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2011 2012 resident memb updated 10-24-11
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2011 2012 resident memb updated 10-24-11


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KAFP and AAFP resident membership benefits

KAFP and AAFP resident membership benefits

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education

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  • AAFP’s mission is outcome focused on what it means to serve the needs of its members, recognizing that the health of patients, families, and communities as the ultimate goal. The AAFP serves its members needs through its four strategic focus areas: advocacy, practice enhancement, education and health of the public.
  • You may have used this journal as early as during your medical school years. This same journal is used by practicing family physicians throughout the world to help keep them current on clinical topics relevant to family medicine.
  • AAFP members can also access Family Practice Management online. Published six times a year. Although your immediate focus may be on clinical studies, you can find a wealth of info that can help you negotiate the contract you want, and prepare for your first job. You’ll also find that the Family Practice Management journal is extremely valuable as you move into your post-residency career, and need resources to help you work with insurers, Medicare, and getting paid, help you establish a good rapport with staff, and build an efficient practice that works for you.
  • The Annals of Family Medicine is a peer-reviewed research journal devoted to family medicine. It’s a collaborative effort of seven different family medicine organizations, but for those with a penchant for research and the science of family medicine, you’ll enjoy reading the Annals online and appreciate the fact that family medicine is a dynamic science.
  • Getting Started: Tools for the New Physician Is an online PDF resource for all members. Updated annually, this resource can help you structure your planning about your career, with suggestions for developing a CV, information that can help you choose a career path that fits your goals, need-to-know info about licensure, DEA, preparing for an interview and much more.
  • AAFP offers a variety of ways to help you prepare for the ABFM Boards. Online Board review questions are available free of charge to AAFP members. Review for your Boards using these 10-question quizzes that help you assess areas needing more focus. AAFP’s self-study Board Review courses are designed to help residents and FPs study anywhere. AAFP Resident members may purchase from the AAFP catalog at a substantial discount. Live AAFP Board Review or Board Review Express courses are held annually throughout the U.S. This intensive in-person course helps family medicine residents and practicing physicians prepare with peers in an informative environment.
  • FPM Toolbox is another great resource that can take some of the stress out of preparing for your post-residency career, and give you hands-on tools you can use when you’re growing your practice.
  • Stay abreast of your job market, with CareerLink. AAFP’CareerLink helps family physicians and employers find each other. Post your resume anonymously, create personal alerts and set up job seeker accounts that help you locate the position that’s right for you.
  • While you are a resident, the AAFP offers a number of ways to engage with your peers, network with practicing family physicians, and grow in leadership positions within the Academy at the national or chapter levels. Go to for ideas that may fit your goals. Here’s a special one: The National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students . This annual event gives residents hands-on training, a chance to meet and work with practicing family physicians from around the nation, get to know your peers, and develop your leadership skills, all in one event.
  • You may have attended as a medical student. More than 1,700 family medicine residents and medical students attend NC every year in Kansas City. In addition to workshops and hands-on procedures, you have an opportunity to experience how resolutions introduced by members can become AAFP policy that can help shape family medicine’s future and yours. You can run for Resident member of the AAFP Board of Directors, or be nominated to serve on one of several vital commissions or committees. The AAFP and your chapter offer several opportunities for you to build your leadership skills as you build your clinical skills during residency.
  • The AAFP’s Scientific Assembly is the premier event for family physicians in the U.S. Drawing more than 4,000 attendees from around the world, Scientific Assembly offers family medicine residents and practicing physicians more than 320 CME courses and opportunities to meet, network, and learn together. The 2011 Scientific Assembly will be held in Orlando, Florida, September 14 – 17. Residents can enjoy Scientific Assembly at the lowest rate available -- $100. But the experience is invaluable. The variety of courses ensures your access to clinical and other topical CME that is most relevant to you. You’ll have a front-row seat to AAFP’s governance in action, as the elected Resident member of the Board of Directors is officially confirmed along with other elected Directors during the Congress of Delegates – AAFP’s official policy-making body – that immediately precedes the Scientific Assembly. And you’ll meet and work with peers and family physicians from every corner of the nation, and form a strong network you can draw on for the rest of your family medicine career.
  • The AAFP advocates for family medicine and you, as a family physician. Your membership makes it possible for AAFP staff to be in D.C., educating federal legislators, and in state capitols throughout the U.S. The AAFP also advocates for you with it comes to working with insurers and third-party payers, to ensure you are paid for the care you provide to your patients.
