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Rainbow's end Rainbow's end Presentation Transcript

  • Rainbows EndNew Zealands No.1 theme park
  • Introduction• Rainbows End is the largest theme park in Auckland, New Zealand. It opened in 1982 and is still remaining and has about 20 rides. There two areas in the park. One for older ones and one for younger kids.
  • History of rides1982- Park opens with 5 attractions which were the Bumper Boats, Mini Golf, Can Am Cars, Mirage Cars and videogames.1983- Cinema 180, Pirate Ship, Maze and the indoor play area open.1984- Log Flume and Dodgems open1985- Kiddies Cars and Space Shuttle Zim Zam Zoo Playground open1986- Coca-Cola Corkscrew Coaster opens1992- Motion Master opens1993- Family Karts replace the Mirage Cars1995- Gold Rush opens1996- Car wash Convoy opens1997- Cadbury Land Castle open with Dragons Flight rollercoaster and Carousel1998- Log Flume set on fire by arsonists in June. The ride got reconstructed and rethemed before reopening as theEnchanted Forrest Log Flume2001- Fear Fall opens2004- Power Surge and Jumpin Star open2009- Invader opens2012- The Cadbury Land Castle got renamed to Castle land and is closed down for construction at the moment andis adding three new rides and a new area to it. Dragons Flight got removed from Castle Land.
  • Current Rides
  • The Invader The ride that gets the breakfast out of you• This ride was opened in 2009 and is currently Rainbows Ends newest ride. This ride is rated in the top three attractions at overseas theme parks. Passengers sit on a huge disk that faces over the edge. You will be spinned and transported along the 80 metre track. The ride can reach up to 15 meters high. Passengers will experience the G-force while on this ride but you must be at least 120 cm tall to go on this thrilling ride.
  • Power Serge• This ride opened in 2004 and is still a popular attraction. Its just like a Ferris wheel but when your seated you first start in a star formation with your feet touching the ground. While the ride takes off you get hoisted 18 meters up in the air but it doesnt just do that, the seats move aggressively making the different ride components spin both on horizontal and vertical axes. Passengers need to be 130 cm or taller to go on this ride.
  • Corkscrew Coaster• This Corkscrew Coaster coaster ride opened in April 18th 1986. Its New Zealands only corkscrew roller coaster that takes you up more than 90 feet in the air, then it sends you shooting down towards the ground into a complete loop, round a corner at a really sharp speed and then into a double corkscrew.
  • Log flume• The log flume was opened in 1984. This ride take you inside a little waterfall that leads you into a cave with all sort of things. This ride has two minor drops and one huge one at the end. This ride have been reconstructed as some goons had set it on fire.
  • Goldrush• The Goldrush opened in 1995. Its an exciting rollercoaster-like ride through an actual abandoned goldmine. This ride has falling beams, cave-ins, explosions and out-of-control mine karts (so awesome)
  • Motion Master• The motion master opened in 1992. It has two rows of 12 seated riders watching a large screen with 3D glasses. The chairs are controlled and move in time to the action thats in the movie. The Motion Master plays 70mm movies specially imported from North America with six-track DTS stereo sound.
  • Fearfall• This ride was opened in 2001 on 20th October. It takes you eighteen stories high and takes two cars with each containing four seats. It takes you up, pauses for a few seconds and at any times drops you down at speeds of 80km/h. Then you stops you falling by a patented magnetic braking system that brings you gently to the ground.
  • Bumper boats• The bumper boats were one of first rides that were there when Rainbows End first opened. There are about 15 bumper boats in a variety of colours. to choose from. Passengers get 5 minutes to ride the boat during that time can get revenge on people, bump them and get them wet. The pool that the boats are used in contains 750,000 litres of water.
  • Scorpion/Family Karts • These two kinds of karts were made for two different kind of levels one is older kids which is more aggressive like and one is for the younger kids.• The Scorpion Karts are single seater racing karts that are fun for older kids and it gives taste of an actual go-kart race.• The Family Karts are a two seater karts that gives an opportunity for younger kids to drive a kart with the help of their parent or guardian.
  • Dodgems• The undercover Dodgems are one of the popular attractions at rainbows end and a ride where you can show off your driving skills and also bump people.
  • Pirate Ship• The pirate ship ride was opened in 1983. To get the best ride sit at the front or back and put raise your hands up as it moves back and fourth up in the air.
  • ⭕ Cinema 180 A 12 minute movie iswatched by visitors standing inside a dome in front a a screen providing a 180degrees of viewing pleasure. The dome itself took elevenhours to build with a crew of fourteen men and a crane.
  • Castle Land• Castle Land is an play area that s made for kids. This place was opened in 1997 and was called Cadbury Land Castle as it is shown in this image here and then got changed to Castle Land this year. Rainbows End have currently shut this place down due to the change of name and they have decided to take dragons flight out and add three new rides plus a play area. The rides that are still there are Space Shuttles, The Car Wash Convoy, The Jumpin Star, The Bouncy Castle and The Carousel.
  • Accidents• On 10 February 1990 Thomas Wayne Hemi, at 19 years of age, fell from a bungy jump at the park. The jump master, Jason John Collett, failed to secure the bungy cord to his feet. Thomas initially survived the fall, but died from his injuries. Jason was later found guilty of manslaughter after evidence was presented that both men had smoked cannabis before the jump. He was granted mercy - on recommendation from the jury - and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.• On 21 June 1998 at 3:30pm a fire struck the Log Flume ride. Over 75% of the ride was destroyed and two arsonists were arrested. After that, the Log Flume was reconstructed and re-themed to The Enchanted Forest Log Flume.• On 2 February 2008, Michael Ross Stuart, a 21 year old park worker died while carrying out maintenance work on a ferris wheel, located in the Cadbury Land Dream Castle attraction. The worker became trapped between one of the carriages and the frame of the ride, and had to be cut free by firefighters, but died at the while getting free. The accident, which occurred before the park opened for the day, caused the park to be closed down for two days.• On 10 November 2012, A woman got trapped on the log flume ride. Firefighters were called to the theme park to free the woman and had to cut up parts of the ride to get her free. It wasnt certain how the woman became trapped. She was taken by ambulance to Middlemore Hospital with minor injuries.
  • Sourceswww.google.co.nzhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbows_End_(theme_park)http://images.google.com/http://rainbowsend.co.nz/ride-informationhttp://rainbowsend.co.nzAnd of course my brain
  • Conclusion• I think Rainbows End is an amazing theme park and New Zealand is lucky to have it. Ive learnt a lot about this theme park like the kind of rides there were etc. I hope youve learnt a lot as well.