendations three things must be done:1-Community involvement:*Helps bring attention to things researchers can’t see.*Will help better acceptance from the community side to the proposed solutions.2-Descion makers adoption and implementations3-recommendations should include the*elements of a health-management plan that identifies appropriate indicators forMonitoring*an entity with authority or ability to implement each measure*and a mechanism for verifying implementation and compliance
  • It should have been do ne before but now this is the main reason.
  • Point 1: However, this shouldn’t be our main focus….we should focus on everything in order to come with a good unbaised HIA.
  • Of course I considered the factories there and tried to get as much info as possible.
  • Well water contamination because of the buring of the chemical waster in a place near the port.Food contamination and crops contamination (Sea food inculded)Changes in the soil and environment.
  • But even though I didn’t get data, it is very obvious through the people that such diseases did increase rapidly!!I’m not going to go through the benefits of the project as it is mainly to the economy and it definitely made that are a high trade area after being just a small village.
  • Also this project is already there and it seems no HIA was done, but it is never too late and after doing a proper HIA.
  • There is no data to make valid recommendations now,,,but just in general and from what is clear to us we can recommend some things.


  • 1. Health Impact Assessment of Port Sohar-Sultanate of Oman Khalid Hasan Al Hamadani
  • 2. Outline Introduction Health Impact Assessment Definition HIA Steps Port Sohar HIA
  • 3. Introduction Doctors advise their patients on how they can stay healthy. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) provides the sameadvice to communities. This advice helps the Communities make informed choicesabout improving public healththrough community design.
  • 4. Health Impact Assessment?The National Research Council defines it:“HIA is a systematic process that uses an array ofdata sources and analytic methods and considersinput from stakeholders to determine the potentialeffects of a proposed policy, plan, program, or projecton the health of a population and the distribution ofthose effects within the population.”
  • 5. How to conduct a HIA? Conducting a HIA is composed of six- steps. This is the clearest way to organize and describe the elements of HIA.
  • 6. What are the Steps? The major steps in conducting an HIA include:1. Screening2. Scoping3. Assessing risks and benefits4. Developing recommendations5. Reporting6. Monitoring and evaluating
  • 7. Screening Identifies plans, projects or policies for which an HIA would be useful.
  • 8. Scoping Identifies which health effects to consider in an affected population from a certain plan, project or a policy.
  • 9. Assessing risks and benefits This step Identifies:1. People who may be affected.2. How they may be affected.
  • 10. DevelopingRecommendations Identify alternatives to the proposal Identify specific actions that could be taken to avoid, minimize, or mitigate adverse effects Take advantage of opportunities for a proposal to improve health
  • 11. Reporting The communication of findings and recommendations to:1. Decision-makers2. The public3. Other stakeholders
  • 12. Monitoring and Evaluating Monitoring can consist of:1. Tracking the adoption and implementation of HIA recommendations.2. Tracking changes in health a new policy, program, plan, orproject is implemented.
  • 13. Monitoring and Evaluating Evaluation can be:1. Process evaluation (evaluation of whether theHIA was conducted according to its plan of actionand applicable standards)2. Impact evaluation (evaluation of whether theHIA influenced the decision-making process)3. Outcome evaluation (evaluation of whetherimplementation of the proposal changes healthoutcomes or health determinants)
  • 14. Port Sohar-Sultanate of Oman
  • 15. Port Sohar Port of Sohar is a deep sea port. The management of the port lies with Sohar Industrial Port Company SAOC, a 50/50 joint venture between the Government of Oman and the Port of Rotterdam.
  • 16. Port Sohar Port of Sohar houses three clusters: logistics, petrochemicals and metals. World-leading companies:1. Vale2. Air Liquide3. Larsen & Toubro4. Methanol Holding International5. Jindal Power & Steelare established in Port of Sohar.
  • 17. Health Impact Assessment of Port Sohar
  • 18. Screening Why does this project need a HIA?Because of the existence of publicconcern or controversy regarding healtheffects of a current project.
  • 19. Scoping Population of the affected area complains of respiratory diseases and increased rates of oncological diseases.
  • 20. Scoping Health affects that should be considered in this project:1. Respiratory diseases.2. Oncological diseases.3. Poisoning from chemicals4. Dermatological diseases5. Environmental concerns
  • 21. Assessing risks and benefits Who are the people affected?Residents of the village beside the port.Specially young children. How are they affected?Mainly by air, through smoke, dust, andthe smell of chemicals.But there are other ways of exposure toconsider.
  • 22. Assessing risks and benefits So we need data to assess the baseline of the village residents for the diseases of concerns and other diseases that might arise from the exposures from the factories.
  • 23. DevelopingRecommendations First, the people should be included Second, Both Ministries of Health and Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs should be involved. Third, The Port of Sohar authorities should be involved and the companies
  • 24. DevelopingRecommendations General Recommendations:1. Apply international standards on control of smoke, dust and other exposures.2. Move the residents of affected areas to a safer place.3. Develop better policies on how to get of chemical waste.
  • 25. Reporting This should be reported to the: Ministry of Health Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs Majles al Shura (Omani Parliament) Companies involved in Port Sohar The public through the media
  • 26. Monitoring and Evaluating Monitoring should be done through “Health Indicators”. Evaluating should be done through “Outcome Evaluation”
  • 27. References CDC: htm Improving Health in the United States: The Role of Health Impact Assessment WHO:
  • 28. Acknowledgement Occupational and Environmental Health Department -Yale University; For their support and welcoming during my elective period. Dr.Khalid Al Maani a fellow medical Student and a dear friend for his help in providing information, that contributed to this presentation.
  • 29. Thank You