Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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  • 1. Hello World!
  • 2. CloudComputing
  • 3. Outline Introduction (It was what we just seen) Cloud computing? Advantages Drawbacks Cloud computing in practice (case study) Results of a survey Live demo of vir tualization Conclusion
  • 4. Cloud Computing?Why they call it « cloud computing » ?Architecture Resource Growth Rate T i me t o u t i l i z a t iComparaison : Classical Model VS Cloud Model o n Ex c e s s Ca p a c i t y Pu r c h a s e d Traditional IT Growth Pattern Cloud Growth Pattern Time
  • 5. AdvantagesOptimizing IT servicesScalabilitySelf-Service Business-Model
  • 6. DrawbacksInability to manage risksLack of interoperabilityMarket immaturity
  • 7. Three layers Examples Software Google docs, Facebookas a Service (SaaS) Platform Google App Engineas a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure Amazon Web Sevicesas a Service (IaaS)
  • 8. Software as a service layer (SaaS)Google Docs Platform Infrastructure Java Servers Javascript Network ? Connection
  • 9. Google docs
  • 10. Facebook
  • 11. twitter
  • 12. Platform as a service layer (PaaS)Software Platform Infrastructure Ruby on Rails Servers Your Debian LinuxApplication PostgresSQL Network Thin Connection
  • 13. Google App Engine
  • 14. Infrastructure as a service layer (IaaS) Software Platform Infrastructure Your Programming Language Servers Your Operating Your Application System Network Your Database Connection
  • 15. Amazon Web Services
  • 16. Software as a ServiceUsage by Academic Institutions Responding to Survey
  • 17. Platform as a ServiceUsage by Academic Institutions Responding to Survey
  • 18. Infrastructure as a ServiceUsage by Academic Institutions Responding to Survey
  • 19. Live demo of virtualization VMware Server 2How to Create a Virtual Machine?Linux & Windows Vir tual Machines as example
  • 20. Conclusion The context of implementing cloud computing Explanation & Architecture of Cloud Computing Advantages & Drawbacks Examples of Cloud services Some statistics Demo of vir tualization
  • 21. Th a n k y o u !