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Final project report

Final project report






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    Final project report Final project report Document Transcript

    • SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation of Natural Build Environments (FNBE) Introduction to Business [BUSF0103] Lecturers: Chang Jau Ho Final Project: Charity Drive Event No. Name Student ID 1. Wong Yun Shi 0315225 2. 3. 4. Tan Chuu Yee Tan Kai Sin Farah Bt Zulkufli 0315097 0315213 0313808 0313808 1
    • Table of Content No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Topic Page Executive Summary Objectives Target Market Competition Analysis Product and Packaging Pricing Promotion Sponsors Distribution Green Measures Human Resource Planning Evaluation of result Appendix References 1 2 3 4 5 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 30 1
    • a. Executive Summary This report is all about our group's charity drive. The objective of our group to having this charity drive is to raise the awareness of people to against poverty and protect the children and support World Vision Malaysia. Our goal is to gather at least RM 1200 for World Vision Malaysia during the charity drive event. Our target market will be the student who study at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus or other nearby college's students. The products that we sold during the charity drive event are herbal eggs, jelly, crabsticks and accessories. We set the price at more than 2 times of its cost price. Besides, our product packaging are all eco friendly except for herbal egg, we used plastic bag because of saving cost. We had a few competitors during this charity drive, the top 2 competitors are Charity Donation and Ice. Therefore, we do some promotion like create a Facebook page, pasting poster and so on to compete with them. At the end of the charity drive event, we realize that we did some mistake during this charity drive. However, we hit our target and gather in total RM 1601.75 for World Vision Malaysia. 1
    • b. Objectives The objective of having this charity drive is to raise the awareness of people to against poverty and protect the children and support World Vision Malaysia. World Vision Malaysia is a brand of World Vision. While World Vision is an international Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. World Vision serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Therefore, our group decided to support World Vision Malaysia by donating all our profit to it. Our target is to earn at least RM1200 by selling foods and accessoriness. Our target is to sell minimum 150 herbal eggs, 50 crabsticks, 100 jelly and 20 accessories. You tube Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrSb0OAphMw&feature=youtu.be 2
    • c. Target Market Our primary target market, comprising young adults aged between 18 to 24 years old, is estimated to be about seventy (70) percent of Charity Drive’s total sales target which consists of students who are studying at nearby colleges or educational institutions such as Taylors University Lake Side Campus and others. Charity Drive’s business strategy is to position itself as a catchment area whereby students from nearby education institutions can meet up with friends or other people to fulfill whatever their needs are. From our observation, most of the students in the campus and other places need a common place or focal point to gather for chit-chatting or socializing purposes after long periods of studying in their learning environment. Moreover, these students do not really have the time to visit the mall for shopping or entertainment purposes so our booth on the other hand provides them the opportunity to meet up whilst exchanging ideas and do a quick shopping spree. Our business entity shall also focus on social networking approach and actively cultivating a “cool” and trendy image to attract the youth to purchase items for sale and at the same time to generously contribute towards the welfare of the children under the Malaysian Vision 2020 in a conducive environment. The base location of Charity Drive business is at Taylors University Lake Side Campus, thus many customers are students from this campus. Most of the students live in the campus accommodations and they come from families’ whose incomes vary from middle class to high class categories. Thus, they would be likely to have a high spending power and affordability to purchase our products for charity purposes. 3
    • d. Competition Analysis Throughout this charity drive, we have two main competitors which are Charity Donation and Ice. Charity Donation which located at first row first column of Student Life Centre. They sold Differentiated T-shirt and Toys. Their strength is promotion when you buy more. For example, one shirt is cost RM28, when you buy two it cost RM25 for each shirt. Last Friday was Valentine’s day, they sold packaging couple toys. While they still have some vulnerabilities which are they don’t have much size for every shirt. For example, if two person want M size of shirt but they only got one. Beside, most of the shirts are couple shirt, which mean single person hard to buy for one only. People will buy from them because they sold in cheap price. They sold a toy for RM15 only but our toys sold one for RM38. Probably people willing buy from them because they choose a good location which at first row first column so people easily to see them. On the other hand, Ice also our competitor as they selling the same product with us. Both of us are selling jelly, they are selling soya with longan jelly while we are selling herbal jelly. Their strength is using something cheaper to earn more profit. Soya with longan jelly ingredient is cheaper than herbal jelly ingredient. While they still have vulnerabilities which is the product can’t sell whole day. For example, they 2 main products which are ice potong and soya with longan jelly. We mostly start our business from nine o’clock in the morning, thus they can’t sell their product from morning due to seldom people will buy cold thing to eat in the morning. Customers willing buy with them because the jelly was sweet and most people like to eat sweet. But our jelly more on beneficial to the body so got a little bit bitter. Besides, they also have promotion which buy one for RM3 while buy two for RM5. 4
