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  1. 1. YOSEMITE If you go Yosemite you will see many things from people hiking to many different animals! in Yosemite you can camp in some places hike,fish,and look at places in history like where the California gold rush was or the famous land mark the half dome you can also see lots around Yosemite. Some History Yosemite was established in 1890 when Abraham Lincoln saved it from being destroyed.Carleton Watkins took many pictures of this park.Many pioneers started coming to the park in the 1850's. Ahel Adams was one of the first people to find Yosemite. The park was formed by glacier's many many years ago and was home to over seven native American tribes including one of whom they got their name "Yosemite" from. Animals and plants There are many trees in Yosemite.Some trees are 2,500-3,000 years old and can weigh up to 2 million pounds! These trees include three kinds of giant sequoia which are the oldest and heaviest trees in the world.Some animals that live in Yosemite are the merriment,black bears,sierra Nevada foxes,spotted owls, and over forty more! The mule deer is the only kind of deer species that lives in Yosemite.The bighorn sheep is one of many endangered species in Yosemite.The amphibians that live here are frogs,lizards and snakes.Fish that live here are Rainbow trout,small mouth bass, brook trout and many more.There are also many birds that live here too like the eastern king bird. Nature Nature is one of the main attractions! Some nature you will see when you go there is white water falls it is 15x as high as Niagara falls!El captain is another it is the worlds largest granite piece.This parks highest elevation is at Collen clouds rest at 9,900 feet high.Also in this park there are lots of wild flowers like one called the mallow.Joaquin river goes through most of Yosemite the highest water fall in the world is here too with over seven water falls. the "black bears" here are not really black they are brown.
  2. 2. More history John Muir is also one of the first people who tried to get Yosemite to be a park it got is name from the Indian tribe Uzumati. Yosemite was formed over 200 million years ago by seabeds and glacier's. The California gold rush was here too.They wanted to make it a park because it was so pretty and they did not want anyone to ruin it. In 1918 Clair Marie was one of the first female rangers here. Now Now in Yosemite you are not allowed to camp because people ruin the nature but,you can stay in a hotel. The trails go through 840 miles of the total of 760,000 miles. Yosemite is known as the first Nataniel park but is is really not Today Yosemite is the forth most visited park in the U.S.Yosemite also gets many wildfires and it rains mostly from January - March. Now you know about Yosemite now you need to go there to learn even more or go to the places around it like Devils post pile this this is a 60 feet drop of sharp rocks. Have fun in Yosemite!