Email How-to: Welcome Your New Subscribers


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Are you welcoming your new email subscribers? Do a good welcome email can up your responsiveness, engagement, and future revenue potential.

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Email How-to: Welcome Your New Subscribers

  1. 1. Dont forget to welcome new community members!One of my favorite morning reads is300 Words a Day by Jon Swanson.Outside of simply being a good wayto start the day, I like his simple andhuman approach. It grounds me andreminds me (as a digital marketer)how to have real conversations, withreal people, even though we’re doingit online.The other day was one of thosevaluable moments. I want to share apowerful lesson Jon illustrated in hisHow to help me write better post.He realized that he wasn’t properlywelcoming people when theysubscribed to his email list.Now, I’m from the South so I know the importance of being hospitable and welcoming folks is abig part of it. But, somehow many of us in the digital marketing world turn people into tally marksand forget to be being hospitable.Believe me our customers quietly punish us for this sin of omission.Welcome New Community MembersWelcoming your new community members should now be a no brainer; especially since I justreminded you that they’re people.So, put this on your TODO list. ● If you have an email list, write a personal welcome message ● If you’re active on Twitter, personally (not auto-DM) say, Hi! ● If you’re active on Facebook, greet and highlight new LikesFor most of us that’s only a few how-do-you-does a day. Yet, the engagement with yourcommunity and the effectiveness of your outcomes will dramatically benefit. Kaleidico | Detroit Digital Marketing | 866-667-5253
  2. 2. How Do You Welcome New Community MembersCommitting to doing a better job of welcoming new community members leads to the obviousnext question: “What do I say?”Herein lies is the magical secret that Jon captured in his welcome and struck me when I readhis post. Ask them to do something!Nothing kicks off community engagement better than getting new community memberscomfortable with participating.Here is what Jon does: Right now, I would love for you to do two things. Thing #1: Reply to this email and tell me what you’re wondering about God right now. Even if it’s something really small or you think it’s odd, just hit reply and let me know. While I can’t reply to everyone, I read every single one of these emails. Thing #2: Pray for me. Really. Because I want to be as clear and helpful and practical as I can. And sometimes, about 11:00 pm when I’m trying to write, I’m not too clear. So you can help all of us by asking God to help me. I look forward to hearing from you.If you sign up for the Kaleidico digital marketing newsletter, here is what I will ask you to do: Chances are you signed up with a question or goal already weighing on your mind. Hit the reply button and tell us what it is.This really is the easiest way to make a welcome personal. Invariably people come to yourwebsite because they are looking for something. If they take an action, like signing up for youremail newsletter, they are definitely looking for answers.Simply ask them the question. Kaleidico | Detroit Digital Marketing | 866-667-5253
  3. 3. Talk to Your Community in a Personal WayCareful! If you use this strategy you need to be committed to the follow-through. If someoneasks you a question or begins dialoguing with you--be responsive and helpful.You don’t need to get bogged down in free consulting, but give them guidance. Refer yourcommunity members to references, resources, and yes even products that might help them.What do you think? Will this work with your community? How do you jumpstartengagement in your online community development? Kaleidico | Detroit Digital Marketing | 866-667-5253