Unit 4 space tourism worksheet


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Unit 4 space tourism worksheet

  1. 1. First Name: _______________ Last Name: _______________ Student #: _______________ Group: _______________ Week: _______________ Unit 4 Space TourismPARAGRAPH 1 : Many people dream of flying into space...During the early years of space flight, what jobs did astronauts usually have before they became astronauts?PARAGRAPH 2 : Since 1990, a few people have been able to buy...When was the first time that (non-astronaut) people were able to buy space flights?Why have only a few people been to space?Does the author predict that the cost of space flights will go up, or down?PARAGRAPH 3: In 1990, Toyohiro Akiyama, a reporter for the Japanese...What company did Toyohiro Akiyama work for in 1990?Where did he go?How much did it cost for his company to send him there?How long was he in space?
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 4 : Dennis Tito, an American businessman and former rocket...Who were the next two tourists to go into space? Also, when did they go?PARAGRAPH 5 : Right now, a company called Space Adventures...What is the price range for a Space Adventures flight?PARAGRAPH 6: In the future, it is likely that other companies will start...How high up will most space tours go?What will passengers experience on their trip?At first, how much will these flights probably cost?
  3. 3. 1. space__________ 2. astronaut__________ 3. military pilot__________ a)軍のパイロット k)経験 4. developing__________ b)無重力 l)宇宙 5. price__________ c)宇宙飛行士 m)いくつかの 6. orbit__________ d)地球 n)計画している 7. experiments__________ e)軌道 o)開発している 8. right now__________ f)星 9. several__________ g)(ちょうど)今 10. planning__________ h)実験 11. experience__________ i)乗客 12. zero gravity__________ j)値段 13. stars__________ 14. Earth__________ 15. passenger__________ Toyohiro Akiyama Toyohiro Akiyama was a TBS TBS Research Cosmonaut Research Cosmonaut. He was born onNationality Japanese July 22, 1942 in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. AkiyamaBorn July 22, 1942 (age 69) Tokyo, Japan is also a journalist. He spent 7 days,Other Journalist 21 hours, and 54 minutes in space. He was aoccupation member of the crew during the Soyuz TM-10Time in space 7d 21h 54m and Soyuz TM-11 missions.Missions Soyuz TM-10/ Soyuz TM-11 Chiaki Makai is a ______________ Chiaki Mukai NASDA/JAXA Astronaut __________________________Nationality Japanese __________________________Born May 6, 1952 (age 59) Gunma Prefecture, __________________________ Japan _________________________________Other Medical Doctoroccupation _________________________________Time in space 23d 15h 39m _________________________________Missions STS-65/ _________________________________ STS-95
  4. 4. ねえ、知ってる? In English numbers, the commas have names. The 1st comma is named thousand.   The 2nd comma is named million. The 3rd comma is named billion. 翻訳するより、こうやって考えたほうが楽です。すぐ慣れるよ! 100 one hundred 1,000 one/a thousand 10,000 ten thousand 100,000 one/a hundred thousand 1,000,000 one/a million 10,000,000 ten million 100,000,000 one/a hundred million 1,000,000,000 one/a billion1) There are about seven billion people in the world today. ______________________________2) A trip to the International Space Station costs about twenty million dollars. ______________________________3) A trip to the moon costs about a hundred million dollars. ______________________________