Kahuna Corporate Profile


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Kahuna Corporate Profile

  1. 1. About  Us   l  Kahuna  was  originally  the  Embedded  System  Division  of  3Di  systems  and  is  working  independently  since   2008.   l  A  Product  Engineering  Services  Company  based  out  of  Pune  with  offices  in  Mumbai  (India)  and  Los   Angeles  (USA).   l  Kahuna,    a  innovaLve  player  in  Ubiquitous  CompuLng,  focuses  on  Embedded  SoNware  and  Integrated   Product  Engineering  Services.   l  Kahuna  is  :   l  DaVinci  SoluLon  Partner  with  Texas  Instruments   l  ARM  Technology  Partner   l  Renesas    SoNware  partner   l  Kahuna  has  worked  with  more  than  20  customers  across  Globe.   Kahuna  is  a  hawaiin    word  meaning  a  sorcerer,  wizard  or  cra3sman.  In  business    context  it  means  a  professional  expert  with  in-­‐depth  knowledge  of  his  services    or  solu?on  he  provides.  
  2. 2. Your  Preferred  Technology  Partner  l  Kahuna  provides  services  for:   l  Focus  VerLcals   l  End  to  End  Development  and  CustomizaLon  of   l  Industrial  Automa/on   Products   l  Smart  Grid  SoluLons,  Facility  Infra.  Management   l  Value  Engineering  of  ExisLng  Products   SoluLons,  Control  Systems   l  PorLng  ,MigraLon  and  IntegraLon  of  Embedded   l  Mul/media   SoNware  to    different    Hardware/  OS  PlaZorms   l  Digital  Signage  SoluLon,  Video  Encoders   l  Web  Based  device  management  soluLons   l  Automo/ve   l  Interoperable  SoNware  PlaZorms  Development   l  In-­‐Car  Infotainment  System,  Electric  Vehicle  Control   (e.g.  CommunicaLon  Stack,  Security  Stack)   System   l  Enterprise  Mobility  :  Cloud  based  Convergence  of   l  Consumer  Electronics   Embedded  Devices  and  Smartphones   l  Smart  phones,  VOIP,  POS/  KIOSK  etc   l  Mobile  Compu/ng     l  Android,  iOS,  Symbian,  Palm  ,  Flex,  Blackberry  
  3. 3. Value  Proposi:on   l  In-­‐house  built  technology  frameworks  help  bridge  technology  gaps  and  bring  products  to  market   faster.   l  Product-­‐centric  services  approach  to  provide  value  beyond  engineering  services  through  complete   product  ownership.   l  Mature  Eco-­‐System  Partners  to  bring  single  point  of  contact  for  delivery,  services  &  support.   l  In-­‐Depth  knowledge  of  integrated  product  verificaLon  &  validaLon  cycle.   l  Focused  on  Module  level  Non-­‐FuncLonal  Requirements  (e.g.  security,  reliability,  maintenance,   performance,  scalability)     l  InnovaLve  delivery  models  to  win  customer  confidence.   l  Dedicated  and  experience  team  for  each  domain.      
