Learning How to Use Popplet for Word Study


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Learn how to use Popplet as a vocabulary study tool.

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Learning How to Use Popplet for Word Study

  1. 1. Digital Word Study An Introduction to Popplet™ By Kim Hayes, SLMS
  2. 2. Traditional Word Study  Consists of rote memorization.  Poor retention of content.  Passive acquisition.  Is teacher-led rather than student-led.
  3. 3. Modern Word Study  Learned within a context.  Student retention of content is higher.  Acquisition is active rather than passive.  Students learn from one another.  Employs interactive technology.
  4. 4. So Let’s Get Started!  Popplet helps students learn vocabulary through visual and auditory connections similar to mind mapping.  You can connect words with:  Images  Videos  Learn word study collaboratively.
  5. 5. Watch the Clip Below!
  6. 6. Using Popplet  After creating an account at http://www.popplet.com, you will begin with a blank screen.  Double click to make your first popple. Your name will appear on the top of the popple, so others can identify you if working in a a collaborative setting.
  7. 7. Using Popplet  You can begin to enter text in your popple.  Your popple for our purposes will include vocabulary words you have chosen in your group.  However, you can use Popplet for anything!
  8. 8. Using Popplet  You can change the color scheme of your popple by clicking on the first mini popple.  Changing the color is helpful in order for you to identify multi-users.
  9. 9. Using Popplet  You can experiment with different fonts and text sizing.  You also could justify text within your popples.
  10. 10. Using Popplet  By clicking on the pen, you can draw your own images.  You also have the option to change colors.
  11. 11. Using Popplet  Within your popple, you can add images and video from your computer, Flickr, Facebook, or YouTube.  The image you choose can be associated with your word study in order to create cool mnemonics!
  12. 12. Using Popplet  You also can click and drag your popple or adjust the size of it.  You can move your popple to a new location by dragging it.  You also will be able to drag the whole screen including your group of popples.
  13. 13. Using Popplet for Word Study  Here is an example of a Popplet project for root words.  Around the word mono, there are words, images, videos.  In your teams, you can choose various roots to work on collaboratively.  Other students will be able to see your popples on the screen.
  14. 14. Popplet Is a Fun Way to Learn!  Our root word is mono, and here is a great example of a YouTube clip with Ben Stein speaking in a very MONOTONE voice.
  15. 15. Can Anyone Guess What Movie This Is? (Click below)
  16. 16. You Also Can Use Popplet for Notes  Here is an example of one project called NYC Notes.  I can store my images or notes for important things.
  17. 17. Examples of Other Students’ Popplets
  18. 18. Now You Try!  In your groups, choose five words for which you will create Popplets.  You will be able to work individually and see one another’s work as a live document.  You also will be able to see other groups working on their Popplets.  After you are finished, you will present to the class.
  19. 19. Questions??? Good luck and have fun!!!
  20. 20. References  YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU5q7ms4LfI  http://youtu.be/dVb-nbJh5W8  Popplet:  http://popplet.com