Information about Kai Roer, the international trainer


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This is a short brochure showcasing Kai Roer as a trainer and management consultant.
When you are in need of a key note speaker, a workshop facilitator or a trainer at your next event - why don't you contact us?

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Information about Kai Roer, the international trainer

  1. 1. Kai Roer Kai Roer is a European trainer and key note speaker. His passion is contagious, his insights are valued across the globe, and his care for others is recognized everywhere he goes. Kai Roer inspires leaders around the world - are you ready to get inspired too? In a brief • Key notes for thousands of people around Asia and Europe • Trained thousands of people on three different continents in person. Many more online. • Consulted houndres of companies and governmental organizations on all around the world • Certified trainer with the highest credentials in JCI • Fasilitated change processes in numerous organizations“ ” • Member of ASTD“Kai is a Top Trainer, he has a passion for developingpeople and if you are, or want to be a leader his book“The Leaders Workbook” is a must!” Contact us and connect“He inspires people to improve their leadership skills with Kai Roer on hiscontinously.” website:“Kai Roer is a motivating person showing large or use your phone toconfidence and a high degree of knowledge.” scan the QR code. Global reach Numbers Who participate? • Trained in more than 20 • More than 25 000 people • Mid- and C level managers countries, on three continents participated in trainings and • Experts within many sectors • Participants from all continents seminars • Entrepreneurs have attended his trainings • Bestselling Author The Roer Group puts the focus on your needs providing leveraging solutions for your business. The Roer Group • T:+47 98 64 69 88 • E: Nedre Storgate 54, 3012 Drammen, Norway RoeR
  2. 2. The Leaders Workbook The inspiration to help leaders reflect on their leadership and their role. The Leader’s Workbook is a book you not only read, but work your way through. Consisting of 21 short stories of leadership, divided in the three sections “Lead Yourself ”, “Lead Others”, and “Lead Organizations”, the book aims at inspiring leaders to reflect upon their role. This is not a book you read from cover to cover (well, you can if you prefer to do so), this is a book designed to have you reflect. It comes with blank pages for you to scribble on, jotting down your doodles and thougths as you work your way through. “We all know we should spend more time reflecting,” says Kai Roer, author of The Leader’s Workbook. “On my training sessions around the world, there was one question that came up consistently - ‘How do I reflect? I have found the time, but I justThe Leader’s Workbook is available at select bookstores, as don’t know how to start reflecting.’ I decided it was about timewell as online. It is an Bestselling book. It is also someone wrote a book aiming at inspiring leaders to reflect.”available in Spanish. Each story is short, quick to read and to the point. It takes lessMore information and where to buy: than five minutes to read one story, giving you time to consider the topic, and to consider your own opinions and experiences regarding the topic. “There is plenty of room for you to write down your own reflections. That is the whole point of this book.” Roer continue. Roer goes on: “My goal with this book is not to tell you how you should be doing your job - you are the one who should do that. The goals is to inspire you to reflect, to consider how you are doing, and how you can improve.” About Kai Roer Kai Roer is a management consultant and trainer with extensive international experience. He is a guest lecturer at The Norwegian School of Management, and the owner of The Roer Group, a European management consulting group focusing on information security and governance. Roer works extensively throughout Europe, speaks four languages, lectures and conducts training seminars on three continents. Roer is recognized as a thoughtleader by his peers. Roer was appointed International Training Fellow in Junior Chamber International, and he is a member of ASTD. The Roer Group puts the focus on your needs providing leveraging solutions for your business. The Roer Group • T:+47 98 64 69 88 • E: Nedre Storgate 54, 3012 Drammen, Norway RoeR
  3. 3. References A short selection of organizations Kai Roer has consulted over the years. “ W h a t p e o p l e s a y “Kai is exceptional. ” “Kai has thoroughly impressed me time and again.” “Kai is a renowned speaker who does show his personal side as well.” “Kai is a excellent trainer!” “Excellent trainer with a lot of experience and knowhow!” “Kai is a very strategic person who always seem to be reaching his goals.” “Great thing with Kai’s trainings is that he has real understanding and own direct experience about topics presented. wtg :-)” “Kai has provided workshops of very high quality showing the in- depth knowledge and experience that he has built up over the years.” “Kai shows a lot of energi and make people feel good and motivated.” “Kai is really a great presenter and speaker. He is also a knowledgeable team leader: he motivates his team, brings out ” the best in each member, builds out momentum and focuses on achievement. I highly recommend Kai as your next business partner!” “Kai is impressing to hear and he really has good interaction with the attendees and you learn a lot about how to become a good Leader.” The Roer Group puts the focus on your needsproviding leveraging solutions for your business. The Roer Group • T:+47 98 64 69 88 • E: Nedre Storgate 54, 3012 Drammen, Norway RoeR