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Sw3 week7

  1. 1. Writing a Business Plan Format of a Business Plan Follow the links to find information about each component I. Cover Page II. Executive Summary III. Table of Contents IV. The Business A. Description of the Business B. Industry Analysis C. Vision Statement D. Vision Trigger E. Mission Statement F. Business Objectives V. Business Operations A. Marketing B. Competitive Analysis C. Legal Structure D. Management Expertise E. Support Personnel VI. Financial Planning Tools A. Financial Information VII. Summary VIII. Supporting Documentation 1|
  2. 2. Ⅰ. Cover Page Writing a Business Plan Cover Page Your business plan should have a cover page. A conservative and professional cover is recommended. More consideration is made by a lender with that type of cover. Your cover should include: 1. Hot Spa: Chocolate. 2. 090-xxxx 3. 0242-xx-xxxx 4. Yukiko Kanno Daiki Kubota Takeshi Sasaki Masahiro Suto 5. Chocolate 6. 10,000,000 yen 2|
  3. 3. Ⅱ. Executive Summary Writing a Business Plan Executive Summary This is very important, tell the reader what you want. Be clear and specific of what you're asking for. The plan's primary purpose is to explain the operation of the business. Your objective should be clear to the readers. However, you should prepare the Executive Summary after you have prepared all other materials. The following should be included in your Executive Summary: 1. Company Name: Chocolate Company Type: Hot Spa 2. Service that heals tiredness by the customer is provided. 3. This company is offer various kinds of baths and the service such as massages. 4. A rumor spreads, and interested people increase. If you're obtaining a loan or equity your Executive Summary should also include: 1. Hot spring and relax systems. 2. 10,000,000 yen. 3. For example, dig the hot spring, preparations for massages fund and etc. 4. The return of profit and the debt. 3|
  4. 4. Ⅳ. The Business Writing a Business Plan The Business: Description of the Business A. Description of the Business 1. We dig it and take out a hot spring. 2. We use for bowling and dig it. 3. This company gives you various good effects if I dig up a hot spring. The hot spring causes various visitors. Your Plan should have a clear focus with all elements of the plan working together to present a clear and integrated presentation. Highlight key information about financial progress. Use one or two exhibits that will illustrate significant financial accomplishments such as cash receipts, cash expenditures, and cash balances. 4|
  5. 5. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Industry Analysis B. Industry Analysis Discuss the growth potential of the market and present statistics for the industry. It is critical to identify the target market. Here are some questions you should ask yourself. * Yes, it is. * All season. * Yes, it is. * No, it doesn’t * No, there is. * This company offer of cleanliness and kinds of the service. * It is foot five minutes from the station. * Average. * A hot spring of source 100%. * About 40%. * All people. 5|
  6. 6. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Vision Statement C. Vision Statement I do announcement in the local country first. I spread information to the whole all parts of the country afterwards. Prepare a brief vision statement describing where the business should be in five years. This should not be confused with vision trigger. 6|
  7. 7. Writing a Business Plan Vision Trigger D. Vision Trigger “The space of healing that is the best for you!” A brief phrase that summarizes what the business wants to do. It is the business commitment to customers. The vision trigger will emphasize the premium quality of your product/service as well as representing everything about the business that will be good for your customers. The main vision trigger will be your company's slogan. When creating your slogan you need to be creative. Your slogan needs to catch the attention of the consumers. It needs to be something that is easy to remember and should deal with your product/service. Remember this is what customers will think of first when they think of your company. So take the appropriate time and planning when thinking of your company's slogan. 7|
  8. 8. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Mission Statement E. Mission Statement Various services are provided, and it satisfies it about the customer. In addition, I increase regular customer and increase customers more. Mission statement is the road to the goal. Prepare a sentence or two that describes each specific area of your proposed business such as: customer-market, product-service, geographic area, business philosophy, concern for public image. Before writing your Mission Statement, look at other's to get a feel for what you like and dislike. You want yours to be a direct reflection of your company. You need to believe in it 100%. If you do not believe in your statement, then it should not be your Mission Statement! Your Mission Statement should include who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Remember it is not your slogan or your entire business plan. Your Mission Statement may never be final. It needs to be reviewed and if necessary edited continuously. Ensure that all employees have a copy of the Mission Statement and that they understand what it means. Make sure that your employees can carry out your Mission Statement. 8|