    • e. Product and packaging Products 1. Herbal Eggs Description Herbal egg is a typical Chinese salty food commonly sold as a snack, in which a pre-boiled egg is cracked and then boiled again in tea. On the other words, herbal egg also known as marble egg because the cracks at the egg shell and create darkness lines with marble like patterns. Features and Benefits The eggs are cooked with a powder of herbal. As we know that, a product normally has a feature that brings benefits to customer. Besides, Herbal eggs which are tasty and smell incense can get the attention of customers and also the appearance of it will attract customers to come forward and buy it. Herbal egg 2. Mugs Description Cups are small, open container used for drinking liquids. It has been used for thousands of years for the purpose for carrying drinkable liquid. In addition, different type of cups may use for different liquid or in different situation. Features and Benefits There are different types, design, usually made of glass, paper or some other materials. Different design of the cup can use to express the different feeling. A special design of the cups is able to makes it’s eye-catching. 5
    • 3. Kitty Stuff Description Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese Company Sanrio. Now a day, we can say Hello Kitty is everywhere and the hello kitty product has expanded and goes all the way from dolls, stickers, greeting cards, accessories, computer equipment and so on. Features and Benefits There are several type of Hello Kitty’s stuff in our product, such as telephone, pillow and so on. Hello Kitty known as the popular like ability for girls and some of them will buy it as collection. Both of the stuff are look attractive and both of it charter with a box. Kitty Pillow Kitty Telephone Kitty Decoration Optical Mouse 6
    • 4. Accessories Description An accessory is an item which is used to contribute, in a second manner, to the daily use. Features and Benefits There is several type of accessory we have sold. Besides, different types of accessory have its own subsidise. It depends on outside look and the way to use it and we know that a special design will make the item look nice and get the customers attention. Antiskid Mat Mobile phone Antiskid Mat Paris Tower decoration Watches Monkey Toys Towel Pillow Flowers 5. Longan Jelly Description Jelly a clear or translucent fruit spread or preserve. It’s known as dessert and it made in soya milk flavor and adds in some ‘longan’. That’s why the jelly name as ‘Longan Jelly’. Features and Benefits 7
    • There is some ‘longan’ inside the jelly to make the jelly tastier. Then, the hot weather cause customers come over our stall and buy some dessert. Longan Jelly 6. CNY Biscuit (Crabsticks) Description Crab flakes use the same mixture to form flakes instead of sticks look like crab meat or lobster meat. A tastier snack when fried it. Features and Benefits These are taste crispy, salty and good taste of crab. The crabsticks are suitable to buy it as a snack of Chinese New Year. CNY Biscuits ( Crabsticks ) 8
    • Packaging 1. Physical package and container Our products have involved some glasses material. Then, physical package and container are used to protect the product from damage, spoilage and breakage. However, the packaging also can serve in the other functions, including as in-store advertising. On the other hand, some of the customers are highly visual and so we definitely In other words, some people are highly visual and so we definitely want them to be able to comrade our product with the packaging. When they notice the name of the products that we have label it, we choose ones that complement it well. Besides, along with a clear plastic so the customer can actually see the product rather than a poster on the board but then some of the products also will show on table directly without any plastic. In the other ways, we pick a colour liking will not cause customers whether associate or confuse it with another item. 2. Size and Weight The size and weight of the packages are small and like. This is to enable the customer to carry the product easily. Packaging of herbal egg (transparent plastic bag) Packaging of Longan Jelly (left) and crabstick (right) You tube link : (transparent plastic container) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GafVRzhgHaU&feature=youtu.be 9
    • f. Pricing # Product 1 2 3 4 Herbal Egg Jelly CNY Biscuit (crabstick) Mugs 5 Kitty stuff Kitty pillow Kitty decoration Kitty telephone Kitty optical mouse Accessories Glow in the dark Flower Towel Paris Tower decoration Pillow Mobile Phone Anti skip mat Anti skip mat Monkey Toy Watch Perfume 6 Products' Unit Selling Price RM 1.50 RM 2.00 RM 10.00 RM 16.00 - RM 29.00 ( price are difference based on the design ) Products' Unit Price RM 39.00 RM 10.00 RM 40.00 RM 32.00 RM 20.00 RM 4.70 RM 19.00 RM 16.00 RM 2.00 RM 10.00 RM 9.00 RM 18.00 RM 18.00 RM 10.00 RM 1.00 RM 5.00 RM 5.00 RM 9.00 RM 9.00 RM 4.80 RM 16.00 RM 28.00 RM 30.00 RM 14.00 RM 7.50 RM 13.00 RM 15.00 RM 7.00 RM 0.60 RM 0.60 RM 5.00 RM 8.30 - RM 14.90 ( price are difference based on the design ) During the charity drive week, there is around Valentine Day. Therefore, except the foods, we also sells some accessories or gift items to attract the couples to buy as gifts. The pricing of all the products are two times of the cost prices. When we found it is hard to sell the products especially the accessories, we will give discount or promotion to attract customer. 10
