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Researching Sales with Social Media
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Researching Sales with Social Media

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Learn to use social media to research your sales pipeline and target accounts.

Learn to use social media to research your sales pipeline and target accounts.

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  • 1. Researching Sales with Social Media
    Bill Rice
  • 2. Basic elements of a sale
    Solution selling defines it this way:
    Sales = Pain x Power x Vision x Value x Control
    So will I. We're going to use social media to help us:
    • Look for pain or highlighting latent pain
    • 3. Seek power
    • 4. Align vision
    • 5. Confirm value and reducing risk
    • 6. Drive the process to close--control
  • Elements of research system
    Focusing on social media and real-time information
    Future session
  • 12. Looking for pain
    When I say search you should be thinking:
    Here's how to turn them into lead generation tools...
  • 15. Finding pain
    • Turn the pain tree into keywords
    • 16. How do their customers talk about the pain?
    • 17. How do your prospects talk about the pain?
    • 18. Turn the vision into keywords
    • 19. How do you describe the solution vision?
    • 20. How would a prospect describe a like vision?
    • 21. Consider different power levels. They talk differently.
    • 22. Don't forget about the competitor!
  • Searching for pain
  • 23. Searching for pain
  • 24. Searching for pain
  • 25. Seeking power
    Linkedin.com is THE central repository of power!
    Step 0: Get on Linkedin.com
    Step 1: Connect with ALL your (happy) clients
    Step 2: Get recommendations from ALL your (happy) clients
  • 26. Seeking power...Linkedin.com
  • 27. No power here...MySpace.com
  • 28. Seeking power
    Advantages of Linkedin.com
    Research is all there
    Track record
    Identifies pathways
  • 29. Searching Linkedin.com from Google
    site:linkedin.com "current * architect" "websphere" (inurl:pub | inurl:in) -intitle:directory "greater chicago area"
  • 30. Aligning Vision
    This is often the hardest part of the sale.
    It is a give in take of open questions, confirming questions, and controlling questions.
    You're trying to hone in on the real buying trigger.
    Two strategies:
    Attract like vision
    Identify likely vision
  • 31. Attract like vision
  • 32. Identify likely vision
  • 33. Confirming value and lowering risk
    There is still a lot of FEAR in the market.
    To overcome this barrier you have to not only convey value, but also lower risk.
    Social Proof and Authority work well here.
  • 34. Social Proofing and Authority
  • 35. Do it on their terms
  • 36. Don't forget Google
  • 37. Driving the process to close--control
    You have lots of intelligence on your  target accounts. 
    Now, execute. Get into their field of view.
    Shape their perception (or yours) of the ideal solution.
  • 38. Thank you!
    Bill Rice