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Query optimization how to search millions of record in sql table faster -

  1. 1. query optimization - How to search millions of record in SQL table faster? - Stack Overflow log in | careers | chat | meta | about | faq search Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered Ask Question How to search millions of record in SQL table faster? Hello World! This is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for professional and I have SQL table with millions of domain name. But now when I search for lets say enthusiast programmers. Its 100% 4 SELECT * free, no registration required. FROM tblDomainResults about » faq » WHERE domainName LIKE %lifeis% It takes more than 10 minutes to get the results. I tried indexing but that didnt help. tagged 1 sql × 92916 What is the best way to store this millions of record and easily access these information in short period of time? query-optimization × 1505 There are about 50 million records and 5 column so far. like × 1192 sql query-optimization like asked 1 year ago viewed 2,427 times share | improve this question edited May 3 11 at 23:29 asked May 3 11 at 23:23 active 1 month ago OMG Ponies user737063 101k 10 84 167 21 2 Community Bulletin 1 What database platform are you using? – mrdenny May 3 11 at 23:46 event Please read before flagging as SPAM (a reminder from your moderators) feedback – ends in 7 days Visit Chat 8 Answers active oldest votes Related What is the best way to spot Most likely, you tried a traditional index which cannot be used to optimize LIKE queries unless the the slowest block of a SQL query? 8 pattern begins with a fixed string (e.g. lifeis%). Performing an ASP.NET What you need for your query is a full-text index. Most DBMS support it these days. database search with StartsWith keyword share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at Create optimum query to find 23:27 records that are in only one Igor Nazarenko table 936 1 5 SQL: Optimization problem, has rows? feedback Speeding up a SQL query with generic data information PostgreSQL LIKE query performance variations Optimising SQL Query With Full-text indexing is the far-and-away best option here - how this is accomplished will depend on the Multiple Joins 3 DBMS youre using. Is there a tool online to optimize a stored procedure Short of that, ensuring that you have an index on the column being matched with the pattern will help or inline sql performance, but by the sounds of it, youve tried this and it didnt help a great deal. Speeding up inner joins between a large table and a share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at small table 23:25 which one is a faster/better Will A sql practice?http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5876861/how-to-search-millions-of-record-in-sql-table-faster[08/29/2012 5:03:40 PM]
  2. 2. query optimization - How to search millions of record in SQL table faster? - Stack Overflow 13.3k 11 29 Optimizing SQL query with checking special rules set feedback SQL Statement using LIKE How can I learn to optimize sql queries SQL Optimization Strategy Stop using LIKE statement. You could use fulltext search, but it will require MyISAM table and isnt all How to search for “%” in sql 2 that good solution. table-column SQL Query Optimisation I would recommend for you to examine available 3rd party solutions - like Lucene and Sphinx. (Direction of Condition They will be superior. Evaluation) How to optimize a count SQL share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at query on a big table 23:29 tereško Optimizing SQL query being slowed by bookmark lookup 13.6k 6 19 35 Rewriting sql query with a nested subquery feedback What kind of overhead is associated with multiple SELECT queries in SQL? SQL Query Optimization: is One thing you might want to consider is having a separate search engine for such lookups. For example, SELECT * FROM Persons really that much slower than 1 you can use a SOLR (lucene) server to search on and retrieve the ids of entries that match your search, SELECT * FROM Persons then retrieve the data from the database by id. Even having to make two different calls, its very likely it WHERE City=Sandnes? will wind up being faster. Optimizing a SQL query finding entries that do not exist in share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at table 23:27 SQL, how to check that the RHSeeger result of a select excludes all 7,096 12 19 results where a string is matched from another table feedback Shortening the sentence to find a search value SQL Server statements with IN clauses: how to make them faster? Assuming that your 50 million row table includes duplicates (perhaps that is part of the problem), and 1 assuming SQL Server (the syntax may change but the concept is similar on most RDBMSes), another option is to store domains in a lookup table, e.g. CREATE TABLE dbo.Domains ( DomainID INT IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY, DomainName VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL ); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX dn ON dbo.Domains(DomainName); When you load new data, check if any of the domain names are new - and insert those into the Domains table. Then in your big table, you just include the DomainID. Not only will this keep your 50 million row table much smaller, it will also make lookups like this much more efficient. SELECT * -- please specify column names FROM dbo.tblDomainResults AS dr INNER JOIN dbo.Domains AS d ON dr.DomainID = d.DomainID WHERE d.DomainName LIKE %lifeis%; Of course except on the tiniest of tables, it will always help to avoid LIKE clauses with a leading wildcard. share | improve this answer answered May 4 11 at 0:19 Aaron Bertrand 51.5k 7 27 54 feedbackhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/5876861/how-to-search-millions-of-record-in-sql-table-faster[08/29/2012 5:03:40 PM]
  3. 3. query optimization - How to search millions of record in SQL table faster? - Stack Overflow Indexes are slowed down whenever they have to go lookup ("bookmark lookup") data that the index itself 0 doesnt contain. For instance, if your index has 2 columns, ID, and NAME, but youre selecting * (which is 5 columns total) the database has to read the index for the first two columns, then go lookup the other 3 columns in a less efficient data structure somewhere else. In this case, your index cant be used because of the "like". This is similar to not putting any where filter on the query, it will skip the index altogether since it has to read the whole table anyway it will do just that ("table scan"). There is a threshold (i think around 35-50% where the engine normally flips over to this). In short, it seems unlikely that you need all 50 million rows from the DB for a production application, but if you do... use a machine with more memory and try methods that keep that data in memory. Maybe a No-SQL DB would be a better option - mongoDB, couch DB, tokyo cabinet. Things like this. Good luck! share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at 23:30 Jody 1,076 5 16 feedback You could try breaking up the domain into chunks and then searh the chunks themselves. I did some 0 thing like that years ago when I needed to search for words in sentences. I did not have full text searching available so I broke up the sentences into a word list and searched the words. It was really fast to find the results since the words were indexed. share | improve this answer answered May 3 11 at 23:35 Scott Bruns 1,057 3 5 feedback You can use full-text searching for millions of records... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en- 0 us/library/ms142571.aspx share | improve this answer answered Jul 4 at 10:22 Dilip 1 feedback Your Answerhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/5876861/how-to-search-millions-of-record-in-sql-table-faster[08/29/2012 5:03:40 PM]
  4. 4. query optimization - How to search millions of record in SQL table faster? - Stack Overflow Name Email log in or Home Page Post Your Answer By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged sql query-optimization like or ask your own question. question feed about | faq | blog | chat | data | legal | privacy policy | jobs | advertising info | mobile | contact us | feedback ■ stackoverflow.com ■ api/apps ■ careers ■ serverfault.com ■ superuser.com ■ meta ■ area 51 ■ webapps ■ gaming ■ ubuntu ■ webmasters ■ cooking ■ game development ■ math ■ photography ■ stats ■ tex ■ english ■ theoretical cs ■ programmers ■ unix ■ apple ■ wordpress ■ physics ■ home improvement ■ gis ■ electrical engineering ■ android ■ security ■ bicycles rev 2012.8.28.3842 ■ dba ■ drupal ■ sharepoint ■ scifi & fantasy ■ user experience ■ skeptics ■ rpg ■ judaism ■ mathematica site design / logo © 2012 stack exchange inc; user contributions licensed under cc-wiki with attribution requiredhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/5876861/how-to-search-millions-of-record-in-sql-table-faster[08/29/2012 5:03:40 PM]