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Eyes ... beware!!
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Eyes ... beware!!


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The Christian walk is influenced much by the way the eyes 'see'. Some biblical case study hints are shared in this presentation. …

The Christian walk is influenced much by the way the eyes 'see'. Some biblical case study hints are shared in this presentation.

Published in: Spiritual, Travel

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  • 1. TAKE CARE LEST YOURLIGHT BECOMES DARK !!4/29/2013 1kalaneethy.c
  • 2. Eyes are God’s gift to us Eye the window to the environment Mt. 7:3 Shapes the perception of aperson Influences the behavior pattern Gen Ch1.God saw what He created tobe ‘good’ Job 31:1 Job made a covenant withhis eyes not to look lustfully Pro 4:25 Eyes must look straightahead to avoid trouble4/29/2013 2kalaneethy.c
  • 3. Jesus’ teaching Mt 6:22,234/29/2013 3kalaneethy.cEye thelamp ofbodyGoodeyeslightthebodyBadeyesput outthelightwithin
  • 4. 4/29/2013 4kalaneethy.cLust ofeyes is notof GodIt isfromtheworldIt is the‘greedylonging ofthe mind’(Amp.Bible)I John 2:16
  • 5. Biblical Case Studies1.EVE IN EDEN2. LOT IN SODOM3. SAMSON IN PHILISTIA4/29/2013 5kalaneethy.c
  • 6. ADAM AND EVE in the garden of EdenGen. Ch.3 :5-7 The couple fell to the deception of Satan Entertained the serpent on their own Wanted to get their ‘eyes opened’ Eve found the forbidden fruit to ‘bedelightful to the eyes’ Eyes ‘opened’ to their nakedness God’s glory LEFT / perishable leavesadorned them Spiritual and physical death followed4/29/2013 6kalaneethy.c
  • 7. LOT chose the valley of Sodom Gen.13:10 Not under Abram’s / God’s protection Chose to separate for the sake of wealth Wrong choice led by his eyes He ‘looked and saw’ the valley of Sodomand Gomorrah well watered Pitched his tent facing / near the wickedpeople’s land Ps.120:5 God showed mercy for Abram’s sake Had to escape destruction by a hair’sbreadth Lot’s wife ‘looked back’ and became a pillarof salt4/29/2013 7kalaneethy.c
  • 8. SAMSON the last judge of IsraelJudg. Chs.13, 14, 16 Promised son of Manoah ‘Nazirite’ from birth : does not refer to aplace but to a life style Set apart for God and to lead a holy life Fallen from the Nazirite vow Always misled by his eyes Saw a philistine girl pleasing to his eyes Saw a harlot and befriended her Saw Delilah and fell prey to her evil plans Got his eyes plucked off by enemies4/29/2013 8kalaneethy.c
  • 9. 4/29/2013 kalaneethy.c 9
  • 10. AUTHORMrs. Kalaneethy Christopher M.Sc., M.Phil., B.C.S Retired Collegiate Professor Formerly College Chaplain Formerly Vice-Principal LADY DOAK COLLEGE , MADURAI , INDIA The presentation was exclusively made for Sunday messages in alocal church community at Madurai, India No part of this can be reproduced without permission from theauthor