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Arizona Water Jeopardy
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Arizona Water Jeopardy


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome!The Topic For Today Is…
  • 2. Water Water Water Water Cycle Water Cycle Arizona WaterConservation Vocabulary100 100 100 100 100200 200 200 200 200300 300 300 300 300400 400 400 400 400500 500 500 500 500 Bonus Question: 2000 pts
  • 3. Conservation: 100• Water Conservation Answer:• Less than 1% of water on earth• Question• How much water is drinkable water?
  • 4. Conservation : 200• Water Conservation Answer:• Cut your shower time in half saving 25 gallons per person per day• Question• How can you conserve water?
  • 5. Conservation : 300• Water Conservation Answer:• Turn your water off while brushing teeth• Question• How can you conserve water?
  • 6. Conservation : 400• Water Conservation Answer:• Install aerators on faucets to reduce water flow• Question• How can you conserve water?
  • 7. Conservation : 500• Water Conservation Answer:• Conserves water in the home• Question• What is: (atleast one mentioned or a suitable substitue)Take shorter showers, turn off water whilebrushing teeth, flush toilet less, take a bathrather than a shower, fill sink to wash all dishesrather than 1 at a time, install aerators
  • 8. Water: 100• Water Answer:• Water is made up of these two atoms• Question• What are Hydrogen and Oxygen (H20)?
  • 9. Water: 200• Water Answer:• Boils at 100 degrees Celsius and freezes at 0 degrees Celsius• Question• What is Water+
  • 10. Water: 300• Water Answer:• Liquid water in gas form• Question• What is water vapor?
  • 11. Water: 400• Water Answer:• Happens when enough energy is removed from water• Question• What is solid? Or what is ice?
  • 12. H20 Vocab: 100• Water Cycle Vocabulary Answer:• Condensed water vapor in the form of droplets• Question• What are clouds?
  • 13. H20 Vocab : 200• Water Cycle Vocabulary Answer:• Rain water that is not absorbed by the ground and flows over roads• Question• What is runoff?
  • 14. Water: 500• Water Answer:• Change state of water from vapor to liquid• Question• What is condensation?
  • 15. H20 Vocab : 300• Water Cycle Vocabulary Answer:• Process by which water vapor in the atmosphere is changed into liquid state• Question• What is condensation?
  • 16. H20 Vocab : 400• Water Cycle Vocabulary Answer:• Happens when the tiny condensation particles grow too large and fall to the ground due to the force of gravity• Question• What is precipitation?
  • 17. H20 Vocab : 500• Water Cycle Vocabulary Answer:• The evaporation of water from plants• Question• What is Transpiration?
  • 18. H20 Cycle: 100• Water Cycle Answer:• Nature’s way of recycling water• Question• What is the water cycle?
  • 19. H20 Cycle : 200• Water Cycle Answer:• Four forms of precipitation• Question• What are rain, snow, sleet, hail?
  • 20. H20 Cycle : 300• Water Cycle Answer:• The motion of water from the ground to the atmosphere and back again• Question• What is the water cycle?
  • 21. H20 Cycle : 400• Water Cycle Answer:• Amount of water vapor in the air• Question• What is humidity?
  • 22. H20 Cycle : 500• Water Cycle Answer:• The gathering of precipitation in rivers, lakes and oceans• Question• What is accumulation?
  • 23. AZ H20: 100• Arizona Water Answer:• The river that makes up the western boundaries of Arizona and helped carve the Grand Canyon• Question• What is the Colorado River?
  • 24. AZ H20 : 200• Arizona Water Answer:• The Dam that was completed in 1911 that helped Arizona become a state• Question• What is Roosevelt Dam?
  • 25. AZ H20 : 300• Arizona Water Answer:• Empty gully that fills during monsoons• Question• What is a wash?
  • 26. AZ H20 : 400• Arizona Water Answer:• A season of high temperatures, high moisture and high winds that brings much needed water to Arizona’s desert region• Answer• What is a monsoon?
  • 27. AZ H20 : 500• Arizona Water Answer:• A plant that lives in the Sonoran desert and has adapted to Arizona’s harsh climate• Question• What is cactus?
  • 28. Bonus Question: 5000 pts.• Question:• What day and year did Arizona become a state, partly because of the building of Roosevelt Dam• Answer• February 14, 1912
  • 29. Daily Double Write Down How Much Money You Are Willing To Risk If You get the Question write you win that money If you get it wrong you Loss the money!
  • 30. Daily Double Write Down How Much Money You Are Willing To RiskIf You get the Question write you win that money If you get it wrong you Loss the money!