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4s6 c nutrition (vitamin)
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4s6 c nutrition (vitamin)



A=Apple / "Ang Mou Dan"

A=Apple / "Ang Mou Dan"
B=Banana / "Buah Duku"
C=Cherry/Coconut / "Xi Gua"
D=Durian/dragon fruit / "D24"



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4s6 c nutrition (vitamin) 4s6 c nutrition (vitamin) Presentation Transcript

  • 4S6 24/6/2010 VITAMIN
  • Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson, you will be able to: 1) Explain the functions of vitamin in a diet to maintain health, 2) List the sources of vitamins in a diet, 3) Explain the effects of deficiency and overdose of vitamins to human body.
  • The scary Sick patient…
  • Vitamin Group of complex non-protein organic compounds which are needed in relatively small quantities by living organisms.
  • Vitamin • NOT synthesized in human body. (except Vitamin D) • Vitamins –from food • Easily destroyed by heat. • Provide NO energy. • for the maintenance of good health and efficient metabolism.
  • • A,D,E,K Fat-soluble • can be stored in body fat Vitamins • B complex,C Water-soluble • cannot be stored in the body, • have to be constantly Vitamins supplied in daily diet
  • Refer to the worksheets
  • Fat-soluble Vitamins Vitamins Functions Effects of Major Food Deficiency Sources A For vision •Night ? Healthy skin Blindness, Body immunity •Dry Mucous membrane & skin, •Infections D Help in calcium •Rickets (bend ? absorption legs), Helps in building •Brittle Bones strong bones & healthy teeth
  • Fat-soluble Vitamins Vitamins Functions Effects of Major Food Deficiency Sources E Antioxidant •Premature aging, ? Preserve healthy muscular •Deterioration of system, nervous system, muscles, blood circulatory system •Degeneration of Maintain function of the nerves, reproductive system •Low fertility K Blood Clotting Takes a long time ? for blood to clot
  • Water-soluble Vitamins Vitamins Functions Effects of Major Food Deficiency Sources B1, B2, B3, B5, •vitamin B complex generally serve •B1-Beri-beri, ? B6, B9, B12, as components of coenzymes. •B3-Pellagra, •B6-Anemia, •They work together with enzymes in •B12-Pernicious key metabolic processes which Anemia, supply energy or are involved in the synthesis of substance required by the body C Maintenance of connective tissue Scurvy ? Increase resistance to infections Antioxidants For healthy skin & efficient healing of wounds
  • Quiz
  • Night Blindness Rabun Ayam Vitamin A
  • Rickets
  • B1-Beri-beri • Degeneration of the nerves • Limbs are paralysed
  • B3-Pellagra • Skin lesions • Scaly skin sores
  • Scurvy Gums become soft, teeth grow loose