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Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. Puducherry… the mystical placethat attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world was discovered by Romans in 200 B.C.
  • 2. Ever since, this place has been commanding attention…• The Portuguese established a factory in the 16th century• But the ruler of Gingee (The Vijayanagra empire) forced them out in the same century• The Dutch who found this place attractive established their presence in the 17th century• Then came the French who really defined this place in 1654
  • 3. • Since then Puducherry was under French Rule until 1954• On 01.11.1954 Puducherry merged with the Indian Government• Option given to choose Indian/French nationality. Puducherry has about 50,000 French nationals of Indian origin• Pondicherry is synonymous with French Heritage in India and centuries of French rule has imparted this place a strong French feel in its architecture and monuments
  • 4. The heritage that Puducherry is known for…
  • 5. • Architecture: The French built houses at the French quarter is otherwise called the „Ville Blanche‟• Road plan: A typical French style; grid plan where the streets meet each other at right angles• Street names: Carry respective names at the French / Indian quarter like “Rue Dumas” and “Bharathy Street”• Furniture: Franco Pondicherrian furniture are famous for its style and finish• Cuisine: Is known for original French cuisine with Poulet, Poisson and Crevette. It attracts a lot of tourists during January for the Gourmet Festival• Language: Thousands of ethnic Indians retain their French citizenship and are in command of the language that has become part of everyday slang like; “Bonjour Monsieur”
  • 6. And the spirituality in Puducherrythat one gets to experience is something unique…
  • 7. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the oneness of Sri Aurobindo. The Ashram aims at providing a complete method of Yoga that would transform human nature to divine life.Auroville a small township is acity of dawn established just 10kms from Pondicherry, anduniversal town where people ofworld countries live in peace andharmony. The major tagline ofAuroville is realizing "humanunity".
  • 8. Puducherry is more than just history, heritage & spirituality…