  • AAFP leaders converge on the Hill annually, and work year-round with congressional leaders and staff to keep issues that impact family medicine and quality health care at the forefront.
  • As an AAFP member, your involvement is key. As a busy resident in training, your time is limited. But the AAFP’s Speak Out tool can ensure that your voice and message makes it to the legislators who can make a difference. Sign up for Legislative Alerts, and you’ll be notified when a critical vote is pending, and how you can tell legislators what you think from your laptop.
  • The AAFP and its constituent chapters work aggressively with state leaders and legislators to fight for funding and defend family physicians from poorly- developed legislation that can negatively impact your ability to provide quality care to all of your patients.
  • AAFP offers a variety of resources online for residents who may not follow a direct three-year route to completion. If you’re considering a post-residency fellowship or additional training, the AAFP and STFM co-sponsored Fellowship Directory online can help you find the training you’re looking for. Also, review the Preceptorship Directory. Looking for international experience? The AAFP has listed several options for you -- during, or after residency.
  • Join any or all of AAFP’s members-only online communities. Read and add to discussions, build or post wikis, and read blogs from peer AAFP members. Current member communities include rural medicine, clinical procedures, emergency medicine/urgent care, and EHRs and Health IT. All that’s required is your membership and interests.
  • Or you can join the discussion through one or more of AAFP’s members-only e-discussion lists, that cover a broad range of topics and interest areas. As a member, you can join any and all lists to stay abreast of issues of interest to you.
  • Through awards or scholarships, AAFP offers several opportunities for you to show your commitment to family medicine, and be rewarded for it.
  • As a community leader, the AAFP arms you with programs and ideas to help you improve your community’s health. Tar Wars – Celebrating its 22 nd anniversary, Tar Wars has helped generations of children embrace a smoke-free world with its tobacco-free messages. AIM-HI – AAFP’s multi-faceted fitness initiative helps you educate your patients and community about fitness, nutrition and emotional well-being. Ask and Act – AAFP’s tobacco-cessation program can help you open the discussion with patients about their smoking, and arms you with tools to help them quit.
  • AAFP’s is one of the most read and valued sites for medical information for patients in the U.S. offers educational materials specifically developed for your patients, that you can print and distribute to help reinforce your instructions when they leave your office.
  • Whether you are a New Physician, or a resident who will soon complete residency, one of the biggest “shocks” occurs when you realize your favorite attending isn’t around any longer to ask a question of. And you may not feel comfortable asking peers in your new employment situation. AAFP can help. AAFP is your post-residency support system, with expert staff able to answer most questions you may have about practice management, coding, finding supportive resources for you and your patients, and much more. Call or e-mail your questions about credentialing hospital privileging EHRs coding practice support and more.
  • Transcript

    • 1. American Academy of Family Physicians Resident Membership
    • 2. American Academy of Family Physicians Your AAFP
      • Education
      100,300 total members worldwide Mission improve the health of patients, families, and communities by serving the needs of members with professionalism and creativity.
      • Advocacy
      • Health of the Public
      • Practice Enhancement
    • 3. AAFP Journals Peer-reviewed clinical journal.
      • print and online
      • full-text, searchable, current and past issues
      • online quizzes
      • test your knowledge
      • earn CME credit
      American Family Physician FM JOURNALS
    • 4. AAFP Journals
      • Contract negotiation
      • Coding // Getting paid
      • Practice design
      • Life balance
      FM JOURNALS Family Practice Management online
    • 5. AAFP Journals
      • Peer-reviewed family med research journal
      • Collaborative effort of 7 family medicine orgs.
      FM JOURNALS Annals of Family Medicine online
    • 6. American Academy of Family Physicians Career Prep Getting Started: Tools for the New Physician Your CAREER CV Prep Career Choices Credentialing Locum Tenens DEA, licensure, OSHA, HIPAA Starting Your Own Practice
    • 7. American Academy of Family Physicians Career Planning Resources CAREER PREP AAFP Board Review Resources
      • 10-question quizzes
      Online Review
      • No-charge to AAFP members
      • DVD, CD or MP3
      Self-study Courses
      • Resident member pricing
      • In cities across the U.S.
