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Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project
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Kim alton hw420-section-unit5project


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  • 1. Mental Fitness
    implications to physical wellness
  • 2. Introduction:
    As our minds race with thought and self conversation keeping every word positive is a challenge we all face.
    Training the mind to rest helps to develop a greater sense of calming that is focused and clear. The more we practice becoming mentally fit the better our health will become.
  • 3. Mind your Mental Fitness: Strengthen Emotional Happiness
    Studies show that relaxation techniques provide lasting results in:
    So many benefits in creating positive emotions, brain activity, happiness and Memory all being done with relaxation techniques (Dacher, 2006)
    So many benefits to reducing stress, anxiety, negative emotions and depression again using relaxation techniques (Dacher, 2006)
  • Mind your Mental Fitness:Strengthen Physical Health
    Mental stress causes many ailments of the body
    • increase in blood pressure,
    • 23. pulse,
    • 24. heart arrhythmias,
    • 25. and diminished blood flow to already damaged coronary arteries (Dacher, 2006)
    • 26. Intentionally making choices to exercise
    • 27. using focused actions
    • 28. self reflection increases the immune response
    • 29. decreases chronic pain
    • 30. decreases disease likeliness of the heart
    • 31. diabetes
    • 32. obesity (Dacher, 2006)
    We gradually learn that our body is vital and ever changing!(Dacher, 2006).
  • 33. Mind your Mental Fitness:Strengthen Spiritual ComfortRainbow Relaxation Techniques to Happiness (Crime of the century)
    • Find your favorite comfortable spot to relax in
    • 34. Focus your attention on your breathing, nice and slow
    • 35. Let wandering thoughts go as you exhale & feel your body relax
    • 36. Rainbow meditation is your imagination to let yourself relax
    • 37. Imagine a beam of light, the colors of the rainbow
    • 38. Base of your spine is the color red with a beam of light, it is grounded , say to yourself I feel grounded
    • 39. The spot above the belly button is an Orange light & is the feeling of being centered say to yourself, I feel Centered
    • 40. Upper stomach area, a beam of bright yellow light the feeling of being loved ~ Say to yourself I feel Loved, slow deep breath, I feel loved
  • Relaxation Techniques to Happiness continued...
    • Upper chest above the heart is emerald green parallel to yellow & orange. Share positive feelings with anyone you choose. Symbolic thoughts of love, wish someone well. Say to yourself I choose to love. Slow deep breath, I choose to love
    • 41. From your throat aqua blue beam of light in front of you with yellow & orange, represents a meaningful purpose in your life , will power and creativity accomplishments in life goals, slow deep breath & say my life has a meaningful purpose, again, slow deep breathe
    • 42. Forehead, above your nose & between your eye is indigo blue a beam of light shooting up is balance within yourself, tapping into your conscious & unconscious, it is body wisdom, say to yourself I feel balanced, exhale , I feel balanced.
    • 43. Crown of your head big circular light beam of violet, projecting up represents the bigger part of the universe, connected with the earth, friends, family, nature & say to yourself ~ I feel connected, breathe deep and slow, I feel connected
  • Relaxation Techniques to Happiness continued...
    Although these colors are separated bring them back together, & surround your body in a brilliant white light. Think to yourself how calm & relaxed your body is. My body is calm & relaxed, again. Feel it. Very peaceful, lock this feeling into your memory bank to bring back this feeling when you are stressed and full of tension for a sense of homeostasis, Felling very energized. Aware of your surrounding and what you are going to do with the rest of your days, very slowly open your eyes, stretch arms and shoulders, take your time you can sit up till fully awake into a state of consciousness. (Crime of the century)
    Red– Grounding ~ I Feel Grounded ~ From the base of your SpineOrange – Centered ~ I Feel Centered Orange ~ Below your belly button of the lower stomach Yellow– Feeling Loved / Will Power ~ I Feel Loved ~ From your upper stomachGreen– Opening your Heart to Love ~ I Choose To Love ~ From your chest, over your heart Aqua Blue - Intention / Intuition ~ My Life has a Meaningful Purpose from your throat Indigo Blue– Balance ~ I Feel Balanced ~ From the foreheadViolet – Connected ~ I Feel Connected ~ From the top of your head
    White ~ My Body Is Calm & Relaxed
  • 44. An Exercise of Meditation
    Meditation is to center the body creating balance.
    Find your relaxation, find your calm, get your feet back on the ground and experience the clarity you deserve!
    Red– GroundingOrange – CenteredYellow– Feeling Loved / WillGreen– Opening your heart to loveAqua- Intention / IntuitionDark Blue– BalanceViolet - Connected
    Click on Hyperlink to get started
    Click on the Picture & get started
    “Crime Of The Century”
  • 45. Mental Exercise: Relaxation Techniques
    To intentionally create a mind body connection in order to build the immune system.
    With Mental Imagery the mind can alter many of the physiological functions of the body.
    If we can learn to control our thoughts , feelings, and visual images and melt away the negative emotions that occupy our mind, we than have the ability to transform our mind in a new path to health, happiness and wholeness.
    It’s essential to knowingly create the change to develop a fulfilled inner life (Dacher, 2006)
  • 46. Cultivating Mental Fitness
    By Mark Herringshaw
    Prayer can be rich when it's simple and spontaneous. In fact, we can pray anywhere, at any time. It doesn't require lofty language in a sacred space. All we need to do is see our ordinary moments as the perfect occasions for communicating with God, then speak from our heart.
    Confidence – believe in yourself
    Focus- concentrate on the task at hand
    Motivation- keep up with the challenge
    Courage- having fear but acting as if you don’t
    Composure- strength and endurance
    Resiliency- see your goal to the end By Ralph Jean-Paul
  • 47. Mental Happiness and Health
    Physical Exercise
    Walking in the woods
    Studies show that to often people think “I feel lonely” Loneliness is a symptom that can lead to isolation and alienation all precursors to physical heart disease, including emotional and spiritual heart disease. Using the pain of negative thoughts can be motivation to change in life style that enhances life instead of being self destructive (Schlitz, pg. 311).
    Spend time with Family
    Spend time with Friends
    Doing something nice for someone
    Make new friends
    Intentional Breathing
    Keep a journal
    Recognize your Blessing & write them down
    Eat more raw whole foods
    Get 7 hours sleep every night
    Drink water
    Exercise the brain with learning
    Get out in the sunshine
    Actively participating in life & its many wonders creates a happy existence.
  • 48. Conclusion
    Integral Health is taking charge of your own health this includes Mental Health. It will take us along a path that is truly holistic, evolutionary, intentional, person centered and dynamic (Dacher, pg. 3).
    Mental fitness is creating an inner well being through mind, body and spiritual practices. Setting the stage for health happiness, and wholeness to create the balance that life intended and is already within. Cultivating our inner self decreases the chances of disease and promotes homeostasis.
    To intentionally create a mind body connection in order to build the immune system.
  • 49. References:
    • Crime of The Century May 23 2010
    • Dacher, E.S. (2006). Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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