Viral content marketing


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My deck from MORCon 2011 about creating, promoting and scaling viral content.

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Viral content marketing

  2. JASON ACIDRE• Pro gamer (02 – 08)• Freelance research writer and editor• Marketing consultant for and• Was featured on several key media in the industry – Searchengineland, SEW, Mediapost, Ontolo, KISSmetrics, AllBusiness, etc…• Founder & CEO of KAISERTHESAGE
  3. VIRAL MARKETING – A tool that has the ability todisseminate appealing messages in a short period of time.Known to be the most effective creativity and marketingtechnique to mankind. KAISERTHESAGE
  4. VIRAL MARKETING IS:Delivered by word of mouth links = LINK BAIT KAISERTHESAGE
  5. Link Bait – any content placed within acertain domain/website, designed specifically togain attention and to attract natural links. KAISERTHESAGE
  6. This guy encourages it.@mattcutts KAISERTHESAGE
  7. Types of Viral Content:Traditional UnconventionalControversial InfographicsEntertaining Kinetic text typographyExtensive and educational Ego baitingIncentivized VideoFirst of its kind CrowdsourcingAttack CurationTools Widget KAISERTHESAGE
  8. In essence, for a Viral campaign strategy to be efficient, it has to be: Useful and of high quality KAISERTHESAGE
  9. INGREDIENTS • Remarkable CONTENT with a powerful message • RELATIONSHIPS to amplify content visibility • TOOLS to accelerate processes and to measure results KAISERTHESAGE
  10. LINK BAITING TODAY:Content + Social + Links + Scalability EVERGREENConstant Natural Link Acquisitions KAISERTHESAGE
  11. It then becomes a Linkable Asset KAISERTHESAGE
  12. A robust component of your website KAISERTHESAGE
  13. • That acts as a Link Magnet• Enables you to Rank for competitive keywords• Consistent Traffic generator• Sends out massive Brand signals• Produces highly fascinated Leads• Improves your site’s Domain authority. KAISERTHESAGE
  14. And this will eventually stand as thebest content in a particular sector of your industry KAISERTHESAGE
  15. How the F should we do that sh*t? KAISERTHESAGE
  16. Scale it! KAISERTHESAGE
  17. Let’s start off with how Linking behaviors work over the web KAISERTHESAGE
  18. “Build Great Content to acquire High Value Links” KAISERTHESAGE
  19. PhasesResearch Create LaunchPromote Request AttractAnalyze Modify Enhance KAISERTHESAGE
  20. Elements of a powerful Link Bait Concept Durability Headline BodyUnexpected Visuals Contact list Sociability Hook Internal link Call to Measurability funnel action KAISERTHESAGE
  21. “Creation requires Influence” - Everything is a remix KAISERTHESAGE
  22. Content Strategy Development• Extensive Research about the chosen topic• Complete all the necessary details/information that your projected content will need in order for it to be Comprehensive and Competitive.• Build an initial Outline for the content, which should include its possible title, format, information architecture, unexpected hook, design and landing page(s) it will support.• Determine the content’s Purpose and its targeted Audience (ex. links, social, leads or branding). KAISERTHESAGE
  23. Keyword Research - Content that has immense potential of going VIRAL and becoming socially popular can certainly rank for its targeted keywords effortlessly. - Use the Google Keyword Tool to identify good keywords to target for your content. - Position your keyword(s) on the page’s important areas, such as its page title, post title/headline, body and URL. KAISERTHESAGE
  24. Competitive Analysis:“Copy, Combine and Transform” KAISERTHESAGE
  25. Examine your competitors’ similar content via Google search (using your target keywords) KAISERTHESAGE
  26. • Extract important data from each ranking page• Include those information in your outline to Ensure that you’ll be providing the most extensive content related to the subject• Identify each page’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage to Outrank them on search results. KAISERTHESAGE
  27. MERGE your ideas from your initial researchand from your competitive research: “Top 1,000 Porn Stars of all time” KAISERTHESAGE
  28. Build a Contact List before creating the actual content KAISERTHESAGE
  29. • Identify people, blogs and organizations in your industry that might be interested to share your content.• From sites that have linked to your competitors’ similar content – use – as these sites have history of linking to the same type of content.• Active Twitter users and known Linkers (bloggers/curators) in your industry. KAISERTHESAGE
  30. List them all in an excel sheet with their contact details. KAISERTHESAGE
  31. Segment the list depending on the purpose of contact• Social Media• Link requests• Content distribution KAISERTHESAGE