  4. 4. Business  Por<olio   Kahuna  Systems   Products   Services   Au-­‐Rion   Cinera   iVSS   Enterprise  Mobility   Product  Engineering  
  5. 5. Kahuna  –  Service  Offerings  (Product  Engineering  and  Enterprise  Mobility)  
  6. 6. Overview:  Offerings   8-­‐16-­‐32  processor/controller  base  design,  schemaLcs,  SI  Analysis,  Design  VerificaLon,  Board   Hardware     Bring  up,  integraLon  with  soNware/enclosure,  Regulatory  cerLficaLon   Technologies     Firmware     micro  controller  SoNware,  Bootloader,  BSPs,  Device  Drivers  (Linux,  WinCE,  RTOS)   Middleware/OS   uTRON,  WinCE,  Embedded  Linux,  uC-­‐oS  II,  Propriety  Kernel/Scheduler     ApplicaLon   Embedded  C  ,  C++,  java  base  MulL  Thread  RTOS/Android,  Windows/Linux  applicaLons     Web  interface   J2EE/PHP  base  web  portal  interface  (monitoring,  upgrade,  reports  ,  dashboard)   Enclosure  prototypes    Product  IntegraLon,  V&V   Regulatory  TesLng   Eco  System     PCB  Layout   PCB  FabricaLon/HW  Prototypes   SoNware  dev  on   prototypes     Product  specificaLons      Product  Design  (H/w  &  S/w)   ExecuLon  (H/w  &  S/w)     With  Partners   Kahuna  Capability  
  7. 7. System:  Offerings   l  Develop/Migrate  abstracLon  layer  for  RTOS  base  applicaLons   l  Have  detail  selecLon  matrix  to  choose  right  RTOS  base  on  customer  objecLves.   l  Capability  to  achieve  real  Lme  performance  requirements  using  appropriate  RTOS  design  methodology.   l  PracLce  Design  methodologies  like  (Thread  model,  worse  case  Lming  analysis  etc)  for  RTOS  base  apps.     l  Experience  on  2.4  and  2.6  Series  Kernels   l  Experience  in  RedBoot,  u-­‐boot  and  Proprietary  Bootloaders   l  BSP  (bootloader  +  kernel  porLng)  CapabiliLes  on  MulLple  PlaZorms  including  ARM,  MIPS,  x86,  PPC   l  Device  Driver  Development  and  TroubleshooLng  for  various  Standard  Peripherals   l  Development  of  Embedded  User-­‐level  Linux  ApplicaLons   l  Customizing  Linux  DistribuLons  for  Embedded  devices   l  Well-­‐established  Development  PracLces  using  GNU  and  other  Free  SoNware  Tools.   l  OpenGL  ES  soluLon  for  mobile  applicaLon  development.   l  Gaming  soNware  for  mobile  &  2D-­‐3D  gaming  applicaLon  development.   l  Development  of  sample  applicaLons  for  semiconductor  companies.   l  Custom  applicaLons  development  around  customer  products/processors.     l  Experience  on  WinCE  5  and  WinCE  6   l  BSP  PorLng  and  CustomizaLon     l  Device  Drivers  for  Interfaces  like  Wifi,  USB,  Bluetooth,  GPRS  and  more   l  Windows  CE  based  Product  Development   l  Development  of  .Net  Compact  Framework  ApplicaLons  
  8. 8. Mul:media:  Offerings   l  Developing  MulLmedia  ApplicaLons  like  Media  Player,   l  Streaming  :  Red5,  Darwin,  gst-­‐rtsp-­‐server,   Transcoder,  Video  Editor  etc.   Wowza,  Twisted,  Lighipd.   l  Protocols:  rtp,  rtsp,  rtmp,  sip,  hip.   l  Live  Streaming  and  Video  on  Demand  applicaLons,   l  Mul/media  Framework  :  Gstreamer  (Core,   including  Video  Conferencing,  Video  surveillance,  Flash  -­‐   Plugins,  ApplicaLon),  FFmpeg,  VLC,  opencore.   SIP  gateway  &  Video  Chat.   l  Video  Codec:  H264,  Mpeg4,  Theora,  Mpeg2,   VC1,  Mjpeg   l  Audio/Video  codec  development  and  opLmizaLon.   l  Audio  codec:  AC3  (Dolby  Digital),  Mp3,  AAC,   Vorbis,  Midi   l  Ffmpeg  based  development  &  customizaLon.   l  Containers:  3gp,  mp4,  flv,  avi,  mpeg2ts,   mpeg2ps,  ogg.   l  Developing  &  designing  strategies  for  mulLmedia   l  GPU:  VAAPI  ,  VDPAU  hardware  acceleraLon   requirements  on  plaZorms  like  Maemo,  Moblin,   API,  Intels  IPP,     Android,  TI  and  Desktop.   l  GUI  :  QT,  Cluier,  GTK   l  Video  capture  cards:  Blackmagic  Design  cards,   l  Enabling  compaLbility  of  mulLmedia  products  (Capture   Deltacast,  FastVdo  Smartcapture,  etc   cards,  hardware  codec,  GPU,  etc)  on  Linux.   l  Languages:  C,  C++,  java,  gobject,  python,  AS3   (flash),  php,  html,  HTML5   l  Development/  CustomizaLon  of  various  features  in   l  PlaIorms:  Linux,  Maemo,  Moblin,  Android,   exisLng  mulLmedia  applicaLons.   Texas  Instruments  (Dm6446,  Dm355,  Omap,   etc),  etc      
