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internet safety in school
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internet safety in school


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  • 1. Nevereverforget the Wiimotestrap by Stéfancc(by, nc, sa)
    Working with internet in School
  • 2. stop by wrote CC (by, nc)
    Kristina Alexanderson
  • 3. Howdo I work?
    Lost by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 4. Classroomstools
    "Sayhello to my new puppet!" by Stéfan CC by, nc, sa
  • 5. The Empire is using Paint Shop Pro by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
    The Internet
  • 6. blogs
  • 7.
  • 8. The classblog
  • 9. Twitter
    Recruitingsomepigeons by Stèfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 10. Breakfast Propulsion by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 11.
  • 12. Everything is ”public”
    Baywatch by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 13. Why?
    The M&M'sPainter by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 14. communication
    Sloth by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 15. collaboration
    Sabotage 3 Takingoffbatteries by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 16. possibility
    Not afraid (almost) by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 17. Safe?
    Extreme Makeover - Gingerbread Home Edition by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 18. issues
    alternative version) Three WiseStormies by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 19. Me and You
    Vader says: "2016 push-ups for Rio 2016" by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 20. Everyonecan read, see, hear
    (An attempt at) Taming a Yoshi by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 21. A teacherscomment?
  • 22. Why?
    You'redone, Invader by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 23. Knowledge about the tools
    Printer Cartridge Service by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 24. Talk about the mistakes…
    Deep investigation by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 25. Facebook
    (alternative) By order of the Emperor, I cutoff your internet by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28. Don’t mix schoolwork with our private life
    DrumTuningSquad by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 29. Safe online?
    Boxed by Stéfan CC (by,nc, sa)
  • 30. Talk, talk, talk
    Credit Cut in Imperial Telecommunication (alternative version) by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 31. Who do you think you are?
    Pizza Injustice by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 32.
  • 33. A Jar of Troopers by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 34. In irl
    TK479 has beencaught! by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 35. #fail
  • 36. They talk to me online
    Gluttony by StéfanCC(by, nc, sa)
  • 40. Theyknowwere to findme on the Internet
    Hide-and-seek #3 by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 41. It’s public
    (alternative) Feeling observed by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 42. It’s easy
    Playing Space Crusade (alternative version) by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 43. It’s part of life
    New Life Form Sighted by Stéfan CC (by, nc, sa)
  • 44. Keep the childrensafe in the reality,
    not from the reality
    Marketing By wrote CC (by, nc)
  • 45. About the pictures and licenses
    All pictures comes from
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    The Creative common license for the pictures are attribution- non commercial- share alike
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    For more information about the license