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  • 1. Codes and Conventions By Kay Ibrahim & James Hadley
  • 2. J.Cole- Workout There are various codes and conventions within this music video, J.Cole-Workout. The music video was shot in Brooklyn, New York by director Clifton Bell. Within this music video we notice that a lot of slow motion is used when the females are involved in the shot, this is done to make them look like goddesses, and it is almost as if the women aren't nothing but eye-candy. The tight fitting clothing on the women is there to force the audience into looking at the women in a seductive manner, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It is also there to keep audiences attracted to the music video. High angle shots are commonly seen within this music video when the artist is shown talking to the main girl within this music video, this is usually done to show that the people within the shot are less powerful, and that the audience are looking down on them, but then the angle rapidly switches to a low angle one which shows the power of the artist J.Cole possibly because he has achieved progress in wooing the main girl within the scene. High key lighting is used throughout the whole of this music video, and this is done to highlight the simplicity and the friendliness of this music video, this is also evidence in the lyrics when J.Cole states “..cause girl I can’t be your man”, which indicates that he expects nothing serious within his relations with the girl, and it is a party song,
  • 3. J.Cole- Workout Within this music video branded clothing was used, but I’ve assumed the logo’s have been blurred because they have not commissioned permission from the company. This music video is not a traditional hip hop video as it does not show money, nor expensive cars and houses,. The main settings for this music video is actually a basketball court and a house party. The artist is heavily involved in the music video, and the music video follows a storyline which is the artist is playing basketball, see’s a girl and attempts to win her over. There are red cups seen in this music video, which are indications for alcohol , because at parties they use red cups to put alcohol in. There is a slight glimpse of one alcohol bottle shown in this music video, which is highly uncommon in hip-hop music videos. Slow motion is also used to indicate the importance of the artist, as well as close-ups of his face to highlight his features, and close-up of the female bodies to add extra sex appeal. Reversing shots are used in the end of the music video to possibly highlight that the whole experience was a figment of the artist’s imagination. CLICK HERE TO SEE MUSIC VIDEO
  • 4. Eminem –Love the way you lie (Ft Rihanna) There are various codes and conventions within this music video, Love the way you lie. This music video was directed by Joseph Kahn who has collaborated with Eminem on several projects. Within this music video low key lighting is a reoccurring theme within this music video, this is done to simply highlight the seriousness of the music video. The music video contains many close-ups of the artist’s faces as well as the faces of the actors, this is done to capture and highlight the emotions within their faces which are actually quite gripping, powerful and sad. The scene starts with a high angle of the couple laying down on the bed, this is to show the vulnerability in their relationship, and that they are less powerful. The music video contains highly attractive women, who are considered some of the worlds finest such as Rihanna and Megan Fox, this is high appeal and would attract various audiences such as fan’s on the transformers franchise. Alcohol is seen in this music video, but not in the way you would traditionally see alcohol in hip-hop videos, in this video the alcohol is seen as something that is an escape route from problems, and not something to showboat just because the money is available. Eminem is heavily known for wearing ordinary clothing despite gaining a great amount of fortune from his music. He isn't the traditional hip-hop artist in many ways.
  • 5. Eminem –Love the way you lie (Ft Rihanna) This music video follows a storyline about love and abuse between a couple, and roughly states how many couples fight , not specifically in this manner but the music video does focus highly on domestic violence, although the artists are not featured in the storyline, but the storylines do roughly relate to their pasts, with Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown who violently beat her, and Eminem’s on and off again relationship with the mother of his children Kim. This music video features no cars, no fancy locations, jewellery, houses, money or highly recognized brands. Rihanna, Eminem and Megan Fox use direct mode of address to make an emotional impact to the viewers. This music video shows flashbacks of the relationship to highlight that good things could go bad also. The scenes are slow paced when they were happy, and fast paced during the violence to highlight the difference, whilst they use selective focus on the artist , blurring out the other to highlight the artists verse on the track. CLICK HERE FOR MUSIC VIDEO
  • 6. Kanye West & Jay-Z - Otis There are various codes and conventions within this music video, Love the way you lie. This music video was directed by Spike Jonze, and this music video actually is pretty simple, yet a good music video in some ways. This music video uses high key lighting throughout, and this is done to highlight that the artists are enjoying life and that this song should be seen as a light-hearted one. A lot of slow motion editing is used within this music video to highlight and showcase the wealth of the artists, because they seem to really be enjoying themselves whilst they have females in the back that seem to be enjoying themselves also, but these females are fairly covered in the music video and are not degraded as seen in many hip-hop music videos. Yet again the slow motion of them inside a converted maybach car is highlighting their wealth, it is almost as if destroying a really expensive car means nothing to them. This music video heavily involves the artists, but there is no specific storyline, and also the re is a cameo of stand-up comedian Aziz Ansari, and within hip-hop videos it is usually unlikely to have cameo’s from comedians and people of Asian origin. The music video showcases expensive watches that are from the recognizable brand’s ROLEX and HUBLOTS, which is yet again highlighting and showcasing the wealth of these two artists.