  9. 9. Execu:on  Strategy   Discovery   Design   Execu/on  •  Project/Product  SpecificaLons  (VOC,  Use   •  System  architecture   •  SoNware  bring  up  &  migraLon  on  actual   cases)   •  Finalize  the  major  components  of     hardware    •  Finalize  the  execuLon  model  &  scope  of   system  (base  on  CTQs)       •  IntegraLon  of  hardware  with  enclosure     Project   •  Detail  Design   •  Test  Reports  •  Product  usability  strategy     •  SchemaLcs,  BOM  ,  Layout     •  Scope  of  hardware  &  mechanical  revisions    •  Acceptance  plan     •   SoNware  dev  on  ref  plaZorm     •  Customer  review/final  revision     •  Risk  management     •  Enclosure  design     Support   Transfer   V  &  V   •  ANer  sale  soNware  support     •  Transfer  design  files  to  mfg     •  VerificaLon  of  integrated   •  LocalizaLon  support     •  Establish  components  sourcing       product   •  Obsolesce  support     channels   •  ValidaLon  with  end  users     •  Remote  maintenance,  upgrade     •  Pilot  producLon   •  Regulatory  tesLng     •  Field  trials   •  CerLficaLons    
  10. 10. Delivery  Strategy  l  ExecuLon  Strategy  follows  Agile  method  for  milestones  in  V  Process  Model.   Acceptance/   Requirement   ValidaLon  Plan  l  Have  Traceability  of  Requirements,  design  in  verificaLon  process  .   System  l  Execute  the  Risk  Management  &  miLgaLon  plan  at  design  &  execuLon  stage.   Design   VerificaLon  l  ObjecLve  base  analysis  for  selecLng  any  major  components  in  system     ExecuLon   Unit  &  Integrated   VerificaLon  l  Integrated  well  defined  coding  &  design  standards  in  execuLon.  l  Primarily  we  have  following  modes  of    business  engagement  with  customer.       Coding,  design,  TesLng   Standards/checklist   l  Fixed  Price  &  duraLon    Model     l  scope  of  work,  acceptance  plan  are  predefined.  (e.g.  ODM  products)   Risk  management     l  Time  &  Material  Model   Tools,  Technologies  SelecLon   l  Define  deliverables  iteraLvely,  allocate  resources  for  given  duraLon  .  (e.g.  soNware  development,  maintenance)   matrix     l  Extended  Development  Centre  Model   l  Allocate  separate,  dedicated  resources  for  defined  duraLon.  (e.g.  product  maintenance,  upgrades)      
  11. 11. Kahuna  –  Enterprise  Mobility  Services  l  iOS  (iPhone  &  iPad)   l  WinCE   l  ApplicaLon  development   l  Windows  Mobile  6   l  Business  and  Enterprise  ApplicaLon   l  Windows  Phone  7   l  Widget  and  Games  Development   l  Pocket  PC  2003,  2002,  2000   l  Social  Networking  ApplicaLon   l  Tablet  PC   l  Web  IntegraLon  &  M-­‐Commerce   l  BREW     l  NavigaLon  and  Mobile  Website  Development   l  BREW  SDK  -­‐  For  applicaLon  development   l  BREW  DistribuLon  System  (BDS)  -­‐  For  l  Android  (Including  Tablets)   applicaLon  distribuLon  management   l  MulLmedia,  M-­‐commerce  and  M-­‐Banking  soluLons.   l  Symbian     l  Field  Work  automaLon  soluLons.   l  Symbian  OS  Versions  6.0,  7.0   l  LBS  Services   l  Symbian  OS  User  Interfaces:  Series  60   l  Entertainment  and  Social  Network  applicaLons.   l  Other  PlaZorms   l  J2ME,  Qtopia,  PalmOS,  BlackBerry   Please visit our website www.kahuna-mobihub.com for detailed information.
