Design guidelines for Storify


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How to curate your brand community with Storify

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Design guidelines for Storify

  1. Design guidelines How to curate a brand community Presented by Kai Turner – 08 January 2012
  2. Why Storify?Own your brandconversationStorify makes it quick and easy toconsolidate user generated content aboutyour brand (across multiple channels) –and publish it centrally.Discussions in contextWhereas discussion on Twitter and othersocial media forums can be fragmentedand fleeting, Storify allows you to puteverything in context.Many media outlets already see the valuein using Storify as a news channel.We believe there is a great opportunity forbrands to follow suit and begin using theservice to curate their online communitydiscussion.
  3. Multiple channels, one conversationCuration made easyStorify allows you to consolidateconversations across multiple channelsand republish a single ‘story’ on the mainwebsite, as well as reposting to yourcompany blog.How?These design guidelines will walk youthrough a typical workflow.
  4. Track notable conversations On YouTube Keep ‘favorites’ As part of your social media engagement plan, keep track of important conversations – especially regarding topics that capture the attention and interest of your online community. On Twitter Tell a story Rather than just posting a collection of your favourite tweets– pay attention to themes which you can use to find an overarching narrative thread linking the various comments together. This is where your insight and expertise as the brand curator can add value.
  5. Build the storyFirst, choose a heroimageAvoid the generic default banner bychoosing a lead image to represent yourstory.Make sure you choose a larger image (atleast 502px wide) so that when it fills thebanners on the homepage or the listingpage it will not be enlarged and blurred.
  6. Use a variety of content Make it visually rich Alternate between tweets, videos and images to keep the story visually rich and interesting. Provide more context In addition to quoting a selection of comments, search for and include additional content related to the discussion. For example, did a fan comment about a recent advert? Add the comment from Twitter and then follow it with a YouTube video of the advert.
  7. Share the storyMention and give credityour fan community.Storify’s sharing feature give the optionto mention the names of the contributorswhose content was used in the creation ofthe story.It’s an easy way to give fans of the brandan official endorsement and to encouragetheir continued participation.
  8. Our summary Get started today We think Storify is another useful and valuable tool in your social media arsenal. It’s a low effort, high reward means of engaging your brand community. We recommend that you incorporate it into your social media planning today. Follow me on Twitter – @kaigani
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