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Kahuna Systems : Product Engineering Services

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. l  Kahuna was originally the Embedded System Division of 3Di systems and is working independently since 2008.l  A Product Engineering Services Company based out of Pune with offices in Mumbai (India) and Los Angeles (USA).l  Kahuna, a innovative player in Ubiquitous Computing, focuses on Embedded Software and Integrated Product Engineering Services.l  Kahuna is : l  DaVinci Solution Partner with Texas Instruments l  ARM Technology Partner l  Renesas Software partnerl  Kahuna has worked with more than 20 customers across Globe. Kahuna is a hawaiin word meaning a sorcerer, wizard or craftsman. In business context it means a professional expert with in-depth knowledge of his services or solution he provides.
  3. 3. l  Kahuna provides services for: l  Focus Verticals l  End to End Development and Customization l  Industrial Automation of Products l  Smart Grid Solutions, Facility Infra. l  Value Engineering of Existing Products Management Solutions, Control Systems l  Porting ,Migration and Integration of l  Multimedia Embedded Software to different Hardware/ l  Digital Signage Solution, Video Encoders OS Platforms l  Automotive l  Web Based device management solutions l  In-Car Infotainment System, Electric Vehicle l  Interoperable Software Platforms Control System Development (e.g. Communication Stack, l  Consumer Electronics Security Stack) l  Smart phones, VOIP, POS/ KIOSK etc l  Enterprise Mobility : Cloud based l  Mobile Computing Convergence of Embedded Devices and l  Android, iOS, Symbian, Palm , Flex, Blackberry Smartphones
  4. 4. l  In-house built technology frameworks help bridge technology gaps and bring products to market faster.l  Product-centric services approach to provide value beyond engineering services through complete product ownership.l  Mature Eco-System Partners to bring single point of contact for delivery, services & support.l  In-Depth knowledge of integrated product verification & validation cycle.l  Focused on Module level Non-Functional Requirements (e.g. security, reliability, maintenance, performance, scalability)l  Innovative delivery models to win customer confidence.l  Dedicated and experience team for each domain.  
  5. 5. 8-16-32 processor/controller base design, schematics, SI Analysis, Design Verification, Hardware Board Bring up, integration with software/enclosure, Regulatory certification Technologies Firmware micro controller Software, Bootloader, BSPs, Device Drivers (Linux, WinCE, RTOS)Middleware/OS uTRON, WinCE, Embedded Linux, uC-oS II, Propriety Kernel/Scheduler Application Embedded C , C++, java base Multi Thread RTOS/Android, Windows/Linux applicationsWeb interface J2EE/PHP base web portal interface (monitoring, upgrade, reports , dashboard) Enclosure prototypes Product Integration, V&V Regulatory Testing Eco System PCB Layout PCB Fabrication/HW Prototypes Software dev on prototypes Product specifications Product Design (H/w & S/w) Execution (H/w & S/w) With Partners Kahuna Capability
  6. 6. l  Develop/Migrate abstraction layer for RTOS base applicationsl  Have detail selection matrix to choose right RTOS base on customer objectives.l  Capability to achieve real time performance requirements using appropriate RTOS design methodology.l  Practice Design methodologies like (Thread model, worse case timing analysis etc) for RTOS base apps. l  Experience on 2.4 and 2.6 Series Kernels l  Experience in RedBoot, u-boot and Proprietary Bootloaders l  BSP (bootloader + kernel porting) Capabilities on Multiple Platforms including ARM, MIPS, x86, PPC l  Device Driver Development and Troubleshooting for various Standard Peripherals l  Development of Embedded User-level Linux Applications l  Customizing Linux Distributions for Embedded devices l  Well-established Development Practices using GNU and other Free Software Tools.l  OpenGL ES solution for mobile application development.l  Gaming software for mobile & 2D-3D gaming application development.l  Development of sample applications for semiconductor companies.l  Custom applications development around customer products/processors. l  Experience on WinCE 5 and WinCE 6 l  BSP Porting and Customization l  Device Drivers for Interfaces like Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, GPRS and more l  Windows CE based Product Development l  Development of .Net Compact Framework Applications
