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14 britta riley a garden in my apartment
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14 britta riley a garden in my apartment


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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  • 1. First Name: _______________ Last Name: _______________ Student #: _______________ Group: _______________ Week: _______________ Britta Riley- A Garden in my Apartment Britta RileyPARAGRAPH 1 : I, like many of you, am one of the two billion...How many people in the world live in cities?According to Britta, do we need other people to live our lives?PARAGRAPH 2 : A couple of years ago, I read an article...What did Michael Polan want people to do?What was Michael’s reason?Where does Britta live?Did she think she could grow her own food in her apartment?
  • 2. PARAGRAPH 3: So, I happen to know a little bit from my own work...What is NASA exploring as a way to grow food in space?Can plants get enough nutriton from high-quality liquid soil?PARAGRAPH 4 : Fast-forward two years later: we now have...Where in Britta’s apartment is the hydroponic farm?Is her farm vertical or horizontal?How do Britta’s plants get fed? PARAGRAPH 5 : Back at the time, a window farm was... Did Britta want to make her farm by herself, or did she want a lot of other people to help by sharing their ideas? *Monsanto
  • 3. PARAGRAPH 6 : The first few systems that we created...How much food were Britta and her co-developers able to grow with their first few systems?Wha were two problems with these first few systems?*Martha StewartPARAGRAPH 7 : What we’re doing is what NASA or a large corporation...What does R&D stand for?What change did Jackson suggest?What did Tony do that helped his strawberries to grow better?What did the farmers in Finland make?PARAGRAPH 8 : So window farms have been evolving...Are the window farm designs changing quickly?What kind of improvement is Britta’s team focusing on?
  • 4. PARAGRAPH 9 : So for do-it-yourselfers, we provide...Does it cost money to get the instructions to make a window farm?Who will own the patent for the window farm systems?How will Britta and her team pay for their project?PARAGRAPH 6 : Now within our community, a certain culture has...What do peopel gain from this experience according to Eileen?PARAGRAPH 6 : The first few systems that we created...Britta’s project started with the window farms, but other contributors have expanded beyond window farms to even moreideas. What two other things did Britta say people are making?What does Britta want listeners to rediscover?