  12. 12. Case  Study  :  Development  of  Master  Controller  Unit  in  EV  Charger   Client  :  Leading  Provider  of  power  conversion  and  charging  soluLons  in  North  America     Business Challenges Kahuna’s Approach §  Customer  was  looking  for  a  development  partner  for  their  EV   §  Detail  study  of  chademo  protocol   Charger  soluLon   §  Demonstrated  challenges,  execuLon  strategy  &   §  SoluLon  need  to  be  developed  on  innovaLve  chadamo  protocol  in   electric  car  charging  system   verificaLon  plan  in  scope  of  work   §   controller  had  hard  real  Lme  specificaLons  which  was  suppose  to   §  Had  used  PUGH  matrix  &  developed  selecLon  matrix   compliant  with  chademo  specificaLons   for  micro  controller     §  Challenging  integraLon  process     §   State  machine  ImplementaLon     §  Developed  EV  Car  simulator  to  verify  controller     state  machine  thoroughly     §  Integrated  with  actual  EV  Car  with  remote  setup   §  Shared  test  reports,  source  code  &  design  with   Business Benefits customer  on  iteraLve  basis           §  Customer  got  a  cost  effecLve  qualitaLve  soluLon  in  defined  Lmeline   §  Customer  is  one  of  rare  player  in  market  to  come  up  with            chademo  base  fast  charging  soluLon.   §  Kahuna  presented  scalable  architecture  moving  tradiLonal  x86  base   charging  plaZorm  to  low  power  charging  plaZorm   Customer Feedback §  Easy  remote  upgrade  &  maintenance     Customer  has  appreciated  kahuna’s  efforts  to  achieve   Lme   to   market   &   awarded   next   project   to   migrate   this     system  on  next  generaLon  charging  plaZorm.  
  13. 13. Case  Study  :  Development  of  Wireless  Gateway  System  for  U:li:es   Client  :  Leading  Provider  of  delivering  end  to  end  smart  grid  soluLons  in  North  America     Business Challenges Kahuna’s Approach §  Customer  intended  to  develop  a  universal  gateway  to  read  energy,   §  Demonstrated  a  detail  architecture,  challenges,   water  &  gas     execuLon  strategy  &  verificaLon  plan  in  scope  of  work   §  Customer  was  looking  for  technology  partner  to  develop  the  gateway     §  Detail  design  &  risk  management   §  Customer  was  looking  for  cost  effecLve  partner  who  will  single  point   for  all  deliveries     §  Approval  of  miLgaLon  plan  with  customer  before   prototyping     §  IntegraLon  with  their  propriety  RF  communicaLon   §  Developed  a  intuiLve  web  portal     §  Establish  secured,  reliable  communicaLon  between   gateway  &  portal  using  Kahuna’s  in-­‐house  framework.   §  Verified    propriety  RF  communicaLon  with  meters     §   have  implemented  zigbee  communicaLon  for   Business Benefits integraLon  with  off  the  shelf  sensors         §  Customer  got  a  cost  effecLve  qualitaLve  soluLon  in  defined  Lmeline   §   device  a  strategy  to  verify  gateway  distance  capability,   §  Customer  got  a  seamless  integraLon  with  producLon,  deployment  &   placement,  communicaLon  status  &  interference  with   maintenance.     other  wireless  devices   §   intuiLve  web  portal  &  mobile  applicaLon  enhance  business  potenLal   of  soluLon   §  Seamless  integraLon  with  off  the  shelf  sensors,  meters  &  appliances.     §  Secured  architecture  gave  a  plaZorm  to  customer  to  win  regulatory   cerLficaLons   Customer Feedback Customer   has   appreciated   kahuna’s   efforts   to   develop   such   a  complex  integrated  soluLon  in  expected  cost.  