  7. 7. l  Developing Multimedia Applications like Media l  Streaming : Red5, Darwin, gst-rtsp-server, Player, Transcoder, Video Editor etc. Wowza, Twisted, Lighttpd. l  Protocols: rtp, rtsp, rtmp, sip, http.l  Live Streaming and Video on Demand applications, l  Multimedia Framework : Gstreamer (Core, including Video Conferencing, Video surveillance, Plugins, Application), FFmpeg, VLC, Flash - SIP gateway & Video Chat. opencore. l  Video Codec: H264, Mpeg4, Theora,l  Audio/Video codec development and optimization. Mpeg2, VC1, Mjpeg l  Audio codec: AC3 (Dolby Digital), Mp3,l  Ffmpeg based development & customization. AAC, Vorbis, Midi l  Containers: 3gp, mp4, flv, avi, mpeg2ts,l  Developing & designing strategies for multimedia mpeg2ps, ogg. requirements on platforms like Maemo, Moblin, l  GPU: VAAPI , VDPAU hardware Android, TI and Desktop. acceleration API, Intels IPP, l  GUI : QT, Clutter, GTKl  Enabling compatibility of multimedia products l  Video capture cards: Blackmagic Design (Capture cards, hardware codec, GPU, etc) on cards, Deltacast, FastVdo Smartcapture, Linux. etc l  Languages: C, C++, java, gobject, python,l  Development/ Customization of various features in AS3 (flash), php, html, HTML5 existing multimedia applications. l  Platforms: Linux, Maemo, Moblin, Android, Texas Instruments (Dm6446, Dm355, Omap, etc), etc
  8. 8. Discovery Design Execution •  Project/Product Specifications (VOC, Use •  System architecture •  Software bring up & migration on actual cases) •  Finalize the major components of hardware •  Finalize the execution model & scope of system (base on CTQs) •  Integration of hardware with enclosure Project •  Detail Design •  Test Reports •  Product usability strategy •  Schematics, BOM , Layout •  Scope of hardware & mechanical •  Acceptance plan •  Software dev on ref platform revisions •  Risk management •  Customer review/final revision •  Enclosure designSupport Transfer V&V•  After sale software support •  Transfer design files to mfg •  Verification of integrated•  Localization support •  Establish components product•  Obsolesce support sourcing channels •  Validation with end users•  Remote maintenance, •  Pilot production •  Regulatory testing upgrade •  Field trials •  Certifications
  9. 9. l  Execution Strategy follows Agile method for milestones in V Process Model. Acceptance/validation Requirements planl  Have Traceability of Requirements, design in verification process . Systeml  Execute the Risk Management & mitigation plan at design & execution stage. Design Verificationl  Objective base analysis for selecting any major components in system Unit & Integrated Execution Verificationl  Integrated well defined coding & design standards in execution.l  Primarily We have following mode of business engagement with customer. Coding, design, Testing Standards/ l  Fixed Price & duration Model checklist scope of work, acceptance plan are predefined. (e.g. ODM products) l  Risk management l  Time & Material Model Define deliverables iteratively, allocate resources for given duration . (e.g. software development, maintenance) l  Tools, Technologies Selection matrix l  Extended Development Centre Model l  Allocate separate, dedicated resources for defined duration. (e.g. product maintenance, upgrades)  
  10. 10. l  iOS (iPhone & iPad) l  WinCE l  Application development l  Windows Mobile 6 l  Business and Enterprise Application l  Windows Phone 7 l  Widget and Games Development l  Pocket PC 2003, 2002, 2000 l  Social Networking Application l  Tablet PC l  Web Integration & M-Commerce l  BREW l  Navigation and Mobile Website Development l  BREW SDK - For application development l  BREW Distribution System (BDS) - Forl  Android (Including Tablets) application distribution management l  Multimedia, M-commerce and M-Banking l  Symbian solutions. l  Symbian OS Versions 6.0, 7.0 l  Field Work automation solutions. l  Symbian OS User Interfaces: Series 60 l  LBS Services l  Other Platforms l  Entertainment and Social Network applications. l  J2ME, Qtopia, PalmOS, BlackBerry Please visit our website www.kahuna-mobihub.com for detailed information.
  11. 11. Client : Leading Provider of power conversion and charging solutions in North America Business Challenges Kahuna’s Approach §  Customer was looking for a development partner for their EV Charger §  Detail study of chademo protocol solution §  Demonstrated challenges, execution strategy & §  Solution need to be developed on innovative chadamo protocol in electric car charging system verification plan in scope of work §  controller had hard real time specifications which was suppose to §  Had used PUGH matrix & developed selection compliant with chademo specifications matrix for micro controller §  Challenging integration process §  State machine Implementation §  Developed EV Car simulator to verify controller state machine thoroughly §  Integrated with actual EV Car with remote setup §  Shared test reports, source code & design with Business Benefits customer on iterative basis §  Customer got a cost effective qualitative solution in defined timeline §  Customer is one of rare player in market to come up with chademo base fast charging solution. §  Kahuna presented scalable architecture moving traditional x86 base charging platform to low power charging platform Customer Feedback §  Easy remote upgrade & maintenance Customer has appreciated kahuna’s efforts to achieve time to market & awarded next project to migrate this system on next generation charging platform.
