End of year keynote


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End of year keynote

  1. 1. End of year keynote 2012
  2. 2. My people These are my best mates and this year all of us were in E-learning and as well as learning heaps we had a great timein breaks and after school Scootering. This year has been great making friends with Jono who we werent friends with last year. This is a photo of me and all of my friends including the girls.
  3. 3. In term one we got into our new In term two theclasses and made new friends. We got intermediates modified some gooff to a great start and then got all our karts that we made a couple of years responsibilities. ago. It was really good because we got into the semi finals that we won and the finals and we won that which was really cool because Riley was our driver and Jordan pushed and every one thought In term 3 we had people from that we would come last but when we Australia and they stayed for nine days won we were so happy and we got a with there host families. I didnt have trophy and Riley was pulling one but some of my mates had them. heaps of drifts. This term it was the ball and it was really fun and we all had a great time. I came with jono and mason in myneighbors car and it was really loud and cool and it was an awesome night all night.
  4. 4. My achievements . In term one I got really good at decimals and fractions and now I have got really good at all types. . In term two I got to be able to do some tricks on a scooter and got really into it . . In term three I started to do poetry in the areas of haikus and small poems. My last achievement is getting a really good report all I got was all A except for two B
  5. 5. Hobbies . Shooting . Scootering. down hill mountain biking . Fishing .collecting shell fish
  6. 6. Next year I want to try really hard to get as manyresponsibilities as I can and I have already have got road patrol what I am looking forward to. I am going to try my hardest to get a really good report at the start of the year.
  7. 7. Inter school soccer This year the gardens put in a inter school soccer team and I wanted to trial out for the team. After a couple days I got told that I was in and we did lots of training and we went to the inter school tournament and bet all the teams by a lot so wewent to counties and got to the finals quite easy but Andrew demsters team was in it as well and he coaches the first team and they had a really good team. We managed to get in one goal and win the match what put us through to Auckland champs and we only won game but it was 23 - 0 so we smashed them but it was the second time ever in the gardens school so we did pretty good.
  8. 8. By Sean