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Seagull (final)

Seagull (final)






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    Seagull (final) Seagull (final) Presentation Transcript

    • • This is a story for people who follow their dreamsand make their own rules; a story that has inspiredpeople for decades.• For most seagulls, life consists simply of eating andsurviving. Flying is just a means of finding food.However, "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" is noordinary bird. For him, flying is life itself. Againstthe conventions of seagull society, he seeks to find ahigher purpose and become the best at doing whathe loves.• This is a fable about the importance of making themost of our lives, even if our goals run contrary tothe norms of our flock, tribe or neighborhood.Through the metaphor of flight, Jonathan’s storyshows us that, if we follow our dreams, we too cansoar.
    • • After lot of practice and failures a strangedesperation sets in Jon wanted to be a normal gullno more challenges no more failures• But his pain his resolution vanished for the urge fordoing different, determined to scale new heightsand improve the speed
    • “ Dont believe whatyour eyes aretelling you. All theyshow is limitation.Look with yourunderstanding, findout what youalready know, andyoull see the wayto fly."
    • “ With the same innercontrol, he flew throughheavy sea-fogs andclimbed above them intodazzling clear skies... in thevery times when every othergull stood on the ground,knowing nothing but mistand rain.”
    • JON LEARNS FROM FAILURE• Courage• Resilience
    • "Each of us is in truthan idea of the GreatGull, an unlimited ideaof freedom," Jonathanwould say in theevenings on the beach,"and precision flying isa step toward expressingour realnature.Everything thatlimits us we have to putaside. Thats why all thishigh-speed practice, andlow speed, andaerobatics...."
    • JON FLIES HIGHER• Breaks norms• Takes risk• Exhibits high self esteem
    • “ Youve got tounderstand that aseagull is anunlimited idea offreedom, an imageof the Great Gull,and your wholebody, from wingtipto wingtip, isnothing more thanyour thoughtitself."
    • JON OUTCASTEDFor violating the dignity and tradition of Gullfamily and being irresponsibleJonathan cries “who is more responsiblethan a gull who finds and follows meaning, ahigher purpose for life?”
    • JON OUTCASTEDJon lives alone thereafter and discovers thatboredom, fear and anger are the reasonsthat a gull’s life is so short.1 Commited2 Uncompromising3 Gets first ray of wisdom
    • JON TRANSCENDS• Self awareness• Openness to new experiences
    • JON GETS THE INSIGHTS•Visualize the Goal•Set higher goals• Follow Basics awareness• Practice
    • JON WANTS TO SHARE• “Jon keep working on love” were the lastwords of his mentor• Jon’s own way of demonstrating love wasto give something of the truth he had seen1 Social belongingness2 Sharing
    • JON IMPARTS WISDOM• “Every thing that limits us we have to put aside”• “Your whole body.. Is nothing more than yourthought itself. Break the chain of your thoughtsand you break the chains of your body too..”• “We are free to go where we wish and to bewhat we are”1 Intensity2 ownership3 Leadership
    • JON INSTILS FREEDOM• “ Whatever stands against the freedommust be set aside, be it ritual orsuperstition or limitation in any form”• “you have the freedom to be your to beyourself”• “The only true law is that which leads tofreedom. There is no other”1. Freedom2. Autonomy3. Inner strength
    • 1 Love2 Positive out look3 The leader within“You have to practice and see the real gull, thegood in every one of them and help them see it inthemselves. That’s what I mean by love“ You need to keep finding yourself, a little moreeach day, that real unlimited Fletcher Seagull. He isyour instructor. You need to understand him andpractice him.
    • JON THE LEADER• Visionary• Resilient• Risk taker• Seeker of wisdom• Self aware• Socially responsible• Mentor• Authentic Leader
    • “You have thefreedom to beyourself, yourtrue self, hereand now, andnothing canstand in yourway.It is the Law ofthe GreatGull. THANK YOU