Marin County Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council Lecture for Mont Marin HOA 8/10/11
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Marin County Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council Lecture for Mont Marin HOA 8/10/11



Marin County Department of Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council joint lecture for Mont Marin Home Owners Association on 8/10/11

Marin County Department of Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council joint lecture for Mont Marin Home Owners Association on 8/10/11



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  • Add logos
  • See Rod’s notes
  • Notice how miller and las gallinas share the same flood plain
  • View from oxford valley, Mabry McMahon brought in fill in 1914 to develop the Venice of the West. Santa Venetia was developed in the 1960’s built largely on bay mud
  • Santa margarita valley,
  • Google earth
  • Steelhead still spawn in small numbers in Miller Creek, no steelhead have been observed in Gallinas Creek since the creek was channelized in the 1950s
  • Will add slide of Spring Hill
  • Check with RK status of GWC watershed plan
  • Transition to description of watershed program….
  • The watershed program was authorized by the Board at May 13, 2006 meeting. It provides a framework to integrate flood protection, creek and wetland restoration, fish passage and water quality improvements with public and private partners to protect and enhance Marin’s watersheds. Ross Valley ballot measure was challenged in 2007 and eventually made it to CA Supreme Court that decided in favor of County in June 7, 2010 Staffing complete
  • Concrete will fail at some point and it will be helpful to have a study that supports Vision Plan and that can be used to attract funders
  • Mill Valley looking from top to bottom dark blue line is ACM dpresidio the deeper the blue the deeper the water level outside of the creek
  • Restoring watershed’s capacity to naturally meter and buffer the surrounding areas from flood events
  • Add another slide and inc cover from Sunset or Western mag
  • Add logos

Marin County Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council Lecture for Mont Marin HOA 8/10/11 Marin County Public Works & Gallinas Watershed Council Lecture for Mont Marin HOA 8/10/11 Presentation Transcript