  14. 14. History  (Achievements)  § 2012  –  Developed  “CHADEMO  1.1”  compliant  EV  Charger  for  electric  vehicle    § 2011  –  Kahuna  has  released  web  based  iVSS  (Intelligent  video  surveillance  soluLon)  for  security  market    § 2010  –  Kahuna  has  released  Cinera  PlaZorm  for  OOH  Market    § 2008  –  Kahuna  Systems  has  spun  off  as  separate  business  division  from  3Di  Systems  focusing  on  Product  Engineering  &  Enterprise  Mobility                                              services    § 2007  –  3Di  has  released  web  base  “Media  Frame”  soluLon    § 2006  -­‐  3Di  developed  and  patented  the  first  mulL-­‐kernel  operaLng  system  (Duet/HybridizaLon)  –  2000  § 2006  -­‐  3Di  releases  Embedded  Linux  (EL)  for  StrongARM  § 2004  -­‐  3Di  releases  embedded  Linux  (EL-­‐RTX)  for  SH3,  SH4.  EL-­‐RTX  is  the  world  fastest  response  Lme  embedded  real  Lme  Linux  kernel  § 2003  -­‐  3Di  release  Embedded  Linux  (EL)  with  Microwindows  and  Nano-­‐X  § 2002  -­‐  Developed  integrated  display  systems  and  display  APIs  for  automobiles  (1999)  § 2001  -­‐  Developed  a  networked  wire-­‐harness  system  for  automobiles  using  networkable  device  control  module  technology.  § 2000  -­‐  Released  the  first  Linux  kernel  for  Hitachi  SH4  processor  for  embedded  applicaLons  (Nikkei  Business  Daily,  Tokyo,  Japan)  § 2000  -­‐  3Di  releases  the  first  USB  digital  camera  for  Windows  CE  (with  Divio).  § 1999  -­‐  3Di  released  first  all  integer  arithmeLc  base  AAC  Audio  decoder  for  ARM  § 1999  -­‐  3Di  released  first  all  integer  arithmeLc  base  AAC  Audio  decoder  for  ARM  § 1998  -­‐  3Di  is  the  first  Company  to  port  Linux  kernel  to  SH4  –  released  at  Hitachi  Conference  in  Tokyo,  Japan  § 1998  -­‐  3Di  release  the  first  JAVA  VM  for  Window  CE  2.0  (CPU  –  SH3/4,  ARM)  –  released  at  the  Embedded  Systems  Conference  in  SanJose  § 1998  -­‐  Ported  Sun  Micro  Systems’  Embedded  JAVA  to  ITRON  kernel  on  SH3  and  SH4  –  released  at  the  Embedded  Systems  Conference  § 1998  -­‐  First  Company  to  port  Embedded  Linux  Kernel  (ELK)  to  SH3  and  SH4  –  released  at  the  Embedded  Systems  Conference  § 1998  -­‐  3Di  releases  BSD  compliant  TCP/IP  stack  for  Hitachi  SH3,  SH4  processors.  (1998)  
  15. 15. More  Case  Studies   Project   PlaIorm   Descrip/on  Port  Linux  kernel  for  mobile  appliance   StrongARM   Flash  based  Linux  kernel  with  full  GUI  support  on  a  applicaLons   StrongARM  based  PDA  Developed  a  streaming  AAC  audio  decoder   StrongARM,  Embedded  Linux  (EL)   Streaming  AAC  Decoder  for  digital  radio  applicaLon  Developed  a  streaming  MP3  audio  decoder     StrongARM,  Embedded  Linux  (EL)   Streaming  MP3  decoder  for  digital  radio  applicaLon  Jointly  developed  MPEG4  decoder/viewer  for   StrongARM,  Embedded  Linux  (EL)   Developed  an  MPEG4  video  decoder/viewer  for  PDA  PDA   applicaLon  VoIP  over  UDP   StrongARM/SH3,  Pocket  PC   Developed  a  2  way  VoIP  applicaLon  over  radio  Ethernet/ 802.11b  involving  point  to  point  and  broadcast  modes.  Embedded  JAVA  for  Window  CE  2.0   Hitachi  SHx,  ARM,  Windows  CE  2.0   Ported  JAVA  VM  to  Windows  CE.  Network    Camera  (SmartEye)   Hitachi  SH3,  ITRON   Developed  a  network  camera  using  3Di  NDCM  technology.  USB  Camera  for  Windows  CE  2.0   Strong  ARM,  SH4,  NEC  VR,  MIPS   Developed  a  USB  camera  for  Windows  CE  2.0  (with  Divio,   Inc.)    Integrated  Display  Systems  for  AutomoLve   SHx,  MIPS,  Windows  CE   Developing  an  integrated  informaLon  display  system  for  ApplicaLons   automoLve  applicaLons  Networked  Wire  Harness  system  for  automoLve   SHx,  MIPS,  x86,  ITRON,  Linux,   Developing  a  networked  wire  harness  system  for  automoLve  applicaLon   Windows  CE   applicaLon  using  3Di’s  NDCM  technology.  
