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  • 1. Developmentof SecondGradersIn School and LifeByChandra, Lee, Scott, Hannah and Nicole
  • 2. Attributes of Second Graders Begin to reason and concentrate. Worry, are self-critical, and may express a lack of confidence. Demand more of their teachers time. Dislike being singled out, even for praise.
  • 3. Second Grade Basic Skills Second grade offers the  Apply more complex phonics skills in his reading. opportunity for plenty of Automatically read the 200 most review so that students truly  commonly used words. master all the skills  Write sentences using correct presented in first grade. punctuation and capitalization. Students will also learn to  Recognize and use nouns and recognize familiar words action verbs in sentences. more rapidly, read new  Write legibly in cursive. words, add and subtract  Add and subtract any 2-digit number. faster, compose more  Handle place value concepts for 3- complex sentences, spell digit whole numbers. many new words, and  Identify time to include half-hour increase their reading and and 5-minute intervals. speaking vocabularies. In  Identify the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, hal second grade, a typical f-dollars, and dollars. student will:
  • 4. Intellectual development for7-8 year olds Eager for learning Enjoys hobbies and skills Likes to be challenged
  • 5. Social development for 7-8year olds Likes more responsibility and independence Participates in loosely organized group play Concerned with self and others’ reaction May use aggression as to solve problems Starts division of sexes
  • 6. Emotional development for 7-8 year olds May complain a lot May not respond promptly or hear directions Easily distracted May withdraw or not interact with others
  • 7. Motor Development hand-eye coordination is well developed has good balance can execute simple gymnastic movements, such as somersaults
  • 8. Physical development of 7-8year olds Drives self until exhausted May frequently pout Has well-established hand-eye coordination and is likely to be more interested in drawing and painting May have minor accidents Have fewer illnesses but may have colds for longer duration Appetite decreasing May develop nervous habits or assume awkward positions
  • 9. Language and ThinkingDevelopment uses a vocabulary of several thousand words demonstrates a longer attention span uses serious, logical thinking; is thoughtful and reflective able to understand reasoning and make the right decisions can tell time; knows the days, months, and seasons can describe points of similarity between two objects begins to grasp that letters represent the sounds that form words able to solve more complex problems individual learning style becomes more clear-cut
  • 10. How Parents can Help SecondGraders Develops a concept of herself. Begins to understand others. Gains respect for others. Builds relationships with others. Develops a sense of responsibility.
  • 11. Red Flags Intellectual: Students who have trouble finding what hobbies or skills that they enjoy doing. Social: Not participating in groups, or having trouble making friends. Keeping to themselves Motor: Hand eye coordination or motor skills not developing. Language and thinking: Trouble pronouncing words or letter. Language and Thinking: Difficulty understanding written word and what sounds letters represent.