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    TM2 TM2 Presentation Transcript

    • Takashi Miike
    • Takashi Miike: Does he retain his auteur status after transcending the East/West divide?
    • Things to consider in Miike’s films
      • Glossary
      • Films
      • Themes: “Family”, “The Outsider” and “Order”
      • Depiction of violence in Ichi the Killer
      • Eastern cinema: Conventions of film violence
      • Auteur status
      • Conclusion
    • Glossary
      • Dove style violence – Popular in contemporary Japanese filmmaking, where people abuse each other with a detached cruelty
      Yakuza – Japanese mafia Tom Mes –Midnight Eye website editor and critic of Japanese cinema,with an interest in Takashi Miike Munchausen’s by Proxy – The exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses by a primary caregiver
    • Films
      • Focus film:
      • Ichi The Killer (2001)
      • Other films:
      • Audition (1999)
      • Chakushin Ari (2003)
    • What is an auteur?
      • “ A director is like an author; an author writes with words, a director writes with film.”
      • Characteristics of an auteur
      • Why I chose the films
      • Themes:
      • Family
    • Audition
    • Chakushin Ari
    • Themes: The Outsider
    • Ichi the Killer
    • Audition
    • Themes: Order
    • Ichi the Killer
    • Chakushin Ari
    • Depictions of violence
    • Depictions of violence towards men
      • Violence is more graphic and depicted on screen
      • Mes suggests that: “Violence against men in the falls into the comical category”
      • Mes, violence and audience response
    • Film stills depicting violence towards men Kakihara (r), torturing Suzuka to find out who killed his boss “ Just a little torture” Ichi slicing in half a pimp
    • Depictions of violence towards women
      • More realism in the violence
      • Is it misogynistic?
      • Mes, violence and the audience
      • Representations of victims
      • How violence is shown on screen
    • Film stills depicting violence towards women Nipple slicing scene
    • Eastern cinema: Conventions of film violence
      • Focus on the physical
      • Audience reaction
      • Emphasis on physical suffering
      • “ Dove style” violence
      • Emphasis on consequences
      • Japanese audience – voyeur audience
    • Auteur status
      • Awards
      • Work in S-T-V/V-Cinema
      • Hostel and “Masters Of Horror”
      • Film Festivals
      • Cult status
      • Agitator : Tom Mes and Miike
    • Conclusion (Can I answer my question?)
      • “ I’m happy that my films were discovered by chance by foreign film festivals. That makes me realise more that there is a world outside Japan too.
      • “ For me, it’s an occasion to meet many people and experience directly the responses of international audiences to my films.
      • “ But for me, as a director, my attitude towards making films hasn’t changed with the fame
      • “ I feel it’s not good to change as a person anyway”
      • (Takashi Miike)