  16. 16. Kahuna  –  ODM  Solu:ons    
  17. 17. Cinera  –  Digital  Network  Signage  Solu:on  
  18. 18. Cinera  –  Digital  Network  Signage  Solu:on  l  Features   l  Features  of  Content  Management  System   l  Supports  HD  TV,  LED  Panels,  LCD  Panels   l  Dedicated  digital  signage  server  for  media   l  Supports  TV/Satellite  feed  with  Overlay       management,  content  update,  centralized  scheduling   l  Streaming  Video  Support   &  access  control   l  802.11  b/g  Wi-­‐Fi  Support   l  Schedule  Manager   l  Clock  &  Weather  Widget   l  Device  Management   l  Content  playback  using  playlist  and  looping   l  Layout  Manager     l  Play  list  Manager  l  Device  Specs   l  Campaign  Manager   l  Web  based  management  of  signage  using  CMS   l  Report  Manager   l  No  PC  required  for  Signage  Media  Player  (SMP)       l  User  Management  and  Access  Control   l  Green  Device  –  Consumes  less  then  7  Wais  per  SMP   l  Zero  ConfiguraLon  and  Easy  InstallaLon   l  Device  Specs   l  No  third  party  license  required  for  OS,  AnL  Virus   l  Video  Input  :  Composite,  NTSC/PAL   SoNware  and  Server  SoNware   l  Video  Output  :  HDMI  1.2/DVI       l  Supports  Digital  Rights  Management.   l  Audio  :  Stereo  Input  &  Output   l  Storage  :  Content  Storage  on  SD  Card  
  19. 19. iVSS:  Intelligent  Video  Surveillance  System  
  20. 20. iVSS:  Intelligent  Video  Surveillance  System  l  Features   l  Benefits   l  Enterprise  class  end-­‐to-­‐end/complete  video     l  Compact,  rugged  and  mountable  design   surveillance  soluLon.   l  In-­‐built  video  content  analyLcs  (VCA)   l  AcLonable  Intelligence  .   l  25/30  FPS  D1  Size  VCA  and  Video  Compression       l  Real-­‐Lme  video  analyLcs.   l  Local  and  storage  network   l  Significant  network,  man  power,  and  storage   l  Secured  network  communicaLon   reducLon.   l  Browser  based  management  of  enLre  system   l  Easy  installaLon,  integraLon  and  operaLon.   l  Live  Preview  and  playback   l  Low  power  consumpLon  and  low  cost  of  ownership.   l  Advance  view  layouts   Extensive  and  fast  search  of  videos  and  events  l  Device  Specs   l  l  System  wide  user  management   l  Video  Input  :  Composite,  NTSC/PAL  (Single  Channel).   l  Ethernet  10/100.   l  Audio  :  Stereo  Input  &  Output.   l  Terminal  Block  :  4  configurable  Input/  Output.   l  USB  Port  :  2  x  USB  2.0  High-­‐Speed  Port.  
  21. 21.    AuRion:  Intelligent  Home  Automa:on  System   Solu/on  Highlights:     • Selected  standard  Modbus  (RS485)  &  Smart  Home            (Zigbee)  Protocols  for  automaLon     • Console  powered  by  600  MHz  ARM  Cortex  base  dual   core  processor     • Andorid  2.2  soNware  plaZorm  for  In-­‐Home  Display     • Addressable  &  remotely  configurable  safety  sensors     support  (LPG,  Smoke,  moLon  etc)     •   Door  phone  and  intercom  support       • NFC/RFID  based  Access  control  support     • Supports  socket  level  energy  consumpLon  monitoring     • Home  appliances  control  through  web  portal/mobile   clients     • Web  portal  interface  for  remote  management     • Console  app  clients  for  Android,  iOS     • Call  logging  of  visitor/guard  communicaLon     • SMS  alerts  in  case  of  safety  alarms/user  defined  events     • IntegraLon  with  exisLng  smart  uLliLes     • Smart  Grid  interface  using  web  portal    
  22. 22. Customers  
  23. 23. Reach  Us   USA   BREA  (World  HQ)   Kahuna  Systems   (Corporate  Headquarters),   3  Pointe  Drive,  Suite  307,   Brea,  CA  92821,  USA.   Phone:  +1-­‐714-­‐257-­‐1100   contact@kahunasystems.com   India   Pune(Global  Delivery  Center)   Kahuna  Systems,   4th  floor,  Varsha  Court,   Opp.    Kirloskar  House,   Aundh,  Pune  -­‐  411  007   India.     Phone:  +91-­‐20-­‐6529  3244 Follow  Us   www.facebook.com/kahunasystemsindia   www.twiier.com/KahunaSystems   www.linkedin.com/company/kahuna-­‐systems