  32. Find the Best Blogs in your industry KAISERTHESAGE
  33. Use to scrapeoutbound links and contact information from the list pages retrieved from your search. KAISERTHESAGE
  34. Get hundreds of Link Prospects injust a few minutes: KAISERTHESAGE
  35. Execution- create the content in accordance to thestrategy you have formulated. KAISERTHESAGE
  36. Content Value Assessment• Gauge the importance, value and marketability of the finish product – its ability to draw actions from its target audience.• Determine the rarity of the information it contains – to measure if the content is linkworthy.• Feasibility as a value proposition when requesting for links and social shares. KAISERTHESAGE
  37. Editorial Analysis• Proofread and edit.• Test the strength of the content’s CALL TO ACTION to maximize the traffic it will constantly receive. KAISERTHESAGE
  38. Launch it! KAISERTHESAGE
  39. A powerful content that’s worth sharing needsa little push – Promote it. KAISERTHESAGE
  40. Social Media Promotion KAISERTHESAGE
  41. • Leverage social sharing through Call to Action• Make Social Buttons very visible• Engage industry influencers by Linking Out to them from the content• Use Reach Multiplier sites like Triberr or Cloudflood. KAISERTHESAGE
  42. Then a segment of your contact list comes intoplay. KAISERTHESAGE
  43. Ask if they’ll be interested to share yourcontent to their followers. KAISERTHESAGE
  44. Relevance + Quality = Higher response rate % KAISERTHESAGE
  45. External Content Distribution KAISERTHESAGE
  46. Contextually link to your Viral Content via:• Guest blogging• Interviews• Press releases• Whitepapers• Newsletters. KAISERTHESAGE
  47. Use partial match anchor texts when linkingback to your viral content. KAISERTHESAGE
  48. Because longer strings of text have higher chances of getting clicked. KAISERTHESAGE
  49. Information-based Links KAISERTHESAGE
  50. Participate on relevant discussions andcite your content as the resource foryour contributions • High-traffic Forums • Q&A sites • Blog discussions KAISERTHESAGE
  51. • Use Google search to seek for industry- related questions that your content can answer.• Use Google Alerts to track topically relevant discussions. KAISERTHESAGE
  52. Build CONVERSATIONS to bring the discussion back to your content. KAISERTHESAGE
  53. Links that have high CTR are valuable, as it caninfluence its destination page’s searchrankings based on activity. KAISERTHESAGE
  54. Email Link Outreach KAISERTHESAGE
  55. Social proof improves the chances ofgetting your requests approved. KAISERTHESAGE
  56. Higher Value Proposition = Easier Link Acquisition KAISERTHESAGE
  57. Find, Engage and Request links from Industry Media Curators. KAISERTHESAGE
  58. Get links from sites retrieved through the Reverse Engineered Link Data of your competitors’ similar content. KAISERTHESAGE
  59. Use the Broken Link Building method KAISERTHESAGE
  60. Use “Check My Links” Chrome plugin to track broken links in just seconds. KAISERTHESAGE
  61. News Pitching KAISERTHESAGE
  62. Great content is always Newsworthy. KAISERTHESAGE
  63. Given that you’ll be providing one of the bestcontent in your industry – it should be worth themedia coverage. KAISERTHESAGE
  64. Create an angle out of your content andpitch the story to news websites KAISERTHESAGE
  65. Become a source at KAISERTHESAGE
  66. Send news tips manually: KAISERTHESAGE
  67. Personal Networks KAISERTHESAGE
  68. But don’t burn bridges. KAISERTHESAGE
  69. Amplifying the Reach of your Content KAISERTHESAGE
  70. Stumbleupon Ads8 Million cerebral users, and still counting.With probably hundreds of thousands that arereally interested about your industry. KAISERTHESAGE
  71. And sends traffic that know how social media works KAISERTHESAGE
  72. Content Network Ads KAISERTHESAGE
  73. I got that ad for $10 per month KAISERTHESAGE
  75. Sponsored Tweets • • KAISERTHESAGE
  76. Analyzing Performance KAISERTHESAGE
  77. • Amount of acquired natural links.• Keywords sending traffic to the page.• Positive vs. negative reactions about the content.• Number of social shares – tweet, likes, fb shares, stumbleupon views, +1.• Topreferring sites to the content.• CTR of call to action (measurable through in-page analytics).• Industry Influencers who shared your content – KAISERTHESAGE
  78. Scaling your Campaign KAISERTHESAGE
  79. Continuously Update or Enhance content. KAISERTHESAGE
  80. Identify the Influential People who have shared your content. KAISERTHESAGE
  81. Start a Conversation. KAISERTHESAGE
  82. Build Relationships. KAISERTHESAGE
  83. Amplify your future campaign’s Power throughthese relationships. KAISERTHESAGE
  84. JasondreAcidre@jasonacihttp://kaiserthesage.comCEO of Xight Interactive KAISERTHESAGE