What Is Residual Income And A Residual Income Opportunity: Energy Deregulation


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Residual Income is income that continues to be paid after doing the work once. Energy deregulation is a residual income opportunity that you cannot ignore.

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What Is Residual Income And A Residual Income Opportunity: Energy Deregulation

  1. 1. What Is Residual IncomeAnd A Residual Income Opportunity: Energy Deregulation By James Thomas
  2. 2. Residual income can be described as any income thatcontinues to be paid to you well after you have done someform of work or activity. Examples of a residual incomeopportunity might be if you own a rental property, developsoftware, record a song, or perhaps sell memberships fora business that pays you an ongoing commission for sales.Here is a great example of residual income opportunity,making a motion picture or movie.Everything is gathered from the directors, the actors, the production crew, publicists and the whole 9 yards.They all work for about 3 months or more to create themovie. Then comes opening day, and the movie is releasedto the public. Soon after it dies off from the theaters Thenafter awhile, it is released to the cable and satellite companiesfor pay per view and the DVD’s are released to the retailstores. And that is seemingly the end. Not exactly…..On the tail end, everyone who worked is being paid residualsfrom the creation of that movie, from this residual incomeopportunity. Every quarter, they get a check or direct depositof royalties that they are due to the sales at the box office,the cable, satellite and DVD sales. Every quarter, for years!!! Page 1
  3. 3. That is the power of a residual income opportunity. You dothe work once, and the income continues to be generated.This is why it is the type of income that is sought after somuch. Energy deregulation is an extremely powerful residualincome opportunity because of the “product”; electricityand natural gas.So what is the real benefit of having residual incomeopportunity like energy deregulation? Doing the work once,and having it pay you over and over again. Most peoplewould simply see dollar signs. Meaning having the extramoney coming in, sure that is most definitely a benefit. Butthe real benefit is the ability to take back control of your time.Time is that precious commodity that once spent, cannotbe used again. You can spend the better part of your lifeworking for someone else or company, but that is the waywe all have been groomed to do in our adult life. There arethose who look for more and better use of their time, so thatthey can get control of their time to do what they really want and desire to do with their life. Whether it be to spend moretime with your family and children, friends or even to look formore residual income opportunity to secure the control ofyour time.See by the time we all retire, statistics show that mostof us, like 90% plus, will not have enough money to secureus in basic living. I think this is even more evident today than in the past. At least more apparent and in theforefront of our minds with what we see all around us. Page 2
  4. 4. This is what the wealthy understand and work to avoidby looking for a residual income opportunity like energyderegulation that become income generating assets for years,even decades, for very good reasons.Energy Deregulation gives the average person the ability tobecome like a utility company, in the fact that everyoneuses electricity and natural gas for the normal reasons. Thebest thing about it is that we all pay our bills month aftermonth for these services because the alternative or noelectricity or gas is not desirable With electricity andnatural gas, we in America alone pay over $40 million permonth, yearly totaling over $500 billion! Just getting a sliceof that each month, is a great residual income proposition.This is why more and more people are being drawn to thisresidual income opportunity of energy deregulation.With Consumer Choice Marketing and energy deregulation,you can create a book of business, just like an insurancesalesman or lawyer, of energy sales as well as other servicesthat literally everyone uses everyday and pays for everymonth. But getting back to energy deregulation, that book isof energy sales of electricity and gas to residents andbusinesses, but they pay a lower price. That is the "simplest,easiest" method to making money. "Sell" what people andbusinesses are ALREADY buying. They save money eachmonth and you make money each month on that growingbook of business, sounds like a win-win to me. Page 3
  5. 5. Another great thing about energy deregulation and ConsumerChoice Marketing is that, CCM has the highest residualincome payout in the industry. $1 for both residential electricand gas sales. Not a quarter or a bounty for the lower energysales.For commercial sales, it is 1 full mill per kWh and $.06 permcf/dth, respectively for electricity and gas. I think that is anobvious benefit.You do the work once in this energy deregulation residualincome opportunity and it pays you over and over again,month after month, year after year.Energy deregulation ONLY happens once in a lifetime, takeadvantage of this residual income opportunity for yourselfand your family.See how the residual income opportunity of energyderegulation is effecting other peoples lives by visiting thelink below...... www.ENERGYBROKERPLUS.com Page 4