      Live Board Review Express
      • Resident member pricing
    • 8. American Academy of Family Physicians FPM Toolbox Career Planning Resources CAREER PREP
      • Career Management
      • Coding
      • Billing & Claims Processing
      • Encounter Forms
      • Flow Sheets
      • HIPAA
      • Medicare
      • Staffing
    • 9. American Academy of Family Physicians AAFP CareerLink CAREER PREP
      • View jobs
      • Post your resume anonymously
      • Create personal alerts and job seeker accounts
    • 10. American Academy of Family Physicians Leadership, Education and Fun CONFERENCES National Conference
        • 2011 Kansas Representatives & Highlights
        • Andrew Pope, MD, 2011 KS Resident Delegate
        • Shane Thoreson, MD, 2011 KS Resident Alt
        • Nate Krug, MD elected as Alt Delegate to CoD
      July 26-28, 2012 Kansas City, MO
    • 11. American Academy of Family Physicians Leadership, Education and Fun CONFERENCES Conference National
    • 12. American Academy of Family Physicians Leadership, Education and Fun CONFERENCES Scientific Assembly October 16–20, 2012, Philadelphia
    • 13. American Academy of Family Physicians Promoting Family Medicine … and your future Advocating for you PROMOTING FM
      • Federal legislators
      • State legislators
      • Insurers, third-party payers
    • 14. American Academy of Family Physicians Promoting Family Medicine AAFP President Roland Goertz, M.D., M.B.A., of Waco, Texas, proposes an alternative to the current sustainable growth rate formula for Medicare payment during May 5 testimony before the health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. PROMOTING FM
    • 15. American Academy of Family Physicians ADVOCATING Stay involved…from everywhere
      • advocate from your laptop
      • anytime, real time
      • be informed & involved in your future
    • 16. American Academy of Family Physicians Promoting Family Medicine … in Your State Photo: Courtesy of Kansas Academy of Family Physicians ADVOCATING Kansas State Capitol with (then) Gov. Kathleen Sebelius 2008 Family Medicine Advocacy Day
    • 17. American Academy of Family Physicians Other Resident Resources Online RESOURCES Considering post-residency training?
      • Fellowship Directory for Family Physicians
      • Family Medicine Clerkship/ Preceptorship Directory
      • International Family Medicine Opportunities
      • Residency Programs with International Rotations
      Looking for international experience?
    • 18. American Academy of Family Physicians Get Connected! RESOURCES Online Member Communities
      • Rural Medicine
      • Clinical Procedures
      • Emergency Medicine/ Urgent Care
      • EHR and Health IT
    • 19. American Academy of Family Physicians More Resources AAFP E-discussion Lists: RESOURCES
      • Electronic Health Records
      • Emergency and Urgent Care
      • Practice Management
      • Rural Health
      • IMGs
      • Women’s
      • Residents
      • State Legislation
      • Minorities
      • New Physicians
      • Private Sector Advocacy
      • More…
    • 20. American Academy of Family Physicians RESOURCES More Resources AAFP Awards and Scholarships
    • 21. American Academy of Family Physicians PUBLIC HEALTH Activate Your Community, for a Healthier Life Ask and Act AIM HI Tar Wars
    • 22. American Academy of Family Physicians Educate Your Patients, for a Healthier Life (in English and Spanish)
      • AAFP Family Health Facts
      • Patient Education handbook
      • Family Medicine brochures
    • 23.
      • Your Kansas Chapter
      • Known for producing
      • leaders
      • Headquarters in Wichita
      • Respected for ground-breaking programs and cutting-edge ideas
        • Kansas PCMH Initiative
        • Faces in Family Medicine Program
      • Accessible & interested in YOU!
      Your KS Chapter KAFP works for residents
    • 24.
      • Each residency program sends a Resident representative
        • KU rep: Melissa Rosso, MD
        • Smoky Hill rep: Shane Thoreson, MD
        • Via Christi rep: Scott Pauly, MD
        • Wesley rep: Nate Krug, MD
          • 4 residency reps elect one VOTING representative
          • Residents develop leadership by participating in KAFP governance
      • Each residency program also sends a Faculty rep
      Your KS Chapter Residents’ Board representation
    • 25.
      • KAFP welcomes residents and students on each committee
        • Which are YOU interested in?
          • Communications
          • Governmental Advocacy
          • Membership
          • Practice Enhancement
          • Professional Development
      Your KS Chapter Residents Committee participation
    • 26. Opportunities for residents through KAFP
      • Family Doctor of the Day
      • Volunteer to take a day at the Capitol, see legislators and staff with health needs
        • Observe legislative committees
      • 2 nd -3 rd year residents welcome to participate!