  12. 12. Client : Leading Provider of delivering end to end smart grid solutions in North America Business Challenges Kahuna’s Approach §  Customer intended to develop a universal gateway to read energy, water & §  Demonstrated a detail architecture, challenges, execution gas strategy & verification plan in scope of work §  Customer was looking for technology partner to develop the gateway §  Detail design & risk management §  Customer was looking for cost effective partner who will single point for all deliveries §  Approval of mitigation plan with customer before §  Integration with their propriety RF communication prototyping §  Developed a intuitive web portal §  Establish secured, reliable communication between gateway & portal using Kahuna’s in-house framework. §  Verified propriety RF communication with meters Business Benefits §  have implemented zigbee communication for integration with off the shelf sensors §  Customer got a cost effective qualitative solution in defined timeline §  device a strategy to verify gateway distance capability, §  Customer got a seamless integration with production, deployment & placement, communication status & interference with maintenance. other wireless devices §  intuitive web portal & mobile application enhance business potential of solution §  Seamless integration with off the shelf sensors, meters & appliances. §  Secured architecture gave a platform to customer to win regulatory certifications Customer Feedback Customer has appreciated kahuna’s efforts to develop such a complex integrated solution in expected cost.
  13. 13. l  Features l  Features of Content Management System l  Supports HD TV, LED Panels, LCD Panels l  Dedicated digital signage server for media l  Supports TV/Satellite feed with Overlay management, content update, centralized l  Streaming Video Support scheduling & access control l  802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Support l  Schedule Manager l  Clock & Weather Widget l  Device Management l  Content playback using playlist and looping l  Layout Manager l  Play list Managerl  Device Specs l  Campaign Manager l  Web based management of signage using CMS l  Report Manager l  No PC required for Signage Media Player (SMP) l  User Management and Access Control l  Green Device – Consumes less then 7 Watts per SMP l  Device Specs l  Zero Configuration and Easy Installation l  Video Input : Composite, NTSC/PAL l  No third party license required for OS, Anti Virus l  Video Output : HDMI 1.2/DVI Software and Server Software l  Audio : Stereo Input & Output l  Supports Digital Rights Management. l  Storage : Content Storage on SD Card
  14. 14. l  Features l  Benefits l  Enterprise class end-to-end/complete video l  Compact, rugged and mountable design surveillance solution. l  In-built video content analytics (VCA) l  Actionable Intelligence . l  25/30 FPS D1 Size VCA and Video l  Real-time video analytics. Compression l  Significant network, man power, and storage l  Local and storage network reduction. l  Secured network communication l  Easy installation, integration and operation. l  Browser based management of entire l  Low power consumption and low cost of system ownership. l  Live Preview and playback l  Advance view layoutsl  Device Specs l  Extensive and fast search of videos and l  Video Input : Composite, NTSC/PAL (Single events Channel). l  System wide user management l  Ethernet 10/100. l  Audio : Stereo Input & Output. l  Terminal Block : 4 configurable Input/ Output. l  USB Port : 2 x USB 2.0 High-Speed Port.
  15. 15. Solution Highlights:• Selected standard Modbus (RS485) & Smart Home (Zigbee) Protocols for automation• Console powered by 600 MHz ARM Cortex base dualcore processor• Andorid 2.2 software platform for In-Home Display• Addressable & remotely configurable safety sensorssupport (LPG, Smoke, motion etc)•  Door phone and intercom support• NFC/RFID based Access control support• Supports socket level energy consumption monitoring• Home appliances control through web portal/mobileclients• Web portal interface for remote management• Console app clients for Android, iOS• Call logging of visitor/guard communication• SMS alerts in case of safety alarms/user defined events• Integration with existing smart utilities• Smart Grid interface using web portal
  16. 16. USA BREA (World HQ) Kahuna Systems (Corporate Headquarters), 3 Pointe Drive, Suite 307, Brea, CA 92821, USA. Phone: +1-714-257-1100 info@kahunasystems.com www.kahunasystems.com India Pune(Global Delivery Center) Kahuna Systems,4th floor, Near HDFC Bank, Opp. Kirloskar House, Aundh, Pune - 411 007 India. Phone: +91-20-6529 3244