Darwin’s evolution a fake
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Darwin’s evolution a fake



Discovery Learning Project Term 2

Discovery Learning Project Term 2
Teacher Mr Arthur O'Neill



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Darwin’s evolution a fake Darwin’s evolution a fake Presentation Transcript

  • Darwin’s Evolution a Fake?By Kaleb Malanin
  • Throughout history scientists have always argued where andwhen life first appeared. “Creationists” are people who believewe were created by God. People who do not believe there is aGod find the idea of life being created by a superior beingunthinkable. So these people have been forced to try and thinkof other possible ways how life could exists on earth. Today I amgoing to bring forward some arguments against Darwin’s theoryof evolution which is one of the most commonly believedamongst secular peoples.
  • Contents3. Darwin’s Evolution theory4. What fossil records show5. Darwin’s View On The Gaps In The FossilRecords6. Breeding Limitations7. Is Evolution Occurring Right Now ?8. The Alleged “Missing Links” betweenMan and Ape9. THE UNITY OF LANGUAGES10. Religion11.Human Body12. Conclusion
  • Darwin’s Evolution theorySo what’s Darwin’s theory on evolution? Darwins Theory ofEvolution is the idea that all life has descended from a commonancestor the birds , dinosaurs, fish, flowers and plants are allrelated. Darwins general theory says that life has come fromnon-life and done all this naturally "descent with modification".That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestorsnaturally over time. Survival of the fittest a process known as"natural selection“ is a major part of the theory, mutation thatthe fittest hold will eventually end up creating super breed.These beneficial mutations are passed on to the next generation.Over time, beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is anentirely different organism.
  • What fossil records showThrough the 1900’s Scientists have studied fossil records to tryand determine if the theory of evolution is fact or fiction. If thetheory of evolution were fact, then the fossil recordswould clearly show the gradual transformation over longperiods of time that Darwin spoke of. despite lots of research forover a century and a half, no facts of a transitional form havebeen found in the fossil records. What the fossil records do showis each life form suddenly appearing, full blown, without anyapparent relationship to what went before it. This is an obviousfact of creation, scientists are blinded by their ego.
  • Darwin’s View On The Gaps In TheFossil RecordsNow so I don’t make this PowerPoint one sided I’ll show whatDarwin’s theory says about this. Darwin knew of the gap in thefossil records but he felt there was more to his theory whichexplained this. Darwin reasoned that if man could bring aboutsmall improvements in living things in such a short period ,thennature could bring about similar tiny improvement overmillions of years in living cells, which could allow them toevolve all the way up to the human beings given enough time .This theory once again has no proof and would still have shownup on fossil records which it hasn’t.
  • Breeding LimitationsWhile Darwin proposed that plants and animals could vary to anunlimited degree , breeders discovered that this was not exactlytrue. They were discovering that even though it was possible tobreed a modified species to a limited extent (eg. a sheep withshort legs), it was NOT possible to breed a plum the size of awatermelon, or breed a horse with tusks .Each living thing hassome sort of limit to how far it can be modified. Excessivebreeding for a characteristic was also found to either result in areverse back toward a given average after many generations, orit resulted in dead end species which were unable to reproduce( eg. the mule which is a cross between a horse and donkey ). Todate no breeding experiment s have ever resulted in major, new traits resulting in a completely new species .Noarguments have come up against this fact.
  • Is Evolution Occurring Right Now ?Darwin has always stressed that “survival of the fittest”was an important component of his theory of evolution.Though evolutionists cannot identify which aspects areimportant for survival because survival cannot be seen orproved. No evolutionist really knows how “natural selection”really works, or if it is currently working. How have humansevolved over the last thousands of years? Not at all, we are stillthe same, if we really did come from apes how come there arestill apes today and how come we don’t see apes turning intohumans? This is because Darwins idea of evolution is false.
  • The Alleged “Missing Links”between Man and ApeThere have been several claims of fossils found thatshow evidence between man and ape:Neanderthal Man– When the first Neanderthal Man wasdiscovered in about 1856, it was thought to be true link fromape to man . Now known biologists such as Virchow and manyother Scientists and medical authorities since that time haveall declared the Neanderthal skulls shows signs of severerickets. Also there have been instances where theNeanderthal Man bones were put on display in museums andit was later discovered the bones were arranged incorrectlywhich is what gave it the hunched appearance.
  • Piltdown Man- The “Piltdown “ skull was first “ discovered” inEngland in1912 by Charles Dawson. For Forty –one years it wasleading evidence for evolution until in 1953 it was discovered to be aforgery . It was actually found to be a recent human skullcombined with a female orang-utan jaw, and was dyed andslightly modified to give it the appearance of age.It’s interesting to note how all textbooks before 1953 showedPiltdown man in every human’s family tree, then one day it was nolonger “true”.Java Man- When this was “discovered” in 1891 by Dr. EugeneDubois , two other skulls were found in the same formation and ofthe same age which were no different from skulls ofmodern aborigines from Australia. Dubois formed java man from achimp-like skullcap, human thigh bone, and teeth, all found within 50feet of each other and he simply put them together , assuming theywere from the same man. Java man was later discredited by thefinder himself, Dr Eugene Dubois, as actually being a gibbon in 1938.Nebraska Man- In 1922 a tooth was discovered in Nebraska By DrHenry Fairfield Osborn who examined the tooth and claimed ithad characteristic of a man, chimp and Java Man. Years later it wasdetermined the tooth was actually from an extinct pig.
