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    Storyboard Storyboard Presentation Transcript

    • Storyboard
    • The first shots before the actual music starts, will be synced into the sound effects of a dial up tone. The first shot will show the protagonist walking up to the library and entering. It will be a long shot.
    • This shot will be a close up of the protagonist looking at books, through some books from the opposite side of the bookcase. I think that this shot will be interesting for the audience as it is not conventional.
    • This shot will be a tracking shot following the protagonist as she slides her fingers across the books.
    • This shot will allow the audience to catch a glimpse of the title of book she chooses. Ulysses, referencing the intertextuality between the lyrics and the jamesjoyce book. It will be a close up.
    • Again this close up shot will show the audience the book title.
    • This shot will be a quick cut close up of the protagonist getting a pill.
    • This shot will be interesting as it will be presented in quick flashes so as to match the sound of dial up tone. It will be an extreme close up of the protagonist opening her lips and placing the pill on her tongue.
    • This shot will be a close up of Protagonist picking up her glass.
    • This shot will be a close up of the protagonist sipping her water.
    • As the music begins, the audience will follow the protagonist reciting the poem. It will switch between long shot of her at the end of the table and mid shot of her closer up when she dramatises parts of the poem.
    • Close up shot – eyes roll back as she says “avowal!”
    • mid shot – weird, big hand/arm movements as she feels the trip experience begin.
    • Close up of finger running down the page of the book.
    • Close up – She raises her hand to her face, fingers closed as the music gets tense and says “when love absorbs”
    • Zooms into extreme close up, character shouts ‘war!’ and opens fingers to reveal eyes.
    • Extreme close up of protagonist in woods trip make up, flashes between last shot and this shot.
    • Woodland trip scene begins, combination of long shots, wide shots of protagonist in wild,floaty costume and make up, dancing and doing big hand gestures and generally being wild.
    • Protagonist runs hand through her hair as snow/leaves around her fall upwards rather than down and flashes into white – long shot.
    • Extreme close up following hand as it slides down hand rail.
    • Wide shot of three sirens on the beach, slow motion, zooming in, flashes in time with music (dipping in and out of black)
    • Masked female figure (perhaps disguised protagonist) dancing sexually, combination of mid shots and long shots.
    • Long shot, reveal to the audience two masked characters in room, they look up, influenced by The Shining hallway scene.
    • Protagonist in hotel corridor – long shot, quick cuts
    • As the music tenses up, the protagonist shuts her eyes as she is coming out of her trip experience - mid shot.
    • As the music gets dramatic, slow motion wide shot of the protaginist surrounded by red smoke and raising her arms as the smoke rises.
    • Slow motion close up of protagonist ‘tripping out’
    • Slow motion mid shot of protagonist bringing the smoke down.
    • The last shot will be a long shot of her at the end of the table and will sync with the tinkly fade out music. As the pitch heightens the camera will pan upwards to some sort of focus above, deerhead, statue head, painting, and then pan down again to reveal the protagonist is gone.