      • Signup online: , policy & advocacy “tab”
      • Family Medicine Advocacy Day
      Your KS Chapter
    • 27. Opportunities for residents through KAFP
      • Family Medicine Advocacy Day
      • January 18, 2012 in Topeka
      • Leaders from state government, legislature will speak to KAFP leaders
      • You are invited!
      • Free for
      • Residents &
      • Students
      Your KS Chapter
    • 28.
      • KAFP-Foundation provides a grant & exhibits
        • Oct. 13, 2011 KC
        • Nov. 10, 2011 Wichita
      KAFP-F supports the KS Practice Opportunities Conference Your KS Chapter
    • 29. KAFP works for residents
      • Practice Opportunities Conference
      • This conference is your chance to:
        • review practice
        • opportunities in Kansas
        • Learn about issues of
        • starting or joining a practice
      Your KS Chapter
    • 30.
      • Free half hour of consultation with Martin Pringle Attorneys at Law for KAFP resident members
        • Contract review
        • Other legal questions
        • Call (316) 265-9311 and tell them you’re a KAFP member and family medicine resident using your free half hour consultation
      Opportunity for legal consult Your KS Chapter
    • 31. Website & Social Media
      • Website undergoing major update
      • Follow us on Twitter:
        • 235 follow the page
      • Like us on Facebook:
        • 392 like the page
    • 32. KAFP works for residents
      • Faculty Awards and Recognition
      • KAFP supports the positive community-based teaching culture in Kansas with recognition of outstanding teachers at the Annual Meeting & in publications
      • Exemplary Teaching Awards
        • Full-time and Volunteer categories
        • 2011 winners: David Netherton, MD & Mary Boyce, MD
      Your KS Chapter
    • 33. Faculty recognition 2011 Exemplary Teaching Award Winners Full-time Category Volunteer Category Mary Boyce, MD (Wesley) David Netherton, MD Your KS Chapter
    • 34. Annual Meeting
      • FREE resident & student registration
      • Opportunity to …
        • Attend Resident Track – looking at amazing topics for residents @ 2012 meeting
        • Network
        • Get involved in KAFP
        • Inform attendees about residency issues
        • Learn about state issues
      Your KS Chapter
    • 35. Your KS Chapter KAFP Annual Meeting 2011
    • 36. KAFP Annual Meeting & Scientific Session
      • June 7 - 9, 2012
      • Marriott Hotel, Overland Park, KS
      • Brochures & online registration open in Spring 2012
      • Mark Your Calendar!
      Your KS Chapter
    • 37. Poster Contest
      • Research, literature review or case study are all eligible
        • Cash prizes
        • Opportunity to present Poster at KAFP Annual Meeting
        • Call for Abstracts – usually due in late February
      • Co-sponsored by KAFP & KAFP-Foundation
      Your KS Chapter
    • 38. 2011 Poster Contest Winners Your KS Chapter Alisa Jost and Derek Totten, 1 st place winners with their certificates and check! Below: Courtney Huhn and Suzanne Osbun, 2 nd place winners with Dr. Carol Johnson, KAFP-F President
    • 39. Bristol Myers Squibb Award
      • Many deserving Kansas residents have won the AAFP BMS Graduate Medical Education Award
        • Only 10 selected / year
        • Winners receive
          • a free trip to AAFP Meeting
          • $1000 award
          • Recognition as a top resident in family medicine in the nation
        • 2011 winner Caleb Bowers, MD
      Your KS Chapter
    • 40. Drs. Brull & Goertzen visit residency programs in 2010 Your KS Chapter
    • 41. American Academy of Family Physicians / Kansas Academy of Family Physicians for life We’re in it for you, ; During your transition into practice and well into your career, AAFP / KAFP staff are a call, tweet, or e-mail away, for: career resources practice support advocacy patient resources research Your AAFP/ KAFP
    • 42. Reduced Dues for First Year Active members
      • As you transition to practice, KAFP & AAFP offer reduced dues for your first year of active membership
        • Half off
    • 43. Questions?
    • 44. For more information, contact: AAFP Member Relations & Development 1-800-274-2237 [email_address] Kansas Academy of Family Physicians 1-800-658-1749 or 316-721-9005 2011-12 President: Deb Clements, MD Membership Committee Chair: Cayle Goertzen, MD Executive Director Carolyn Gaughan, CAE [email_address] American Academy of Family Physicians Your AAFP/ KAFP ;