    • g. Promotion The objective of any promotional activities is to create awareness among those who have not heard of the campaign, products or ideas that are being propagated. We are supporting World Vision Malaysia’s cause of helping children, families and communities to reach their full potential by eradicating poverty irrespective of religion, race, gender, etc. Our marketing message is “educate all child’” because through education, the chances of poverty can be minimized and the children can expose their minds to various technologies, skills, specialized areas of expertise and other fields necessary to equip them for their adult working life. One of the tools of promotions is advertising. In this exercise, we are raising funds for the World Vision Malaysia through a charity event on 10 February till 14 February 2014 at in front of the Student’s Life Centre, Taylor’s University. By pasting the poster and placing a donation box at our stall, we are in fact creating an impact to the target marketing audience and usually this form of advertisement is the most effective promotional method. Advertisement can also be in the form of the digital format whereby the marketing message and the notice of the coming event can be circulated through internet and the web. This technological mode encompasses the emails, Facebook, Twitters, etc. and this approach appeals to all internet generations and web-users. The other tool of promotions is the face-to-face encounters with the staff and students by informing them verbally of the coming charity drive event on a friendly basis. There is a human touch and personal contact through this promotional method and it is equally effective if it is done passionately and on a dedicated manner by all participants. Facebook Page 11
    • Poster Donation box You tube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4Bkh53T9HY&feature=youtu.be 12
    • h. Sponsors During this charity drive project, we had approached a few individuals and cooperate entities for sponsorship. Individuals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Tan Say Kian Wong Yik Ming Wong Fung Ming Tan Hong Fatt Muhammad Syakir Yoon Chen Haw Chong Yew Hui Chai Sze Wen We target them as our sponsors because we know them personally, they are financially generous and they support our objective which is to raise fund for World Vision Malaysia. We approached them by face to face meeting and telephone call. Cooperate 1. Taste Better 2. Bubble City We target these cooperate as our sponsors because they are supplies of our products. We approached them by sponsorship letter and telephone call. At last the obtain RM 750 cash as sponsorship from the following individuals. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Name Tan Say Kian Wong Fung Ming Wong Yik Ming Tan Hong Fatt Muhammad Syakir Amount RM 200 RM 150 RM 100 RM 100 RM 200 Although we did not get any sponsorship from the cooperates, however Bubble City willing to supply goods to us at cost price only. 13
    • i. Distribution Our sales outlet will offer a full complement of services, including colorful and attractive wrappings, brief description of the products and how they are made, easy ordering mechanism and fast delivery system, customers’ loyalty programs among others. With such provided good services rendered to our customers, we hope not only to attract customers but to retain them for repeat sales. Our products are for sale online before Charity Drive’s actual launching date. We had to make an order for the raw materials of our products from the suppliers much earlier beforehand. Our products are displayed online through several social websites, such as Facebook before we intend to sell them at the stall during the launching date so that they do not have to wait for our products. Since the business shall also generate funding towards charities such as the Malaysia Vision 2020 which is quite well known in our country, we have approached customers for donation and support by purchasing our products. In fact, there are quite a number of customers who donated generous amounts of monies in support. Previously, we had set up an online page, making our products obtainable around the area and at the campus. Customers may order our products through Whatsapp, Facebook message and phone calls through the advertisement and people promoting our page on Facebook. 14
    • j. Green Measurement The chosen product we choose to sell was not environmentally friendly. The product was herbal egg. The eggs that we sold were packed in a plastic bag. After our customers finished eating the eggs, they immediately throw away the plastic bag. To reduce the hazardous effects, the other products that we sold did not provide any plastic bag towards the customer. The other products that were sold were packaged nicely and could be reused. For example, jelly and crabsticks. These two goods are packed into plastic containers. These containers are recyclable and reusable. To reduce carbon footprint during the distribution stage, less plastic bag should have been done. Other than the herbal eggs, none of the other products used plastic bag. All the products were sold and the plastic bag from the herbal egg was thrown to the rubbish bin. Other than the herbal eggs that needed to use electricity to keep it warm, no other products consumed any resources. 15
    • K. Human Resource Planning Tan Chuu Yee, the project manager of this charity drive has the responsibility of the planning, execution and closing of any project. Tan Kai Sin as the accountant has the responsibilities of inspect financial accounts and in charge of the receipt book. While Farah as marketing executive has the responsibilities of advertising, , poster design and finally research. For me, as a human resources has the responsibilities set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization. Due to the good roles and job responsibilities planning , we all can cooperate efficiently. Project Manager ( Tan Chuu Yee ) Accounting and Finance ( Tan Kai Sin) Marketing Execution ( Farah Bt Zulkifli ) Human Resource ( Wong Yun Shi ) 16