  • In summary of all these so called “missing links”, they have allbeen fakes and not really a connection, maybe the next socalled connection will also be a fake. During this time peoplefor me would have been laughed at for calling these fakeswhen they really were. This just shows how evidence canclearly be faked.
  • THE UNITY OF LANGUAGESThe unity of the languages of the world proves the recent common origin of man.Prof. Max Muller, and other renowned linguists, declared that all languages arederived from one. This is abundantly proven by the similarity of roots and words, thegrammatical construction and accidents, the correspondence in the order of theiralphabets, etc. The French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are daughters of theLatin; Latin is a daughter of the Aryan; and the Aryan, together with the other sisterlanguages is, no doubt, the daughter of the original language spoken by Noah andhis immediate descendants. There can not well be more than 4 generations oflanguages, and the time since Noah is sufficient for the development of the 1000languages and dialects. The American Indians have developed about 200 in 3,000 or4,000 years. The life of a language roughly speaking, ranges from 1000 to 3,000years. The time since Noah is sufficient for the development of all the languages ofthe world. But if man has existed for 2,000,000 or 1,000,000 years, with a braincapacity ranging from 96% to normal, there would have been multiplied thousands oflanguages bearing little or no resemblance. There is not a trace of all theselanguages. They were never spoken because no one lived to speak them.
  • ReligionThe unity of ancient religions proves the creation of man who received a divinerevelation. According to evolution, all religions were evolved or invented byhumanoids. In that case, we would expect them to be extremely different yet itseems that they have all come from one but some have gone off track. Forinstance, what in the world could teach us that an animal sacrifice is a proper wayto worship God? How could something random arrive at the conclusion that God isproperly worshipped by sacrificing an animal? "Sacrifices were common to allnations of antiquity, and therefore, traced by some to a personal revelation." Byrevelation, we learn that the animal sacrifice prefigured the Lamb slain on Calvary.It was revealed. No race of monkey-men could ever have invented the idea.The division of time into weeks of 7 days, prevalent among the ancients, suggestsan ancient revelation in commemoration of creation as against evolution, whichdenies creation. The following statements from Dr. J. R. Dummelow, an eminentcommentator, show that the Babylonians both divided time into weeks, and offeredsacrifices pointing to the unity of religions. "The Babylonians observed the7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each lunar month as days when men were subjected tocertain restrictions.
  • Human BodyCan evolutionists imagine how the human body could be crammed fuller of the clearestproofs of the most intelligent design? Many of the most remarkable inventions of manwere suggested by the wonderful contrivances found in the human body. Stillevolutionists say this marvellous piece of ingenuity did not come from the hand of theCreator but was developed by blind chance or "natural laws," without a trace ofintelligent design by the Creator, or by man or beast. The human body can no more bea product of chance.On high medical authority, it is said that there are in the human body 600 muscles,1000 miles of blood vessels, and 550 arteries important enough to name. The lungs arecomposed of 700,000,000 cells of honey comb. In 70 years, the heart beats2,500,000,000 times, and lifts 500,000 tons of blood. The nervous system, controlledby the brain has 3,000,000,000,000 nerve cells, 9,200,000,000 of which are in thecortex or covering of the brain alone. Almost 3 pints of saliva are swallowed every day.It is easy also to believe that the "very hairs of our heads are numbered,"--about250,000.Still many people think that we happened randomly that we appeared out of nowhere,how could you deny that there is a creator, I can’t things in my house banging intoappearance, so why should people assume living things did, it’s crazy.
  • How could people still believe in evolution? It’s primitive and so obviouslystupid, the facts have shown that it doesn’t work out, we know that life forms didn’tevolve because there are no fossils showing this. We have read and seen that lifeforms can’t suddenly and drastically change because we have built in limits ofchange, also animals aren’t currently evolving into new species and neither arewe, just because evolution supposedly happened in the past how come it has juststopped now? The similarity and common factors of languages and religion pointto an original single source but also the few amounts of different languages showsthat we haven’t been around that long, just a few thousand years. The complexityof our bodies is mind boggling, nothing that happened naturally, we must havebeen created by God not nothing, how can nothing or an inanimate object turninto a life form, it’s impossible?So now that I have given you some food for thought just think, does evolutionreally seem like the truth or are you starting to think that we were created?
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