  • Alex Kahl, Gallinas Watershed Council & Liz Lewis, Marin County Public Works How Can Watershed Planning Support Community Enhancement?
  • Overview
    • Gallinas and Miller Creek:  a look back and forward
    • What can your community do to maintain our healthy creeks?
    • How will future developments impact our creeks?
    • Dredging Las Gallinas Creek for recreation
    • What are our flood control issues?
  • Joint map mc and lgc watersheds Miller Creek and Las Gallinas Creek watersheds
  • Las Gallinas Creek- circa 1915
  • Miller Creek Timeline
  • Lower Las Gallinas Creek 1914
  • Marin Historical Society-c 1953
  • A Tale of Two Creeks Steelhead Salmon
  • Stepping through the Gallinas Creek watershed
  • Diversity in the Watershed
  • Special Status Species in the Gallinas Creek Watershed
  • Gallinas Watershed Council
    • Who Are We?
    • Local community members interested in improving the ecological conditions in the Gallinas Creek watershed
    • Project Partners:
    • *MarinLink
    • *STRAW
    • *MCSTPPP and Marin County Public Works
    • *LGVSD – MMWD – MSS – NSRCR – and more!
  • Gallinas Watershed Council
    • GWC Mission:
    • To connect the people who live and work in Las Gallinas Valley with their watershed.
    • To educate the community regarding the ecological, financial and social benefits of watershed stewardship
    • To help each other take responsibility for our impact on the watershed through protection, restoration and education.
    • To advance conservation action and to protect, restore and enhance the natural resources in the Gallinas Creek watershed
  • Gallinas Watershed Council Our Watershed Vision: Restoration/Enhancement from open space headwaters to the bay A watershed-aware community supported by local schools and homeowners A creek-focused greenbelt park along Freitas Parkway - “Ditch the Ditch”
  • Problems
    • No In-Stream Habitat
    • No Riparian Habitat
    • Excess Freshwater Discharges
    • Poor Water Quality
    • Excessive Algal Growth
    • Trash
    • Creek & Community Disconnected
  • Discovered Illegal Creekside Dump North Fork Gallinas Creek
  • Dumpsite Cleared!
  • Benefits of an Enhanced Gallinas Creek
    • Creek focused corridors that connect the community with Gallinas Creek and the surrounding town areas
    • Maintain and enhance economic vitality
    • Infrastructure planning will improve our opportunities to seek funding
  • What is GWC Doing?
    • Biannual Trash pick up days
    • Meetings with San Rafael City Manager and DPW
    • Advocating for Las Gallinas Watershed Program
    • Neighborhood Watershed Awareness Informational meetings
    • Educational booths at community events
  • Current Road and Ditch Arrangement
    • Concrete channel in median of road
    • No floodplain area, small pocket parks
    • Sidewalks next to road
  • Possible Road and Channel Arrangement
    • Channel on one side of road and widens downstream
    • Floodplain and park created within existing right of way
    • New foot and bike pathway next to channel where space is sufficient
  • Marin Watershed Program
  • Why A Watershed Approach?
    • Why now? We have momentum and support from our partners and the County.
    • The issues identified by the community aren’t going away; this program allows us to be ready when the economy recovers and new funding programs come on line.
    • Supports and guides protection and enhancement of significant natural resources
    • Leverages funding to attract State and Federal sources
    • Sea Level Rise adaptive management strategies would be transferable to other San Rafael shoreline areas
  • What are the goals of the watershed program?
    • Flood Protection
    • Reduce on-going maintenance costs and impacts
    • Responsive to sea level rise
    • Supports multiple benefit projects i.e flood protection and water quality improvements
    • Incorporates ecological benefits
    • Meets multiple partner agency objectives
    • Attractive to funders
  • County Stakeholder Process
    • Policy Advisory Committee :
      • BOS FC District Rep
      • City Council Reps
      • Flood Zone Advisory Board Reps
      • Water and Sanitary Board Reps
    • Technical Working Group:
      • Municipal Directors
      • Local, State & Federal Agency Reps
      • Watershed Groups
      • Homeowner’s Association Reps
    • Operations and Finance Committee :
      • City Managers & County DPW Director
    Board of Supervisors Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • Tools for Watershed Planning Computerized models to evaluate flood flows & sediment transport
  • Mapping creeks, wetlands, and flood protection facilities Coyote Creek watershed-Tamalpais Valley
    • Dredging slide
  • Development and Water Quality Impacts
  • Managing Stormwater as a Resource
    • Stay disconnected
    • Use permeable pavements
    • Limit paved surfaces
    • Detain and retain runoff throughout the site
    • Use drainage as a design element
  • Slow It, Spread It, Sink It
    • Site design mimics natural drainage
    • Disperse runoff to landscape or use permeable surfaces
    • To learn more go to
  • Wolf Creek Restoration Grass Valley, CA
    • Restoration and trail development
    • Recreation, economic and community building potential
    First Step: Master Plan Guides: Creek restoration Trail linkages Creek access points
  • Santa Rosa Creek: Prince Memorial Greenway
  • Prince Memorial Greenway Prince Memorial Greenway, Santa Rosa, CA
  • What is the status of a Gallinas/Miller Watershed Program?
      • County of Marin, Flood Zone 6, CSA 6 and the Las Gallinas Sanitary District have committed to implement the watershed approach
      • Meetings ongoing with City of San Rafael and Flood Zone 7 Advisory Board
  • Proposed budget for Gallinas/Miller Creek Watershed Program
    • Expenditures Cost
    • Hydrology and Hydraulics Model $270,000
    • Geomorphic/Sediment Study $70,000
    • Staffing $52,500
    • Total $392,500
    • Revenue
    • County of Marin $80,000
    • City of San Rafael ( proposed ) $80,000
    • Flood Zone 6 $12,500
    • Flood Zone 7 ( proposed ) $80,000
    • CSA 6 $60,000
    • Las Gallinas Sanitary District $80,000
    • Total $392,500
  • Protecting Watersheds: What You Can Do Everyday
    • Simple Ways to Protect Your Watershed
    • Don’t Dump or Litter
    • Water and Landscape Wisely
    • Control the Flow
    • Pick up After Rover
    • Fix that Leak
    • Participate in a Cleanup
    • Break up cement; create areas for water to soak into the ground
    • Join Gallinas Watershed Council and help us restore the creek!