    • l. Evaluation The goals that our group set are obtaining enough sponsorship, selling all the products and obtain at least RM 1200 for World Vision Malaysia. At the end of the charity drive event, we are successful to obtain RM750 cash as sponsorship, sold all the herbal eggs, Chinese New Year Biscuits and Jellies, we also sold more than half of the accessories that we obtain from the supplier. We obtained in total RM 1601.75 for World Vision Malaysia. During the whole charity drive project, the most difficult part is to find sponsorship. It is very hard to find suppliers who are willing to sponsor goods to us or supply to us in cheaper price. Therefore, we have make many changes in deciding what products to sell. At last, we gather RM 750 cash sponsorship and Bubble City willing to supply us some accessories or gift item like mugs, pillow and so on in cost prices. Next, we also decide to sell products that can prepared by ourselves such as herbal eggs, jellies and CNY biscuits. However, after the charity drive events, we found that we made some wrong decisions. First, is choosing wrong products to sell. For example, each herbal egg can only make RM 0.90 profit. It is very small value. Same goes to jellies because one jelly make RM 1.40 profit. While the accessories or gift items that we picked from the supplier not easy to sold out as they are common or cannot attract customer. Moreover, the second mistake that we made is lack of confidence and marketing or communicate skills. We are less confidence and lack of skills to promote our products. Other groups' members might talked a lot to promote their product to the customer but our group is not. On the other hand, we took some action to remedy the mistakes. We start selling the herbal eggs and jellies 2 weeks before the charity drive event to gather more profits. Next, we also sell CNY biscuits (crabstick) at the same time because that time was around Chinese New Year. Furthermore, except selling at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, we also sell the products to our families, relatives and friends. Besides, we also adjusted the accessories price in order to attract more customer to buy them. In addition, we make an agreement with the supplier about return the left out product to her and make payment after the charity drive event. This action make us to avoid making loss by unable to sell the products. We also carry our products and donation box around the campus to ask for sales or donate. Lastly, if we can repeat the charity drive event one more time, we will considerate and decide our products more carefully. We will analysis the target market more details. Moreover, we will plan some alternatives as back up. For example, when we found the product does not have high demand in the market, we will have other solution or products to replace it. 17
    • Profit & Loss Report for Charity Drive ジ Sales Sales Cost of Goods Sold Herbal Eggs Longan Jelly CNY Biscuits (crabsticks) Accessories/ gift items RM 1704.50 RM RM RM RM 145.80 72.60 325.00 229.60 RM 773.00 RM 931.50 RM 108.23 RM 1039.73 Gross Profit Donation Adjusted Gross Profit Expense Typhoid injection Stationary Glove Total Expense Net Profit RM 175.00 RM 8.40 RM 4.58 RM 187.98 RM 851.75 You tube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlaS8sduu0o&feature=youtu.be 18
    • m. Appendix Sponsorship Letter Tan Chuu Yee Foundation in Natural & Built Environment School of Architecture, Building & Design Taylor’s University No. 1 Jalan Taylor's 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan. Sir / Madam Re: Requesting Sponsorship for Charity Drive Event We are a group students from the School of Architecture, Taylor’s University. We are currently involved in a fundraising event for our school project in February 2013. Therefore, we write this letter with the intention to invite you to become our sponsor in this event. 2. Our plan is to raise at least a total of RM1200.00 via selling your product. All profits earned during the event will be donated to the World Vision Malaysia, a society to help the poor to help themselves by working with them to build sustainable futures for their children, families and communities. 3. For your information, this organization was founded in 1997. The aim of the World Vision Malaysia is to raising funds for and awareness of needy children and communities overseas. 4. As you can see, the World Vision Malaysia need a lot support from everywhere and play an important role in our society. Therefore, we would be delighted and it would mean a great deal to the shelter if you could assist us in any possible manner. 5. I am looking forward to hear your reply about our request. For any inquires or information, you may contact me at 016-9303918. 1
    • Thank you. Yours sincerely, Tan Chuu Yee, the group leader 2
    • Receipts Receipts of buying products and expense 1
    • 1
    • 1
    • 2
    • Receipt from World Vision Malaysia 3
    • Setting up the stall ( pasting the poster ) Serving the customer 4
    • Serving the customer Ready to ask for sales or donation Receive the receipt from World Vision Officer 5
    • n. References Barrow, C., (2007). Starting a Business For Dummies. (2nd ed.) Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Hiam, A., ( 2009 ). Marketing For Dummies. (3rd ed.) Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing, Inc. World Vision Malaysia Berhad, (n.d). About Us Retrieved from https://www.worldvision.com.my/aboutus/Pages/AboutUs.aspx 1