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E kodi Property Manager Presentation

  1. 1. Affordable, professional online rental property software that increases income, improves efficiency, and fills vacancies faster. www.e-kodi.com info@e-kodi.com | jmwangi@e-kodi.com | properties@e-kodi.com
  2. 2. e-Kodi Property Managere-Kodi Property Manager™ was launched in 2012 by Clyde Systems Ltd because there was a lack of affordable property management software available for those with less than 500 units. As beginning rental property owners, investors, and managers ourselves, we wanted a way to manage our properties that would not be cost- prohibitive and cumbersome to use.We wanted to develop software that: was web-based so we could login from anywhere, was easy to use, colorful, and simple, required no additional fees for upgrades, required no previous experience to use, required no long term contract, required no startup fees and was powerful enough to grow with our business.As property managers and owners, our software needs are as unique as the properties themselves, and when you are just starting out, or growing as you go, the heavy complexity of some software applications can be overwhelming.We try to keep it simple. Simple reports, simple input of data, simple Rent Roll format, and over time we just keep getting simply better!
  3. 3. Features Auto Posting of Charges, (rent, service charge, penalties, water & electricity payment) Property expenses tracking Ease in Moving In and Out of tenants Online tenant payments Owner (Landlord) Reporting Pre-Formatted Letters Rent roll format Accounting Module Role based permissions Vacancy Advertising KRA compliance
  4. 4. Features
  5. 5. Benefits Affordable Easy to Use Increases Income Office Mobility Paperless Office Saves time Safe & Secure Multi User Access Setup: Takes only 10 Mins
  6. 6. What do you get with e-Kodi? Housing Units: Unlimited Tenant Accounts: Unlimited Owner Accounts: Unlimited Tenant Portal: Yes Owner Portal: Yes Accounting Module: Yes Tenant Lease Tracking: Yes Contact Management: Yes Auto updates & Backups: Yes Online Rent Collection: Yes Property Management: Yes Online Support (7d/week): Yes
  7. 7. How does it work? - Admin Portal Step 1: Creation of the Company details, admin username Step 2: Creation of the Property in the system, property location and records Step 3: Addition of housing units to the properties created, i.e. in the case of an apartment block (Location of the unit (floor), cost of the unit; rent & service charge) Step 4: Assignment of a tenant to a unit (Contact information for the tenant, system login details) Step 5: Create a housing checklist to record the state of the unit before the tenant occupies it. Step 6: Expenses; Specify the expenses for the Property Step 7: Water meter readings which automatically calculates what the tenant owes every month
  8. 8. How does it work? - Reporting Daily Payments Receipts Property Deposit Report Property Rent Payments Report Security Deposit Reporting Commissions Report Annual Landlord Report Overall Landlord Statement Service Charge Accounting Repairs Report Remittances Report
  9. 9. How does it work? - User Portal Payments − Tenants can view costs owed  Rent owed  Water charges  Any penalties − Using the payment gateway, specify the mode of payment − Make a payment for the month Statements − View all the payments done; per year (Month on Month)
  10. 10. Online Payments Payment Gateways − Mobile Money  MPESA  YuCash  Airtel Money − Debit Cards  Kenswitch Branded Cards  VISA ATM Cards − Credit Cards  VISA  Mastercard
  11. 11. Security e-Kodi rides on the mobile money, Kenswitch and Credit card payment systems to authenticate user transactions originating from our website. e-Kodi uses end-to-end SSL + HTTPS encryption to authenticate transactions originating from the our website e-Kodi is safe. We maintain a backed up record of all tenant/ landlord financial and contact information regarding all transactions. e-Kodi does NOT store card transaction details at any point before, during or after a transaction.
  12. 12. The System The Online System: – www.e-kodi.com Contact Us: – info@e-kodi.com,jmwangi@e-kodi.com – Tel: +254 722 972 709, +254 704 469 814