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Self Assessment

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This PowerPoint is a self assessment of my technology literacy.

This PowerPoint is a self assessment of my technology literacy.

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  • 1. Self Assessment Kaitlin Kelly
  • 2. Navigation• David Richard Moore• Before #TFW11 • After #TFW11 Experience Experience • After #TFW11 Levels• Before #TFW11 Levels • Example: Twitter• Example: Facebook • Example: Google Docs• Example: PowerPoint • What Does It All Mean?
  • 3. David Richard MooreOne must: how the work, how they • become aware of the interrelate assumptions that are made in their adoption• develop an • know the consequences understanding of the and implications of their technologies one uses use• know how they function, Three distinct levels 1. Identify technologies relevant to a task 2. Understanding how to use the technology and how to navigate its interface 3. Understanding the inner-working or structure of the technology
  • 4. Before #TFW11 Experiences•Facebook •E-mail•PowerPoint •Brief use of Twitter•YouTube •Brief use of•Online Google Docs Databases
  • 5. Before #TFW Levels2.Understanding how to use the technology and how to navigate its interface3.Understanding the inner- working or structure of the technology
  • 6. Example: FacebookWhat I’ve learned:•Digital Communication•New form of eventinvitations/planning•Businessnetworking/displaying ofcompanies•Photo/video uploading
  • 7. Example: PowerPointWhat I’ve learned:• Captivates audience• Brief sentences help keepaudience on track• Can be used in varioussettings: workplace,classroom, etc.• Interactive PowerPoints canbe used for elementaryedcstudents
  • 8. After #TFW11 Experiences•Extensive use& purpose of Twitter•Extensive use & purpose of Google docs•Concept of “blogging” (Tumblr)•Online dating websites (OkCupid)
  • 9. After #TFW11 Levels1. Identify technologies relevant to a task
  • 10. Example: Twitter• Prior knowledge and navigation of site• Unaware of usefulness to less obvious tasks:• Microblogging• Promoting blog posts• In-class discussion• Getting questions answered• Learn news
  • 11. Example: Google Docs• Prior knowledge of the inner-working and structure• Unaware of usefulness oppose to Microsoft Word:• Promotes collaboration• No worry about saving• Enables different users to work on same doc at once• Allows for side chat with peers
  • 12. What Does It All Mean?My prior use of technology and use in taking this course has given me a well-rounded understanding of the technologies I use. I have developed a firm grasp on their functions, consequences, and assumptions. My experiences using these technologies are what have made me technology literate.