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Respond Project


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  • 1. Respond words & vocalsby Melissa DawsWith thanks to Madonna
  • 2. In the beginning,there was the rat.
  • 3. Skinner saw that the rat had no box.
  • 4. And lo, there was a box.SkinnerBox
  • 5. What are you lookin’ at?Rat…… rat...
  • 6. If you give a behaviorist a rat,a lever, and a reinforcer, what will you get?
  • 7. “A behavioralcontingency.”
  • 8. Look around, contingenciesare all around you.They’re everywhere that yougo.You try everything you can toescape the pain of shock,Rudolf knows.
  • 9. If all else fails and you can’tavoid aversive shock andbeing really annoyed.I know a way you can stop thismess.Its called a lever press, andthat’s what it’s for.
  • 10. So come on respond.Press your paw right down on it.Come on respond.Press the lever down now.I know you can do it.
  • 11. All you need is some waterreinforcement.It’s right there under your nose.Move aside, just a bit, youalmost touched it.Please just stand on your toes.
  • 12. I will shape your successiveapproximations to pressing thelever down.If you do it, you will get waternow.That’s the situation.That’s how it’s done.
  • 13. So come on respond.Press your paw right down on it.Come on respond.Press the lever down now.I know you can do it.
  • 14. Water’s given for pressing, notjust for your cleaning andscratching.After you have learned that, youwill learn how to pull the chain,touch the sticker.Then you’ll be a well-trained ratnow.
  • 15. Respond.Press your paw right down on it.Come on respond.Press the lever down now.I know you can do it.
  • 16. Respond…… Water’s in thedipper.
  • 17. Before Behavior AfterRudolf has Rudolf Rudolf has no water presses lever water
  • 18. Respond…… Water’s in thedipper.
  • 19. Force, duration, frequencydescribe responses, not stimuli.Response, behavior, stimulusall of these apply to us.Thinking, rules, such as thatapply to humans, but not rats.
  • 20. When reinforcement’sintermittent, it makes extinctionmore resistant.Greater effort, quicker satiation,but you’ll respond underdeprivation.
  • 21. That’s the way it always goes,when you learn to use your toes.Now you know how to pull thechain.I can’t believe how quick youlearned this game.
  • 22. Don’t just stand there,let’s get to it.Press the lever,there’s nothing to it.Respond…..
  • 23. Before Behavior AfterRudolf has Rudolf Rudolf has shock presses lever no shock
  • 24. Respond….
  • 25. Oooh, you’ve got to just let yourpaw press down the lever.Oooh, you’ve got to press itdown, down now.Oooh, you’ve got to …Respond...