Sacrament of reconciliation


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Sacrament of reconciliation

  1. 1. The Ten Commandments
  2. 2. Sin
  3. 3. Conscience
  4. 4. Confession
  5. 5. Penance
  6. 6. Sacrament of Reconciliation
  8. 8. Examination of Conscience Step # 1
  9. 9. Greeting Step # 2
  10. 10. Confession Step # 3 Bless me Father for I have sinned. This is my first confession. My sins are: I became selfish to my brother and sister and I don’t listen to my parents sometimes.
  11. 11. Confession Step # 3 For these and all my sins, I am sorry.
  12. 12. Listening to the Priest’s PENANCE Step # 4 You pray for your family and be good to them always. You have to share so that you and your siblings will be happy.
  13. 13. Listening to the Priest’s PENANCE Step # 4 Later you pray two Our Father and three Hail Mary.
  14. 14. Praying the Act of Contrition Step # 5 O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell...
  15. 15. Absolution Step # 6 I absolve you from all your sins... In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.
  16. 16. Thank you, Father.
  17. 17. Do/Say your Penance Step # 7 Dear God, please bless my family. Help me to be good especially to my sisters. Our Father who art in heaven... Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you...
  18. 18. Agree or Disagree? GREEN – Agree YELLOW - Disagree
  19. 19. The priest can tell anyone the sins that you will confess to him.
  20. 20. In confession, we don’t have to tell all the sins that we remember.
  21. 21. We have to try our best to remember the sins that we had done before going to confession.
  22. 22. We can talk to our seatmate or play with our gadgets while waiting for our turn in confession.
  23. 23. The Sacrament of Reconciliation cleans our heart from sins.
  24. 24. The priest represents Jesus who forgives sins.
  25. 25. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the priest helps us to ask for forgiveness and to do good.
  26. 26. We should forget the penance that the priest will give us.
  27. 27. We are allowed to do bad things again after confession. God will forgive us anyway.
  28. 28. We receive God’s gift of forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. END
  29. 29. Sin makes us ____ MY LEARNINGS
  30. 30. When we confess, we should _____.
  31. 31. The Sacrament of Reconciliation makes us ___.
  32. 32. Praise God I’m Forgiven praise god i’m forgiven God has taken my guilt away I confess to Him and He forgave my sins and now i’m happy all the day!
  33. 33. CL – ST next Thurs Les. 7 and p. 14 of Jesus mag # 2