  • 7. Kanye West & Jay-Z - Otis There are many close-ups of faces to highlight the happiness that is supposedly acquired when you have financial wealth. There are low angle shots of the artists to show that they have power, and are higher than the audience. Jay-Z and Kanye West use direct mode of address, most specifically Jay-Z when he drags the screen towards his face which is almost as if the making contact with the audience. No fancy location is really used in this music video. Their clothing's are quite basic which are cap, shirts, trainers and jeans to show that they possibly came from somewhere where they didn't have much, and clothing isn't really a necessity to show off for them. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MUSIC VIDEO
  • 8. Lil Wayne- 6 Foot 7 Foot There are various codes and conventions within this music video, Love the way you lie. This music video was directed by Hype Williams , and this music video is heavily inspired with Inception, so it’s intertextuality is mostly inception the blockbuster movie. Within this music video there is a lot of high key lighting which is to show the light-hearted part of the music video, as well as low-key lighting to show darker lyrics like when he says”..cut my head off”. There is a close-up of a bald man known as Birdman smoking probably weed or cigar to show power, close-ups are usually done to show no emotion , but in addition to his face and his glasses, we cannot gather any emotion from him which is highly unusual, whilst Lil Wayne isn’t rapping he is always shown in slow motion, probably to highlight the differences in action. Inception is all about dreams and reality, so it could be a subliminal of him saying that his dreams have come to life , so its hard for him to differentiate them from his reality,. An animated dog is seen to highlight the word “b*tch”, which was quite playful and creative. It has a storyline of Inception and involves the artists quite strongly. This music video shows expensive clothing and jewellery, this is most likely to highlight his wealth and power, and this will in turn lead the audience into wanting to purchase clothes that the artists wears. Recognizable brands are in the music video such as alcohol and cereal.
  • 9. Lil Wayne- 6 Foot 7 Foot Within this music video, everybody featured uses direct mode of adress to make the audience feel as if they’re part of the music video. The locations are nothing too fancy just mainly a road, and there is stadiums, and dark backgrounds. There isn’t any money shown in this video, and alcohol is only shown vaguely, this isnt too common in music videos. There is a low angle of Lil Wayne which is to show his power, and the sillouhettes of him show mystery. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MUSIC VIDEO
  • 10. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MUSIC VIDEO The codes and conventions of this video is very different to the other video’s. For example the other videos all feature beautiful women interacting with the artist in a positive way e.g. dancing together, accept for love the way you lie. The women in this video is a police officer who is interrogating the artist so the relationship is much more negative. Also, this makes the observer think that the artist is bad and a criminal, compared to how the artist’s in the other video’s who want to give off a much more positive persona to the audience. This gives this video much more of a grittier feel compared to the other videos. Also throughout the video low key lighting is used, especially when the artist is in the shot. Again this video differs to the others as they predominantly use high key lighting in there videos, again showing the difference of the mood and tone of the videos. Extreme close up shots are used in this video of the artist smoking. Again, this makes the artist seem a lot more intimidating and scarier than the artists in the other videos. Also the editing is very fast-paced in this video, especially the jump-cuts. This is still evident in hip-hop videos today because the music is fast paced. The location used in this video is a dark warehouse like place which again emphasizes the danger and gritty feel of this video. The costume in this video is very dark and plain, again very different to the other videos where the costume is bright and colorful, again showing the difference in the tone of the two videos’. c Coolio- Gangster's Paradise.
  • 11. Eminem-Without me There are various codes and conventions within this music video,. We see a lot of parody elements as we see him make fun out of a lot of people, and there is a lot of intertextuality so that it draws more audiences in from various backgrounds. This music video sexualizes women as objects of desire as theyre only seen as objects of sexual desire weather it was laying down in bed with Eminem. This video uses a lot of speed editing so that it shows that the song is fast paced and racy. It uses high key lighting because it is trying to show that it is very much a light hearted music video. Alcohol is not really seen, nor is money, but a fancy car is seen but its purpose was to parody batman, so in all this video isn't your traditional music video because it does not focus on Laura Mulvys theory of the male gaze primarily as that is the main focus for other music videos. There are a lot of long shots to establish scenes. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MUSIC VIDEO
  • 12. Outkast-Ms.Jackson This is a music video shot by F Gary Gray. The codes and conventions of this video is very different to the other video’s. For example the other videos all feature beautiful women interacting with the artist in a positive way e.g. dancing together, except for songs like love the way you lie. This music video showcases no women, no money or alcohol which is already different from traditional music videos. Instead of using women or other people they use animals which is quite weird yet innovative. There is one fancy car which is being cleaned but then gets burned which is like symbolizing that money isn't everything. They have no fancy locations or anything of that matter but instead they have a run down house which is leaking and empty which is like saying that even though someone is famous and rich, the foundations in their lives could be really poor. There clothes are traditional football jersey and jeans for one of the artist, but the other artist hasn’t got a top on and looks weird in his clothing sense, which is showcasing that people are different and they're not really stereotypes of rappers. They often do close-ups of the artists and animals to evoke emotion. They also do a high angle to show that Andre 3000 is at that point lower than everyone else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYxAiK6VnXw&ob=av3e
  • 13. Again, the codes and conventions differ greatly in this video compared to more modern hip hop/rap videos, even specifically the artists videos themselves are very different to his more modern video. This video was made for comedic effect as the lyrics to the song are also meant to be comedic. You can see this through the intertextual references in the video, like the Brady bunch and the performances of the other actors. You can see through modern hip hop music videos that this on the whole has very much changed as they are more focused on presenting the artists as serious people who have achieved in life because they have expensive clothes and are shown to be successful in attracting beautiful women in their video. Many different costumes and character types are used by the artist which makes the video more complex and interesting compared to modern videos now made where the artist is usually just themselves as they want to promote themselves and the video is usually has one simple message conveyed through it. Eminem-My Name Is