  9. 9. Writing a Business Plan The Business: Business Objectives F. Business Objectives The space of the relief and healing is offered, and customer's satisfaction rating is obtained. Each business has different objectives. These should be stated in specific, measurable and realistic terms as shown in the sample 9|
  10. 10. V. Business Operations Writing a Business Plan Business Operations: Marketing A. Marketing Marketing can be described using the basic marketing functions: product, price, place and promotion Product: Hot Spa: Chocolate. Price: Anyone offers various service at the reasonable price that it is easy to use. For example, it is a bathhouse packed to capacity, an outdoor bath, a sauna. In addition, I offer service more than a price and am satisfied with a visitor. Place: Place where it can go to go. This company from the station at 10 minutes on foot Promotion: The pamphlet is distributed making it. The raise sees and provides distinguished services for one year. 10 |
  11. 11. Writing a Business Plan Business Operations: Competitive Analysis B. Competitive Analysis Items Chocolate Kusatsu Higashiyama Ashinomaki Hakone Business Hours 10am-12pm 10pm-10pm 6am-8pm 10am-10pm 6am-9pm Outdoor hot spring Yes Yes No No Yes Sauna Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Bedrock bathing Yes Yes No No No Price Low to Moderate High Low Moderate Moderate Napping room Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Restaurant Yes No Yes No Yes Reputation Unknown Excellent Excellent Fair Fair Years In Business Every Day Five Five Every Day Five Other Service Yes Yes No No Yes 11 |
  12. 12. Writing a Business Plan Business Operations: Legal Structure C. Legal Structure: In preparing this section you should cover these areas 1. In the class of SW3 of Group A members company. 2. We are thinking. Please wait for a while. 3. We are thinking too. Please wait for a while. 12 |
  13. 13. Writing a Business Plan Business Operations: Management Expertise D. Management Expertise In preparing this section, you should cover 1. History including education: More than graduate of a high school. 2. The business career is not asked. 3. Management of proceeds from sale, management of reserve fund, and serving. The salary is about 250,000 yen. 4. Unearthed hot spring. 13 |
  14. 14. Writing a Business Plan Business Operations: Support Personnel E. Support Personnel: The space of the relief and healing is offered. The customer relaxes. And the improvement of customer's satisfaction rating is aimed at. 14 |
  15. 15. VI. Financial Planning Tools Writing a Business Plan Introduction to Financial Planning Development of Financial Objectives: Various services are added, and the business plan that raises customer's satisfaction rating is offered. Information on other places is introduced, and it works, and the business plan that becomes profit or more is introduced. Sources of Information: ・ Other hot springs of Japan ・ Personal experience ・ Links in this web site ・ And more Time Line for Required Filings: The filing technology that understands is offered when glancing seeing. For example, pamphlet, newspaper and more. Accounting System: 1. Please put away shoes in the box, and bring the key. 2. It key is exchanged for the key to the locker. 3. You pay the bathing fee. 4. When you come back to your home, you pays to the extent that it uses service. 15 |
  16. 16. Ⅶ. Summary Writing a Business Plan Summary These are written about the summary. The hot spring heals people's minds. In addition, it has the effect of recovering people's tiredness. According to circumstances, it is also useful for curing sickness and injury. Our plan is we think that how make the hot spring where the young and old man and woman can relax and enjoy and how to make it. Also, I explain the role for each group member in this business. Our company has 20 workers. Fee counters are two, and people who manage the key are three. In addition, people who manage the bath are six, and people who clean it are nine. Finally, I ask for your help. I think that customers will be interested in our web brochure because the information that I am supporting will contribute towards the final document. We should design brochure that is easy to understand for customers. Moreover, we must clearly and briefly transmit what we want to say to customers. 16 |
  17. 17. VIII. Supporting Documentation Writing a Business Plan Supporting Documentation 1. Resume From 2004 to 2006, I went to Sakura junior high school in Mie. From 2006 to 2008, I went to Yokkiachiminami high school in Mie. From 2008 to 2011, I went to University of Aizu in Fukushima. I had worked as a cashier in supermarket for 3 years. And, sometimes, I had been hired by the day. I don't have experience of volunteer. 2. Letter of Intent I swear your company, I bring good jobs for your company. 3. Letter of recommendation I recommend Sasaki Takeshi for your company. He has very good talent. He wii be able to raise proceeds of your company. I guarantee. Dr.Tom Brown University of Aizu 4. Special Awards,Achievement One grade of Practical English Proficiency Test 5. Newspaper and Magazine Clipping I got recorded at my programing on Newspaper and some magazines. 6. Additional Relevant Information Supporting Your Business You think that you soak in bath for 550 yen. 17 |